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CNN’s War on Trump Mirrors Nazi Propaganda Ministry

                  American Liberty Report The fake news media likes to make comparisons between the Trump Administration and Nazi Germany. Here’s one the ...

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Trump’s Use of Pardon Power Aims at Rectifying Injustice

John-Michael Seibler / @JSeibler / Jonathan Zalewski / @JMZalewski / The Daily Signal President Donald Trump issued a posthumous pardon to the late boxer Jack ...

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U.S. Indicts 9 Chinese Cyber Spies

Hackers targeted U.S. turbofan jet engine tech for Chinese jetliner Getty Images BY: Bill Gertz / Washington Free Beacon The Justice Department announced the indictment ...

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Trump Says Ballot Box Is Way To Settle Disagreements - But Voting Doesn't Do That

Unless the citizens begin to focus on upholding the Constitution and elected like officials, even if it means writing in ...

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Smug Liberal Knocks Guy’s Corvette, So Owner Teaches Him Lesson About Work

BY CILLIAN ZEAL /CT Ah, the Chevrolet Corvette. It’s pretty much the all-American sign that you’ve made it — that your hard work ...

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USGS Employee's Porn Addiction Resulted In Infecting Government Network With Malware

According to the report, the employee, whose name was redacted, used a government-issued computer to access over 9,000 pornographic sites, ...

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Trump, Moderates to Derail Pelosi’s Power Over Dem-Controlled House

                  ~ Conservative Zone With Democrats taking back a narrow majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Republicans expanding their narrow ...

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Leaven on the Rise--APN

American Pastors Network Leaven on the Rise Stand in the Gap Today Radio hosts Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler, and Gary Dull are joined ...

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Top US Economist Confirms Obama Did Have An Effect On This Economy: “It’s The Effect That Barack Obama Is No Longer President Of The United States!”

POLITICS/teaparty (Gateway Pundit) – Top US economist Steve Moore, who worked for candidate Trump and now assists with economic solutions ...

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DNC Chair Used Private Jet of Donor Accused of Discriminating Against Latinos

Tom Perez flew with Albert Dwoskin, who is involved in court battle with undocumented immigrants Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez ...

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See How Much Premiums Will Increase Under Obamacare in These 14 States


By Melissa Quinn / /at The Daily Signal.

Melissa Quinn is a senior news reporter for The Daily Signal.

In all but one of 14 states, health insurance premiums will increase an average of at least 10 percent. (Photo: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters/Newscom)


Consumers will be hit by increases in health insurance premiums averaging 10 percent or more in all but one of 14 states where regulators have approved higher rates.

In Vermont, insurance rates will rise by an average of 5.5 percent.

Insurance companies submitted their rate proposals for 2017 over the past few months. In the lead-up to Obamacare’s open enrollment period beginning Nov. 1, regulators have begun to approve or alter the requests.

Consumers purchasing health coverage both

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Obamacare Premiums Will Rise by Double Digits Next Year


Robert Donachie /

One state’s health commissioner says the Obamacare health care exchanges in his state are “very near collapse.” (Photo: Paul Hennessy /Polaris/Newscom)

The Obama administration said insurance premiums will rise by double-digit percentages in 2017, a statement that will likely bring the debate surrounding Obamacare to the forefront in the final days of the 2016 election.

Premiums will increase at an average of 25 percent across the 39 states serviced by the online marketplace, according to the Obama administration. Even worse, around 20 percent of consumers, or 1 in 5, will have only one insurer to choose from in the marketplace.

This year’s expected increase is triple the size of 2016, and will have a direct

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Record-High Number of Pages of Obama Regulations Exceed That of Bush, Clinton


BY: / the Washington Free Beacon

Ali Meyer is a staff writer with the Washington Free Beacon covering economic issues that expose government waste, fraud, and abuse.


