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Crazy Bernie Adds Another Whacky Bill To His Resume

                      ~ Conservative Zone Crazy Bernie Sanders has launched another futile and bizarre campaign aimed at taking down the richest man in ...

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Court Gives Missouri Green Light for Abortion Safety Reforms

Ruling lifts injunction against law requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges Getty Images BY: Bill McMorris / the Washington Free Beacon Missouri can move ...

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Dem Congressional Candidate Arrested for DUI, What He Says Next Is EYE-POPPING

By John Salvatore/greatamericanpolitics   If you live in Georgia you’ve probably heard of Steve Foster, a Democrat seeking Congressional office. Foster was charged with ...

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Protect Your Identity at Our FREE Paper Shredding Event

Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact Weekly Roundup Friday, September 14, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol We Are Hosting A Free Paper Shredding ...

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Media Advisory from Lebanon VA Medical Center

New Cumberland County VA Clinic Opens in Mechanicsburg Clinic expands and modernizes Veterans health care services in Cumberland County For Planning Purposes ...

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Trump: Pa. 9/11 Memorial ‘A Message to the World: America Will Never Ever Submit to Tyranny’

By Melanie Arter | cnsnews President Donald Trump (Screenshot) ( – President Donald Trump commemorated the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Tuesday recounting the final ...

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Obama Campaigning For Democrat Involved In Pay-To-Play Scheme

Written by AFL from Eagle Rising Barack Obama stumped for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray Thursday night despite a pay-to-play scandal. According to the Associated Press: “The Office of ...

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Allen West: We Cannot Keep This Republic If We Allow It to Be Undermined from Within

 By Allen West | cnsnews Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Allen West (Screenshot) I was in Philadelphia last week, Thursday and ...

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White House moves as Lisa Page admits 'no collusion'    ART MOORE/wnd President Trump President Trump has directed the Justice Department and the director ...

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Chuck Ross | Reporter/dailycaller Clinton-connected lobbyist Tony Podesta knew he was working with Paul Manafort on behalf of a Ukrainian ...

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$2B federal program rewards employers to not hire Americans



There’s a government program that rewards American employers for not hiring American college grads — for hiring foreign alumni instead — by draining about $2 billion a year from the government trust funds for the elderly (Medicare and Social Security) to pay those employers.

It is the Optional Practical Training program.

How can you write an otherwise accurate article about the subject without mentioning the massive subsidy that the trust funds are providing these employers for the act of hiring the aliens, not Americans?

Well, the Wall Street Journal, on May 10, managed to do exactly that in an article headlined:

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No, The U.S. Isn’t ‘Undertaxed’


Investor’s Business Daily/


Taxes: One of the talking points Democrats and the left often drag out to justify reversing the Trump tax cuts is that the U.S. is “undertaxed” compared with other nations. A new study shows that’s false.

Everyone from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to socialist independent Bernie Sanders says they would reverse the tax cuts. It’s premised not on the idea that we spend too much, but that working Americans keep just too dang much of their own money.

The problem is, as a new OECD study shows,that’s not true.

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Fox News Covers Big Win in Ghost Teachers Case!-By the Commonwealth Foundation


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dear CF Friend,

Kids and taxpayers won a major victory in the fight against ghost teachers in Reading School District!

This week, as detailed by Fox News, “The Reading Education Association, the union at the center of the controversy, has agreed to a memorandum of understanding with Reading School District to reimburse the school district for all future costs,” for the teachers they pull from the classroom to work for the union full-time.

From 2011-2016, the financially struggling district paid nearly $600,000 for ghost teachers that worked for the union while receiving taxpayer-funded salaries, pension credits, and seniority.

No more.

This unethical use of taxpayer funding was exposed when the Fairness Center, on

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Trump Asks Congress to Cancel $15 Billion in Spending. Conservatives See It as ‘First Step.’


The Trump administration’s proposal that Congress cancel $15 billion in spending will be “the first of several” such requests, a senior administration official says. (Photo: Polaris/Newscom)

The Trump administration intends to ask Congress to cancel $15 billion in spending Tuesday, although some conservative lawmakers say more could be done to reduce government waste.

“Tomorrow the president is going to be using his authority under the Impoundment Control Act to send up the largest rescissions package in history from a president,” a senior administration official said Monday evening on a conference call.

“This first package will be the first of several,” the senior official said. “It will be designed to

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Migrants admit it’s economic, not to claim asylum from violence or persecution


Members of the migrant caravan attempting to enter the United States admit they want to do so for financial reasons rather than to claim safe asylum from violence or persecution.Infowars reporter Millie Weaver asked the migrants why they wanted to enter America and the answer was almost universally the same.A representative of the Latina Muslim Foundation acknowledged that the “salary is higher” in America and that migrants would then send the money home to their families in other countries.

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6 In 10 Able-Bodied Food Stamp Recipients Do Not Work At All. That Has To Change


NANNY STATE Despite near-record low unemployment and a record number of open jobs, the number of able-bodied adults on food stamps remains at a near-record 21 million.


President Trump has quietly fired the starting gun for a race toward another round of welfare reform by signing Executive Order 13828, which directs his agencies to take a deep dive toward reforming and streamlining welfare programs. The key goals: move more able-bodied adults from welfare to work, crack down on welfare fraud, and preserve resources for the truly needy.

It is a far reaching order and much needed. But the executive order is

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Financial Aid for Illegals was a Bad Idea at the Start and Now It’s Even More Costly


Untitled Document

1. Financial Aid for Illegal Aliens was a Bad Idea at the Start – and Now It’s Even More Costly In April, Arizona’s Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that state law prohibited granting lower in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students enrolled under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program.Read more2. Maybe if California and New York Cared as Much about the Middle Class as They Do About Illegal Alien… Economists Arthur Laffer (the guy with the famous curve) and Stephen Moore, a leading libertarian voice for mass immigration, predict that some 800,000 people will pack up and leave California and New York over the next three years. Read

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Rubio BLASTED for Misrepresenting Benefits of Tax Reform


‘The fact that millions of Americans have received tax-cut bonuses is a pleasant surprise. Nobody expected these bonuse…’

Marco Rubio/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)










Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) Americans for Tax Reform’s John Kartch, in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, blasted Florida Senator Marco Rubio for his misrepresentations about the benefits of tax reform passed by Republicans earlier this year.

Kartch called out Rubio for recent statements he told The Economist, which provided liberals with political ammunition to characterize the tax cuts as a net negative for Americans.

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