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Democrats Exposed as Being Two-Faced, Self-Serving Liars and Anti-American Schmucks

Written by Greg Holt/Eagle Rising UPDATE: The IG’s report was released hours ago and does indeed point to misconduct by former FBI director ...

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Iran Admits They Enabled 9/11 Attackers

~ American Liberty Report Mohammad-Javad Larijani, a prominent Iranian politician, and former diplomat admitted on a Farsi language broadcast confirmed allegations ...

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Warren ‘Filled With Terror’ About Midterm Elections

BY: Andrew Kugle /  the Washington Free Beacon Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow she is "filled with terror" that ...

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RNC Prepares for Midterms by Expanding Field Program to Record 500 Staffers

President Donald Trump, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel / Getty Images BY: Cameron Cawthorne/ the Washington Free Beacon. The Republican National Committee (RNC) ...

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Charge De Niro with public obscenity!

By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America NEW YORK-Tuesday- 6/11/18...I would not watch the Tony Awards last night. First ...

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The Best Answer to Trump's Tariffs: Free Trade

By Richard M. Ebeling at In the Bible it says, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast ...

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Guard Who Ignored Parkland Shooter Was Caught Sexually Harassing Victim Year Before—Never Fired

A guard who chose to save himself during the Parkland shooting had been caught harassing female students, and never should ...

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Dick's Sporting Goods Just Lost Another Company to Do Business With After Implementing Gun Control Policies

JULIO ROSAS |IJR Scott Olson/Getty Images Another company has severed ties with Dick's Sporting Good after it decided to enact several pro-gun control policies, including hiring pro-gun ...

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Nationwide Bust Arrests More Than 2,300 Suspected Child Sex Offenders

During the course of the operation, the task forces investigated more than 25,200 complaints of technology-facilitated crimes against children and ...

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Hoarders: PA Schools Edition


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dear CF Friend,

Are your property taxes rising? If so, you may want to check if your local school district is hoarding the extra cash.

A Montgomery County judge recently ruled the Lower Merion School District must revoke a portion of its most recent tax hike because the district misled taxpayers by projecting large budget shortfalls despite squirreling away millions of dollars in reserve.

School districts are allowed to maintain reserve funds—but should they continue to raise property taxes while these nest eggs grow larger and larger?

Lower Merion’s reserves were nearly 25% of total spending, and dozens of other school districts have an even higher percent in reserve.

We’ve created a searchable, sortable database that includes

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Why Don’t They Cut Costs First?


About Us | Why CAP | Invest | News | Action

Inside this issue • Why Don’t They Cut Costs First? Why Don’t They Cut Costs First? Last year the CAP PAC made its first major foray into county politics and it just paid dividends for residents of Montgomery County. In his race for Commissioner,Continue reading…

Did Welfare Reform Really Throw 3.5 Million Children Into Third World Poverty? The Facts May Surprise You


By Robert Rector /at The Daily Signal

President Bill Clinton signs the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act at the White House, Aug. 22, 1996. (Photo: Chuck Kennedy/KRT/Newscom)

Robert Rector is a leading national authority on poverty, the U.S.welfare system and immigration and is a Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow.


Today is the 20th anniversary of welfare reform. Two decades ago, President Bill Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, known as welfare reform, into law.

The highly popular reform cut welfare caseloads by over 50 percent, sharply boosted the employment of the least-skilled single mothers, and pushed the poverty rates of black children and single-parent families to historic lows.

But the left always hated welfare

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Montco Court of Common Pleas orders LMSD to rescind its 4.4 percent tax hike for 2016-17


LVC Note: This article confirms what we have been saying for over six years. School Districts have amassed over Four Billion Dollars in Reserves while constantly raising School Taxes. THE SCAM RUNS LIKE THIS–EVERY YEAR DISTRICTS OVER ESTIMATE EXPENSES AND UNDER ESTIMATE REVENUES DURING THE BUDGET PREPARATION PROCESS. Then they claim they have a balanced budget. AT THE END OF THE YEAR–EXPENSES RUN LOWER AND REVENUES RUN HIGHER–CREATING SURPLUS–THAT THE DISTRICT PUTS AWAY IN RESERVES.

Please read through this story and see how it was done in this case, a case that copies School Districts across the State.

Calling it “unlawful” a Montgomery County judge Monday

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Krauthammer: Obama Admin ‘Lied Shamelessly’ About Entire Iran Deal


BY: at the Washington Free Beacon

Cameron Cawthorne


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed the Obama Administration on Thursday, telling Fox News anchor Shannon Bream that they have “lie[d] shamelessly” about the entire Iran nuclear deal.

Bream could tell that Krauthammer was anxiously waiting to share his thoughts.

“Charles, you’re chomping at the bit. I can see it over here,” Bream said.

Krauthammer said that he was amused by how obvious it was that the Obama administration was sending $400 million to Iran as part of a hostage negotiation back in January.

“I think I remember saying these guys are not paid enough, the spokesmen, who have to

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How These States Ensure Welfare Dollars Aren’t Used for Alcohol, Lottery Tickets


By Melissa Quinn / /at The Daily Signal.

At least 25 states prohibit welfare recipients from using their EBT cards to pay for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, lottery tickets, guns, or adult entertainment venues. (Photo: Erik Lesser/ZUMA Press/Newscom)

Melissa Quinn is a senior news reporter for The Daily Signal.


A new state law in Maine went into effect last month prohibiting welfare recipients from purchasing items like alcohol, lottery tickets, and tattoos with their welfare funds.

Alongside Kansas, Maine has been one of the leading states reforming welfare, and nearly half of the states have already taken action.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican, made welfare reform a cornerstone of his gubernatorial campaign, and since taking office, the state

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE–from State Senator Mike Folmer


State Senator Mike Folmer

48th Senatorial District

Contacts: Fred Sembach

Fallon Binner


In 2006, a “Costing-Out Study” called for a 50% increase in Pennsylvania’s basic education spending: at least $3.17 Billion more (to $6.02 Billion). Funding that year was boosted to $4.78 Billion (a 18.3% increase) with total education spending of $9.93 Billion.

Advocates continued to cite the Costing-Out Study to increase education spending – even though they couldn’t fully explain the study’s use of “hypothetical school districts” and why it didn’t focus on low cost/high performance schools.

Over the past 10 years, education funding has grown from $9.93 Billion to $11.78 Billion (nearly a 17% increase). Today, this translates to $32,277,643.84 spent a day, $1,344,901.83 an hour,

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Insurer Participation in Obamacare Projected to Continue Decline in 2017


Health care expert envisions only one or two insurers per state



Ali Meyer is a staff writer with the Washington Free Beacon covering economic issues that expose government waste, fraud, and abuse.


Insurer participation in Obamacare will continue its steep decline next year, according to an expert who tracks the issue.

Participation by insurers in the Obamacare exchanges has already declined by 27 percent since the law took effect. In 2013, just before Obamacare took effect, 395 insurers offered individual market coverage. In 2016, that number dropped to 287, according to an analysis by Ed Haislmaier, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

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