Obama administration regulations are 167 times longer than the Bible

The number of pages of regulations issued by the federal government during the Obama presidency has hit a record high, according to a count from the Federal Register.

President Obama’s administration has issued 28,239 new final rules encompassing 201,046 pages in the Federal Register.

The over 200,000 pages of Obama regulations are 167 times longer than the Bible, which averages about 1,200 pages.

George W. Bush’s administration issued 31,634 regulations

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Obamacare Is Experiencing Multi-Organ Failure


By Robert Moffit /at The Daily Signal

Robert E. Moffit, a seasoned veteran of more than three decades in Washington policymaking, is a senior fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies.

In a speech Thursday, President Obama is expected to make the case for Obamacare doing well. (Photo: Shawn Thew/CNP/AdMedia /Newscom)


President Barack Obama’s speech Thursday will likely highlight the “successes” of Obamacare, but this complex health law—with interlocking parts—is really becoming more like a patient suffering from multi-organ failure.

This year’s feverish health insurance premiums are unlikely to abate. For 2017, the premiums on Obamacare’s individual market are projected to increase by 25 percent on average.

Central planning is the disease.

It starts with the costly health

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Senate approves Argall’s efforts to crack down on welfare fraud


Senate approves Argall’s efforts to crack down on welfare fraud


HARRISBURG – By a vote of 29 – 18, the Senate of Pennsylvania approved a measure authored by Senator David G. Argall (R-Schuylkill/Berks) to increase the number of investigators tasked with finding welfare waste, fraud, abuse and misuse.


Under Argall’s amendment, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) would hire at least 50 percent additional staff with a single purpose: investigate fraud, waste, misconduct and abuse claims from the Department of Human Services and Department of Health.


“For every dollar spent on welfare investigative and collective activities in the OIG, the state realizes an estimated benefit of $12,” Argall said. “This program would pay for itself again and again. More

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Hillary Clinton’s Tax Plan Would Increase Taxes by $1.4 Trillion Over the Next Decade


The Washington Free Beacon Plan would lower GDP by 2.6 percent, lower wages, and eliminate 697,000 jobs



Ali Meyer is a staff writer with the Washington Free Beacon covering economic issues that expose government waste, fraud, and abuse.


Hillary Clinton’s tax proposals would increase taxes by $1.4 trillion over the next decade and would reduce the growth of the economy by 2.6 percent, according to ananalysis from the Tax Foundation.

Since January when the Tax Foundation first scored Clinton’s tax plan, Clinton has introduced a number of new taxes on individuals and businesses. At that time, the Foundation estimated that her plan would raise

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State, Local Governments Have Funded Only 35 Cents of Every Dollar Committed to Pensions


By Rachel Greszler /at The Daily Signal

Rachel Greszler is a senior policy analyst in economics and entitlements at The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis.

Alaska tops the list in unfunded liability per capita for pensions at $42,950. (Photo: Chris Miller/Newscom)

$5.6 trillion.

That’s how much a recent report from the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, estimates state and local governments across the U.S. have promised to their employees, but can’t afford to pay.

Normally, if an employer promises its workers more than it can pay, its workers lose out, but that’s unlikely to be the case here.

Since most state and local pension promises represent legal obligations, it will be state and local taxpayers who bear the burden of

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Final Stretch


Monday, October 24, 2016

Dear CF Friend,

Today begins the final three-day stretch of session before the election.

But a lot can happen in three days.

Pension reform remains a possibility. The Independent Fiscal Office is preparing to release its cost analysis of the latest proposal, which includes a side-by-side hybrid plan for new state employees. Once this happens, a conference committee can take up the legislation immediately.Meanwhile, a recent poll showed 54 percent of Pennsylvania voters favor placing new state employees in a 401(k)-style retirement plan. While the legislation under consideration doesn’t fully move new employees into a 401(k)-style plan, it’s a step toward improving the status quo. Legislation to save vape shops stalled in the House last week, but lawmakers could

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