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Districts with Mostly Foreign-Born Citizens Sent Hard-Core Leftists to Congress

by Warner Todd Huston/eaglerising Here is the best argument against mass immigration: a new report at Breitbart News shows that congressional districts ...

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 STEVEN AHLE /steadfastandloyal The voters in North Carolina approved a measure requiring the presentation of a photo ID in order to vote. ...

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Trump’s First Nat. Monument Honors Black Troops. Liberals Immediately Attack

    Pete Marovich / Getty ImagesUS President Donald Trump speaks to the media as he prepares to board Marine One on ...

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Still the smartest guy in the room

By Joan Swirsky at Renew America   Well, whaddaya know? In the midterm elections of November 6, 2018, the American people rewarded ...

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9 of 10 Senate Incumbents With Most Out-of-State Donors Are Dems

McCaskill tops list with nearly $25 million brought in from out-of-state Sen. Claire McCaskill / Getty Images BY: Hunter Lovell /  Washington Free Beacon Democrats ...

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The Election Thief? Florida's Brenda Snipes Should Have been Miles Away from the Nearest Election

Jim-Kouri at Conservative Base via COP Magazine Broward County, Democratic Party cover up, Dr. Brenda Snipes, election fraud, Florida elections   As Broward County ...

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CIA Whistleblower: Hillary Ran the Most Extensive Global Crime Syndicate in History & Because Trump Can’t be Bribed She Will Pay For It

Government corruption 22/American Journal Review Hillary Clinton has a notorious past, to say the least, when it comes to running criminal enterprises. “Hillary Clinton was ...

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Media Should Examine Itself Before Blaming Trump for ‘Climate of Hate’

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / The Daily Signal A commentator and an anchor at CNN were quick to blame President Donald Trump ...

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 STEVEN AHLE /SteadfastAndLoyal When he was president, Barack Obama oversaw a terrible economy. Actually, he was the cause of the terrible ...

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Answering Bernie Sanders' question

By Mark Shepard at Renew America In an October 27 debate for the U.S. Senate seat in Vermont, current Senator Bernie ...

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Here’s How the Tax Cuts Are Helping Americans in Every State


Kevin Dayaratna / @kdd0211 / Ryan Hein /The Daily Signal


The average American will take home on average $1,400 more of their paycheck in 2018 thanks to tax reform. (Photo: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images) COMMENTARY BY

Kevin Dayaratna @kdd0211 Kevin D. Dayaratna specializes in tax, energy and health policy issues as senior statistician and research programmer in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis. Read his research.

Ryan Hein Ryan Hein is a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been one of the strongest and boldest reforms of President Donald Trump’s first term in office. According to analysis from The Heritage Foundation, the tax law will give hardworking Americans tax breaks in every

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Report: U.S. Ranks 24 Out of 35 on International Tax Competitiveness


By Emily Ward | cnsnews


( — The United States improved its tax competitiveness rating during 2018 from 28th to 24th out of 35 countries on the International Tax Competitiveness Index (ITCI), following the implementation of its Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), according to the Tax Foundation.

“Due to reforms made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to lower the corporate income tax rate, improve expensing of capital investments, and adjust personal income tax rates, the U.S. improved four spots” on the ITCI, the Tax Foundation wrote in a press release.

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The Depressing Facts Of When Liberals Lead America: Over Half Of America Receives More In Welfare Than They Pay In Taxes






According to a report released this year by the Congressional Budget Office, only the top two income quintiles in the United States pay more in taxes than they receive in government transfers.

Not surprisingly, the lowest income quintiles receive far more in transfers than they pay in taxes:

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‘Social Justice’ March Recently Cost Bankrupt Chicago $215,000


/ Godfather Politics.

Marches for social justice recently cost the bankrupt City of Chicago $215,000 of tax payer dollars, according to reports.

As John Ruberry noted, “Leftism is expensive.”

The Windy City recently suffered two mass marches, both led by local ministers. One shut down the Dan Ryan expressway, a major artery that leads into the city from the south, and a second tried but failed to shut down the city’s famed Lake Shore Drive.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the costs to the city were extensive:

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Scott Wagner Wants to End the School Property Tax!



Senator Scott Wagner

PA Governor Candidate, Senator Scott Wagner, wants to end the School Property Tax! Click on to view the video!

Once and For All This is “Once and For All” by Andring Consulting on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Tax-Cut Repeal Could Cost Americans $27K in Pay Over 10 Years, Study Says


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has said that she wants to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act if Democrats regain the majority in November. (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom)


A new report from The Heritage Foundation shows that if tax reform were to be repealed or expire, the average American would have $26,906 less in take-home pay over the subsequent 10 years.

“After 2025, most of the individual tax cuts revert to prior law. The tax cuts expire,” Adam Michel, a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation’s Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, told The Daily Signal in an email.

Michel is a co-author of the

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Study based on government statistics



The cost to taxpayers of births on American soil to illegal immigrants is about $2.4 billion every year, according to a new study.

The Center for Immigration Studies said its research is based on an analysis of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. The government data, CIS said, “provides a good picture of births to immigrant mothers, including the mothers’ demographic characteristics.”

“These characteristics allow us to estimate the likely number of births to illegal immigrants nationally, as well as births by state and by large metropolitan area.”

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Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance Report on 30,000 petitions for SB76




WATCH VIDEO: We Went to Harrisburg Today to Fight FOR Property Tax Elimination Delivering Over 30,000 Petitions

THANK YOU to everyone who has signed our grassroots petition and for those of you who have put in countless hours canvassing communities to collect signatures.

This has been an incredible citizen-led effort that could not have happened without YOU!

Why Won’t Governor Tom Wolf Agree to Another Candidate Debate?

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to have to answer for the property tax disaster in Pennsylvania.

A disaster he’s done literally nothing to address.

In fact, the problem has worsened in Pennsylvania with Governor Wolf’s constant appetite for higher

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