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3 Reasons Trump Should Purge DOJ, Terminate Russia Probe

                                Liberty Planet Democrats and their deep state operatives have conspired to pull one of the greatest charades in the country’s history ...

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Voter Fraud Spikes in Liberal-Leaning Detroit Ahead of Mid-Terms

                    ~ Conservative Zone Upwards of 1,400 non-Americans were reportedly discovered and removed from Detroit voting rolls since 2011. In the Motor Voter ...

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Districts with Mostly Foreign-Born Citizens Sent Hard-Core Leftists to Congress

by Warner Todd Huston/eaglerising Here is the best argument against mass immigration: a new report at Breitbart News shows that congressional districts ...

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 STEVEN AHLE /steadfastandloyal The voters in North Carolina approved a measure requiring the presentation of a photo ID in order to vote. ...

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Trump’s First Nat. Monument Honors Black Troops. Liberals Immediately Attack

    Pete Marovich / Getty ImagesUS President Donald Trump speaks to the media as he prepares to board Marine One on ...

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Still the smartest guy in the room

By Joan Swirsky at Renew America   Well, whaddaya know? In the midterm elections of November 6, 2018, the American people rewarded ...

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9 of 10 Senate Incumbents With Most Out-of-State Donors Are Dems

McCaskill tops list with nearly $25 million brought in from out-of-state Sen. Claire McCaskill / Getty Images BY: Hunter Lovell /  Washington Free Beacon Democrats ...

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The Election Thief? Florida's Brenda Snipes Should Have been Miles Away from the Nearest Election

Jim-Kouri at Conservative Base via COP Magazine Broward County, Democratic Party cover up, Dr. Brenda Snipes, election fraud, Florida elections   As Broward County ...

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CIA Whistleblower: Hillary Ran the Most Extensive Global Crime Syndicate in History & Because Trump Can’t be Bribed She Will Pay For It

Government corruption 22/American Journal Review Hillary Clinton has a notorious past, to say the least, when it comes to running criminal enterprises. “Hillary Clinton was ...

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Media Should Examine Itself Before Blaming Trump for ‘Climate of Hate’

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / The Daily Signal A commentator and an anchor at CNN were quick to blame President Donald Trump ...

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Compromise Offered to End Budget Impasse: Rep Justin Simmons


Breaking news from Representative Justin Simmons

This week, House and Senate leaders tried to bring an end to the state budget impasse by offering to increase education funding by $400 million over last year. In order to generate sufficient revenue for that increase, we are calling on the governor to agree to reforms for both the state liquor system and the public pension systems, measures he previously vetoed. Privatizing the liquor system alone would generate more than $200 million in recurring yearly revenue, with pension savings estimated at more than $12 billion over the long term.

As the governor considers the compromise, we remain dedicated to a responsible and sustainable state budget that funds core government services without passing the burden onto working families

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The Real Story on My Support of a Severance Tax, by PA Rep. Justin Simmons


by State Representative Justin Simmons

Many of you recently received a postcard from a lobbying group which gets funding from the same special interests that support Gov. Tom Wolf. The postcard attacks me for what it says is my non-support of a severance tax on natural gas companies that drill in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale regions.

In fact, I would support a severance tax that is fair and reasonable and we know exactly where the revenue it generates is going. I would also support a plan that maintains the impact fees already paid by the companies that go toward infrastructure and public safety improvements in the communities where the drilling operations are located.

That said, the governor’s severance tax proposal is neither fair nor reasonable.

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Crisis of Lawlessness — By Representative Daryl Metcalfe


by PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe

On July 22, 2015, I reintroduced my resolution to impeach the Democrat Pennsylvania State Attorney General Kathleen Kane for a pattern of abuse and misbehavior in office. Then last week she was charged by the Montgomery County district attorney with obstructing administration of law or other governmental function, official oppression, criminal conspiracy, perjury, and false swearing.Earlier this year, Democrat Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord resigned from office and was charged with attempted extortion. He is now awaiting his sentence.No one should be above the law. Our new Democrat governor seems to also have a problem understanding that concept.Since taking office this year, Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has been taken to court for several of his actions that do

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Republicans and Democrats are both Hypocrites, especially on property taxes. You can change it!


Once again we see a PA government that consistently flip flops. Instead of bipartisanship they prefer to be hypocrites. For the past ten years, attempts have been made to eliminate school property taxes. For those same ten years all legislation has been stalled. It began with the Republicans introducing legislation to eliminate school property taxes, and now the Democrats have introduced it and again it is stalled. Why?

The Republican legislation has been called House/Senate bill 76. This legislation would eliminate property taxes in PA by substituting increases and expansion of sales taxes and an an increase in income taxes in a combination that would completely offset the property tax revenues, thus eliminating property taxes for good.

HB/SB 76 does essentially the same

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Connecticut On Its Latest Cash Grab: It’s Not Greed When We Do It


by Christopher Westley at

Those possessing the anti-capitalist mentality — so ascendant in our culture today — often critique market actors as being solely motivated by “greed.” Surely economic systems based on nobler motivations, they say, would better promote the long-run interests of the planet.

The Voluntary Marketplace Uses Greed as Motivation to Serve Others

This is an issue I deal with in detail in my Principles of Economics classes. The fascinating point about the market system isn’t that it is based on greed, but rather that it forces those motivated by greed to act in ways that promote the social interest. If you want to get rich, say by x amount, then you better improve the lives of consumers, through voluntary transactions,

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A time to kill (government spending)


by Rick Manning at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Appropriations time in Congress makes most people’s eyes roll to the back of their heads. But for those seeking to rein in President Obama, it is like Christmas time with the opportunity to target cuts directly at all parts of Obama’s agenda.

Unfortunately, Harry Reid plays the unreformed Grinch in Congress as he has stopped all Senate action on individual appropriations bills, virtually ensuring another Sept. 30, end-of-fiscal-year spending showdown.

Having seen this movie time and again during the past five years, it is tempting to change the channel and just disconnect from the whole process. But wait – there’s hope.

The sheer volume of defund amendments offered and passed in the House dramatically

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Outraged FCC Commissioner Blows Whistle On Latest Obama Scam


by Norma Goss from Citizen Action

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Ajit Pai, who has been fighting a one man war to keep the Internet free from government control against the majority of FCC Commissioners who were all appointed by President Barack Obama, has gone ballistic on news of fresh accounts of widespread fraud in the ObamaPhone welfare program for “the poor”.

An investigation of the ObamaPhone program by Brian Maass for CBS4 News revealed that “Lifeline” cellphone program – which was originally intended to give poor people the ability to find a job or call police, fire and other emergency responders in times of trouble – has turned into an “full service entitlement” program that Americans pay for through fees on

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Undercover Videos Show Why We Must Defund Planned Parenthood


Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint says this should demonstrate to all Americans—even if they consider themselves “pro-choice”—that taxpayers should have nothing to do with this grim business.

by Jim DeMint from the Daily Signal,

A video released last week by the Center for Medical Progress shocked the nation by showing an executive of Planned Parenthood sipping wine and casually talking about the going rate for the organs of aborted infants.

Yesterday morning, another undercover video compounded outrage toward Planned Parenthood’s activities. It once again raises the question of whether Planned Parenthood could be profiting off the sale of fetal tissue, as well as altering abortion procedures to preserve organs for sale.

Toward the end of the video, a Planned Parenthood executive jokes: “It’s

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