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“Thousands of tons” of Cocaine Entered America — Obama Turned a Blind Eye on Hezbollah Drug Trafficking to Seal Iran Deal

The Obama years changed the way America does business with terrorists. At what price in American lives do “thousands of ...

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Senator Claims Democrats Support Border Security Even When Many Are Calling to Abolish ICE

JULIO ROSAS | IJR With many in the Democratic party calling for the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, Senator Chris ...

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Dems Expand Push to Blacklist Businesses Working on Trump’s Border Wall

Municipalities punishing businesses bidding on border wall Getty Images BY: Susan Crabtree /  the Washington Free Beacon As President Donald Trump renews his battle ...

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Sad! Survey Shows Shocking Percentage of Americans Are Unable to Name a Single First Amendment Right

CARLIN BECKER | IJR David Goehring/Flickr According to the Freedom Forum Institute's annual “State of the First Amendment” (SOFA) survey, it looks like a shocking number ...

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Hispanic Unemployment Rate Hits Record Low for Second Straight Month

By Craig Bannister | cnsnews Seasonally-adjusted Hispanic-Latino unemployment rate (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) The national seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos ...

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Study: Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Hikes Lead to Job Losses for Younger Workers

Getty Images BY: Andrew Burger - Washington Free Beacon Minnesota's minimum wage hikes have led to slower job growth in the restaurant ...

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Jason Hopkins | Energy Investigator/dailycaller An extensive report from the Environmental Protection Agency found that including ethanol into the U.S. gas ...

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Press Release from Phyllis Schlafly Eagles

News Alert from Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. Ed Martin, President | Helen Marie Taylor, Chairman | John Schlafly, Treasurer FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August ...

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Mike's Memo Week of August 13, 2018

    View this email in a browser Welcome to"Mike's Memo," an update on what's happening in the 48th Senatorial District and the State ...

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Barletta Speaks with Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) addressed members of the Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association, an organization with 345 ...

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Watchdog Podcast: Code Blue–Ohio’s Medicaid expansion already $1 billion over budget


by Eric Boehm and Jason Hart | Watchdog Radio.

Code Blue is Watchdog Radio’s weekly look at heath issues, ranging from the latest public health debates to small government views on health-care reform.

Medicaid and Medicare are breaking the budgets of states and the federal government, but there are other options out there. Is Obamacare the best we can do?

This week, hosts Eric Boehm and Jason Hart take a look at the Medicaid expansion in Ohio, which is running off the rails after less than a year and a half.

As Hart reported this week, after just 17 months, Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare expansion has cost federal taxpayers $3.7 billion. That’s over $1 billion more than the Kasich administration projected for the

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State Representative Justin Simmons Report


I Voted Yes on the Budget Bill This afternoon, I joined a majority of my colleagues in supporting the state budget bill. We passed a fiscally responsible budget that doesn’t raise taxes, increases state funding for education by $370 million and funds Pennsylvania’s core priorities without Gov. Wolf’s reckless spending proposals.House Bill 1192 now moves to the Senate for consideration, with the expectation it will arrive on the governor’s desk before the June 30 budget deadline. We are encouraging him to sign it into law.

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Thursday Night We Rocked Pottstown and It’s Politicians for 76



From the PA Liberty Alliance

Hats off to Casey Bralla and the Coalition Advancing Freedom! They lead the charge for this campaign in Pottstown, western Montgomery and northern Chester Counties. Of course they had some help from the PA Liberty Alliance, CLASTA, Berks County Patriots, Citizens for Liberty, Valley Forge Patriots, Berks Tea Party and the Tri-county Campaign for Liberty who pounded the pavements for 3 Saturdays in and around Pottstown, donated time and money.

Many thanks to Sen Mensch and Rafferty for sending representation to the meeting to echo their support for 76. But the MOST surprising occurrence was the apparent turn about of Rep Hennessey! He has reservations and

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Judicial Watch Beats IRS in Court


from Judicial Watch Federal Court Orders Obama IRS: Answer JW on Lerner Emails Calling all conservative activists, citizens and groups who were silenced and harassed by the Obama Internal Revenue Service in the run-up to the 2012 elections and beyond — you should know that we have moved a few steps closer to holding the Obama administration accountable for its criminal misuse of the federal tax-collecting agency.

We are pleased to announce that Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia granted a Judicial Watch request to issue an order requiring the IRS to provide answers by June 12, 2015, on the status of the Lois Lerner emails the IRS had previously declared lost. Judicial Watch raised

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How ‘Affordable’ Will Health Insurance Be in 2016?


by Melissa Quinn at The Daily Signal

For consumers purchasing health insurance under the Affordable Care Act next year, plans may no longer be quite as “affordable” as they were in the past.

Health insurance companies around the country are providing states with their proposed premium rates for 2016, and changes include rate hikes of up to 51 percent in New Mexico and more than 30 percent in Maryland and Tennessee.

The proposed rate changes come as the Supreme Court prepares to deliver its ruling on the case King v. Burwell, which will determine if consumers purchasing insurance on the federal exchange are eligible for subsidies, and as Republicans continue to push for a full repeal of the health care law.

“This is going to

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Obamacare: It’s Still Unaffordable, Unworkable and Unfair


Commentary: A new video from The Heritage Foundation sets the record straight on Obamacare, chronicling the problems playing out in states across America.


Republicans Plot Next Steps After Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies


By Melissa Quinn at the Daily Signal

News: Lawmakers are turning their attention to a budget mechanism that would fast-track a repeal of Obamacare through Congress.


On the heels of the freshly handed-down Supreme Court ruling on the legality of the subsidies in federally-run exchanges awarded under President Obama’s health care law, congressional Republicans are turning their attention to a budget mechanism that would fast-track a repeal of Obamacare through Congress.

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 today in favor of the Obama administration in King v. Burwell, upholding the federal subsidies awarded under the health care law.

The case examined whether consumers purchasing health insurance on the federal exchange,, were eligible to receive subsidies. Obamacare’s plain language limited the availability of those

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King v. Burwell Decision Changes Nothing for Obamacare Repeal


By former United States Senator Jim DeMint at the Daily Signal

Commentary: In the wake of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint says it’s now up to Congress to give Americans better health care by repealing Obamacare.

This morning, the Supreme Court handed down a decision in the case of King v. Burwell which maintains, contrary to the plain language of the law, subsidies are available to those who purchase insurance through federal health insurance exchanges set up for states which opted not to create their own. This doesn’t change the responsibility of Congress to repeal Obamacare.

Justice Scalia, joined by Justices Thomas and Alito, pointed to the farce of the majority’s ruling at the beginning of their dissent:

The Court holds

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