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Election Denial is the latest left-wing conspiracy theory. By Daniel Greenfield/FRONTPAGEMAG Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is ...

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CNN: Now the Central Nazi Network Thanks to Company President Jeff Zucker

By TONY ELLIOTT —Freedom Outpost Watching CNN's crack journalists interview people is more like viewing an old time WWE interview with the likes ...

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Pennsylvania Residents Protest Romanian Immigrants ‘Defecating and Killing Chickens’ in Public

by JEROME HUDSON/Breitbart News Network A group of reportedly undocumented Romanian immigrants have caused controversy for residents in a Pennsylvania town, who ...

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From the Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party

  Have You Had Enough of the anti-Trump GOP Establishment Yet?   It’s time to fight back.   The GOP establishment is in lockstep with ...

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Surprise! New Study Shows 92% of Liberal Activists Still Live with Their Parents

Written by Keely Sharp/ I say “surprise” with very much sarcasm. A new report confirms exactly what we already believed to be ...

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Social Security Trust Funds to Be Depleted in 17 Years

In 2022, cost of program will begin to exceed revenue Social Security Administration Acting Commissioner Nancy Berryhill / Getty Images BY: Ali Meyer / the ...

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Joe Donnelly Increased Investment in Family Business After Shift to Mexican Labor

Indiana Democrat, an outsourcing critic, has seen greater earnings in recent years Sen. Joe Donnelly / Getty Images BY: Brent Scher  /the Washington ...

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The One Sentence That Explains Washington Dysfunction

Column: The political class never expected Donald Trump to become president Donald Trump gives his acceptance speech at his election night ...

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The Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Second Amendment Committee's News Letter

    Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Second Amendment Committee News Letter     2A Newsletter   Pennsylvania court sides with man in 4-year fight for ...

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Cop Deaths Skyrocket 30%

BY KATRINA/Conservative Tribune   The constant negative narrative against American police officers in mainstream media and the rise of the Black Lives Matter ...

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Tax hikes under consideration in Harrisburg


Monday, July 17, 2017

Dear CF Friend,

Gov. Wolf, some state lawmakers, and government union leaders continue to demand higher taxes on your family. These include potential taxes on families’ cable bills, homeowners’ heating bills, and restaurant patrons’ bar tabs, not to mention another tax on natural gas drillers.

Here’s why a severance tax is a terrible idea:

It only taxes gas drillers, who already pay an onerous 5% impact fee plus all the high taxes every Pennsylvania business pays. Gas prices are already depressed. A new tax would generate minimal revenue and hinder job growth when the gas industry is already laying off workers.

And here’s why any tax hike—severance or otherwise—would hurt our economy and future:

We’re losing

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A Pathway for Pro-Growth, Fiscally Responsible Tax Reform


If Congress is serious about following through on its promise to the American people, it has several pathways to pro-growth tax reform. (Photo: Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Newscom)


Adam Michel focuses on tax policy and the federal budget as a policy analyst in the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Chase Flowers is a member of The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program.

The tax code is in dire need of reform, but updating it is only one of the many items on Congress’ agenda for

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Bankrupt Illinois Hikes Income Taxes By 32%


Ethan Warrick Editor Wealth Authority

The State of Illinois is perilously close to the edge, and experts predict it could become the first US state to file for bankruptcy.

The beleaguered, Democrat-controlled state is already in hot water because of its extreme financial practices and programs, and is now scrambling to avoid bankruptcy by placing a hefty burden on the shoulders of taxpayers.

How did Illinois dig itself in such a deep hole, and why are individual hard working citizens being asked to shoulder this high burden? A look at how the Democrat-led state manages its money reveals a lot.

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$1 BILLION! In Social Security Gone — Americans Demand Answers!


BY / Occupy Deplorables

Liberal Amnesia Is Highly Contagious In Washington As soon as they think of an accusation for Trump, they immediately forget what they have been doing for the past eight years. Or maybe they just look back into their past behavior as a resource for future accusations? Either way, the absurdity and the hypocrisy of their accusations has gone beyond preposterous. It’s Time We Get Some Answers!

Now that Republicans are in control of Congress and the White House, the Left seems to be suffering from amnesia. They are whining endlessly about Republicans doing things that they spent the last eight years doing while calling it their patriotic duty.

According to conservativefighters:

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Senator Mike Folmer Column: Lost Causes


I’m proud to support Senator Argall’s Senate Bill 76 to eliminate school property taxes because no tax should have the power to leave you homeless.

SB 76 opponents claim very few people actually lose their homes because of not being able to pay property taxes. Yet, I often see newspapers’ legal notices about sheriff’s sales of properties. If just one person’s home is lost due to property taxes, it’s one too many.

That’s why I joined with Senator Argall and other Senators to advance the one measure that allows for the total elimination school property taxes: Senate Bill 76.

Unfortunately, I’ve been down this road before. In the beginning of my efforts to bring medical cannabis to Pennsylvania, I

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DOJ Charges Over 400 People for Combined $1.3 Billion in Health Care Fraud


Jeff Sessions and Tom Price announce health care fraud bust / CSPAN screenshot

BY: / the Washington Free Beacon. Charles Fain Lehman is a media analyst with the Washington Free Beacon.

The Department of Justice on Thursday announced charges against 412 people in the largest combined health care fraud bust in the department’s history.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price announced the bust in a press conference Thursday morning.

Facing charges are 412 people across 41 federal districts, who the DOJ alleges have extracted $1.3 billion in false billings through a variety

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After minimum wage hikes and ammunition taxes, the lesson is don’t be like Seattle



By Printus LeBlanc at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

On June 2, 2014 Seattle’s city council approved a raise in the minimum wage to a highest in the nation $15 an hour. Not one member of the council voted against it. Like most liberal progressives, the Seattle city council believed they could regulate prosperity. The law did not have the intended consequences.

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization conducting economic research, published a paper, on June 26, about the impact of the increase in the minimum wage on Seattle. The working paper is called “Minimum Wage Increases, Wages, and Low-Wage Employment: Evidence from Seattle.”, and was put together by a

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Seattle’s unconstitutional income tax plan to be challenged in court



In the wake of the Seattle City Council’s vote on Monday to approve an illegal, unconstitutional income tax, the Freedom Foundation is prepared to challenge the action in court – hopefully with a coalition of other freedom-minded organizations.

The Freedom Foundation has a 25-year history of standing up for taxpayers, and it’s clear the end game for Washington leftists is to create a test case they can take to the liberally configured Washington State Supreme Court in hopes of invalidating the state constitution and more than 90 years of court precedent.

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