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Bushes Welcome Trump to Funeral, Unlike McCain Family

  Kaylee McGhee  /libertyheadlines ‘This is the way the country says goodbye to presidents…’ The casket carrying George H. W. Bush on its ...

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Trump navigates the New World Order

By Cliff Kincaid at Renew America President Trump accuses his enemies of McCarthyism. But anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy had many of ...

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Impeach Chief Justice Roberts!

Larry Klayman blasts corruption on the bench By Larry Klayman at Renew America Go to to Support Freedom Watch's Judicial Selection ...

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Frequent 5-4 Supreme Court Rulings Belie Chief Justice Roberts’ Argument Justices Are Unbiased

Cal Thomas / @CalThomas / The Daily Signal President Donald Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts squabble on about how judges interpret ...

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Chief Justice Roberts Squares Off with President Trump

                                ~ Conservative Zone Supreme Court justices are supposed to be nonpartisan and should aim to be objective. They also should be ...

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This is Now the Most Politically Violent City in the United States

LVC Editor's Note, please be sure to click on the enlightening video at the end of the story.                 Patriotic Freedom Fighter Heavily ...

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We Hear You: Coming to America, Birthright Citizenship, and Climate Alarmism

Ken McIntyre / @KenMac55 /The Daily Signal Nolan Peterson and his wife, Lilya, in the Cadet Chapel at the Air Force Academy in ...

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[Must Read] Top 5 Immigration Stories of the Week!

          1.  Central American Nations Abandon All Logic in Latest Legal Protest El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras recently filed a protest against ...

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This ‘Justice Democrat’ Argued Against Bill Banning Female Genital Mutilation

                ~ Liberty Planet Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar, newly elected as a representative in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, has a controversial stance on ...

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Lessons for Today’s Foreign Policy from 1400 Years of Islamic Jihad

The people who struck us on 9/11 were motivated by the exact same ideology that has motivated the jihad conquests ...

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Pension reform promises $18 billion savings, but questions linger


by Eric Boehm–at Watchdog

After what was touted as a historic vote in the state Senate, Pennsylvania is still a long way from getting any relief from its public pension problems.

A major pension overhaul bill cleared the state Senate along party lines last week, but it still needs to make it through the state House and get a signature from a skeptical Gov. Tom Wolf before becoming law.

Even then, much the bill’s $18 billion in promised savings could be wiped out by a legal challenge in the state courts.

“If this bills gets passed, as written, and signed by the governor, someone will definitely sue over it,” predicts James McAneny, executive director of the Public Employee Retirement Commission.


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Trade fight: Do you trust Obama to rewrite rules for world’s economy?


by Rick Manning –from Fox News and Americans for Limited Government

Do you trust President Obama to rewrite the rules for the world economy?

Congress will soon answer that question when they decide whether to grant President Obama fast track trade authority, paving the way for almost certain passage of a treaty between the United States and eleven other countries known as the TransPacific Partnership (TPP).

But don’t be fooled, the TPP is not a free trade deal, it is instead what Bloomberg News calls it — “a regulatory deal” with only five out of twenty seven sections covering trade. So, 1990s NAFTA-style “free trade” arguments are really irrelevant to whether Congress should ease a pathway for TPP’s passage.

The push to pass

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Can School Board’s do Anything About Common Core?


The short answer is a robust YES! This question gets centered on the East Penn School Board race. In the May Primary, conservative candidates Carol Allen and Chris Donatelli made a statement in their campaign literature that they wanted to oppose Common core and return to local control. The Teacher’s Union backed slate and their political operatives immediately jumped on this and continue to this day. The union operatives claim that Allen and Donatelli are naïve in that school board’s must follow the mandates of the state and federal governments. While it is true that Pennsylvania has adopted Common Core and renamed it Pennsylvania Core Standards, there are many ways to blunt the negative impacts of this program and its effects on our

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The Commonwealth Foundation’s Weekly Update


Dear CF Friend,I wanted to let you know about two important victories today for the citizens and taxpayers of Pennsylvania:

1. Two labor transparency bills were passed out of Senate Appropriations and are now ready for the Senate’s full consideration.

Two bills by Sens. Folmer and Stefano, respectively, aim to shed some much-needed light on the public-union collective bargaining process, and allow taxpayers to get informed about the contracts paid for by their tax dollars. Gov. Wolf’s spokesperson has already indicated that the Governor will consider signing these bills.

2. Two important educational freedom bills passed out of House committee.

HB 805, sponsored by state Rep. Stephen Bloom would end seniority-based layoffs in Pennsylvania public schools, focusing on performance and effectiveness instead. Rep. Jim

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Who are the Tax-Hikers (Lehigh County)?


by Joe Hilliard at Leadership for Liberty

Many school board elections are decided in the primary cycle since most candidates can “cross-file” which means they can enter the race as both a Democrat and a Republican candidate. The logic is that school board directors are supposed to be non-partisan.

However, party identification is not the real issue. The real issue is to identify who are the “Tax-Hikers” in your school district? Normally, many think Tax-Hikers are only Democrats while Republicans fight proposed tax increases. The sad reality is that Tax-Hikers exist in both political parties in our school districts.

The list shows all the school directors in Lehigh County and how they voted for the last two budgets. Blue means the Director has

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Emmaus garbage charges, Truth or Trash?


In the recent 2015 spring edition, Emmaus Newsletter; an explanation is given for the change in garbage pick-ups and rates in respects to garbage and compost.

I like to call it garbage vs compost; as these were two separate items whose costs were paid for in two completely different methods. Now it seems that the borough wants to combine it into one bill. Let’s see if the math adds up.

The garbage is paid for through the collection of the Refuse Bill. This bill is calculated based on a contracted price that gets approved by Emmaus Borough Council. The borough administration figures out how much to bill each customer based on this approved contract price and the amount of customers in the borough.

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Another Tax Hike for the East Penn School District, Is it really ‘for the children’?


Increased Taxes

The vote for the proposed 2015-2016 budget with a 3.8% tax hike was 8-1. Lynn Donches was the only vote opposed to the budget. Ms. Donches brought up the fact that 65% of the budget is for faculty and staff salaries and benefits. Industry averages 40%. How often do we hear the refrain that “it’s for the children”? To reduce the tax hike 10% cuts were made in school building budgets and to the central office, there will be less music for the music departments, less equipment for physics classes at the High School, author visits will be cut back, repairs put off, and book purchases cut as salaries and benefits grow.

It has been stated that we

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East Penn School District wants their back taxes and they might get a hired gun to collect it


During the May 11th East Penn School Board meeting a presentation was given about how the school district can collect back taxes owed by all those tax scofflaws that live in the district. It appears a total of 472 residential and 42 Commercial property owners that just won’t pay their “Fair Share”. The total back taxes owed to East Penn School District amounts to approximately $1.5 million.

The Third party company who gave their pitch to collect all those back taxes and make things right with the school district was North East Revenue Service. They were hired recently by the Lehigh County and figured they’d give the EPSD a try. Of course their services aren’t free, they

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