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Fake fire and fury

By Michael Oberndorf at Renew America The leftist propaganda machine has hit an absolute new low with Fire and Fury, ...

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WH Insiders: ‘Fire and Fury’ Book Claims are Absurd

                ~ Liberty Planet On January 6th, publisher Henry Holt and Company released the much-anticipated book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump ...

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Senate Republicans: Defund Left-Wing Groups

By Richard McCarty at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government In 1978, the US Labor Department created an occupational safety ...

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The Hollywood Hypocrisy Awards Show

Cowardly silence followed by moralizing lectures, all while continuing to churn out immoral filth. By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot ...

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FLASHBACK: That Time Obama Called Libya A ‘S**t Show’

BENNY JOHNSON Reporter At Large/dailycaller Following President Trump’s Thursday comments, it’s worth noting that former President Obama called the African country of ...

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TRUMP: I Didnt Say 'S***hole Nations'; 'Made Up' By Democrats

ByJOSEPH CURL @josephcurl/DailyWire President Trump on Friday denied that he said what every single news organization in the world says he said. The ...

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Time’s Up for ‘Temporary’ Alien Protection

by: Michelle Malkin/TheConservativeInsider Se acabo el tiempo. Seventeen years after granting “temporary protected status” to nearly 200,000 Salvadoran citizens who had fled ...

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Exclusive - Rep. Lou Barletta: ‘We Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration’

Exclusive—Rep. Lou Barletta: ‘We Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration’ by SEAN MORAN10 Jan 2018265 Rep. Lou Barletta ...

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Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study

Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study       WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the National Institute of Building Sciences released findings from ...

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“Obama Gas Station” Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes

BY STEVEN BEYER /Conservative Tribune When Barack Obama became president of the United States, people were practically fainting while he was giving speeches, fawning over ...

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Bill Cutting Off Aid to Palestinian Terrorists Sails Through House


Legislation headed to Senate for floor vote

Getty Images

BY: / the Washington Free Beacon

The House on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved legislation that would cut off U.S. taxpayer aid to the de facto Palestinian government if it continues to aid terrorists.

With unanimous consent, the swift passage of the Taylor Force Act brings the United States one step closer to stripping American funding from the Palestinian Authority until it ends its “pay to slay” policy, which distributes $300 million to terrorists and their families annually. The legislation now heads to the Senate for a floor vote.

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This Is How Much Illegal Immigration Costs Per Year


Matt Vespa/


The acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in the shooting death of Kate Steinle is a disgrace to justice. Zarate, known as Francisco Sanchez upon his arrest in 2015, was cleared on murder last week; he was found guilty on a gun charge. Zarate shot and killed Steinle as she was walking on a pier in San Francisco in 2015. He had been deported five times before, but always ventured back to San Francisco because he knew it was a sanctuary city.

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What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Tax Bill


~ Liberty Planet

After weeks of tense deliberation, the United States Senate voted to pass a vast tax overhaul over the weekend, which slimly passed 51 to 49.

The measure is the boldest rewrite of the United States tax system since changes made back in 1986 during the Reagan administration. It took a lot of wrangling and a frantic round of negotiations to get the bill passed. There were some handwritten revisions made on the 478-page document. However, Republicans banded together to pass the legislation finally.

Bob Corker of Tennessee was the only Republican to oppose the tax changes. All of the Democrats opposed the legislation. To have the bill passed without a single “yes” from any of the 48 Democrat Senate members is

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Most Retirees Would Save Money Because of Tax Reform. Here Are Some Key Examples.


While seniors’ earnings and pension income would be subject to new individual income tax brackets and rates, those changes would actually mean tax cuts—not increases—for an overwhelming majority of seniors and retirees.


Rachel Greszler is a senior policy analyst in economics and entitlements at The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis. Read her research.

The proposed House and Senate tax reform bills that lawmakers are currently merging into one would mean tax cuts for most Americans. Nevertheless, change—even good change—can bring about uncertainty.

Retirees may be the most concerned about what tax reform will mean for them, as most rely on relatively fixed

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Democrat outraged to learn taxpayers paid $220,000 sexual harassment claim against him






Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) says he is outraged to learn that a settlement was made on his behalf to pay $220,000 to a claim of sexual harassment. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Carlos Garcia/theblaze

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-Fla.) was accused of sexual harassment and the settlement cost the taxpayer $220,000, a report from Roll Call claimed Friday.

What were the accusations?

A former congressional staff member named Winsome Packer claimed that the representative “touched her, made unwanted sexual advances, and threatened her job.”

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BUSTED: President Trump EXPOSES Elizabeth Warren STOLE $5 BILLON From Taxpayers, What She Did With It Is Truly Sickening


by /enVolve

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been hiding a lot more than just the proof of her Native American roots – which she can only cite “family stories” as evidence of her alleged heritage she claims for political gain. The so-called “Pocahontas,” as President Trump recently referred to her as has a lot more to prove than her American Indian lineage now after being caught in the biggest scandal of her career.

As a Democrat, it’s not surprising that she misused and abused other people’s money since that’s what liberals love to do. However, what she spent the astounding amount of hardworking Americans’

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For Democrats, Tax Reform Is Armageddon


The Democrats’ broader strategic angle is to protect their statist endeavors by spewing absurd talking points.

By Jordan Candler · at The Patriot Post/

Republicans in the House and Senate are in the process of reconciling their respective tax reform bills, which means agitated Democrats are fomenting fear and trepidation. Nancy Pelosi introduced an outlandish rant against tax reform in October, when she hysterically asserted, “This tax bill is Armageddon.” With tax reform nearing completion, she is regurgitating this garbage-filled talking point, claiming again, “It is the end of the world. … This is Armageddon. This is a very big deal.”

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Liberal States That Like High Taxes Now Consider Lawsuit for Actually Having to Pay Them



Michael Nagle /Getty Images

Governors of some of the highest taxed states in the country said Monday that they are considering suing to stop the Republican-backed tax reform bill that limits state and local tax deductions.

”We are looking at the legality now. ​This is double taxation. ​T​hey are taxing the taxes​,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on a conference call with California Gov. Jerry Brown and New Jersey Gov.-elect Phil Murphy, according to the New York Post.

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Editors Note:

What happen to paying your fair share?

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