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[Must Read] Your Top 5 Immigration Stories of the Week!

          1.  Congress Has the Power to Keep Central American Migrants Home You know the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border is real ...

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Rep. Smucker's Weekly E-Update

HOME ABOUT CONTACT MEDIA SERVICES Thank you for subscribing to my E-Newsletter! This week I want to update you on some new bills I've introduced, tell ...

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Report to the People - April 12, 2019

Facebook Website Bio Latest News Contact Report to the People Friday, April 12, 2019 The latest news from the State Capitol Borowicz Thankful for Tremendous Support On March 25, ...

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Thomas Bill to Protect PACE and PACENET Benefits Passes

Representative Wendi Thomas 178th Legislative District Pennsylvania House of Representatives /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 10, 2019   Thomas Bill to Protect PACE and PACENET Benefits Passes ...

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[FAIR Take] Your Top Weekly Immigration News & Updates!

          RAISE Act Reintroduced On Wednesday, Sen. Tom Cotton, (R-AR) joined with fellow Republican Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Josh Hawley ...

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Upper Darby man charged in luring incidents

Upper Darby man charged in luring incidents By Kevin Tustin Apr 9, 2019 Updated Apr 9, 2019 From ...

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No, White-Supremacist Violence Is Not a Major Problem

The New York Times peddles a false narrative that violent white extremism is on the rise. By the Political Editors at ...

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How A Survey On Race Disproves White Privilege

 DANIEL GREENFIELD/Freedom Outpost White privilege, the hottest racist idea since cross-burnings at midnight and photos with Farrakhan, is a subject ...

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OPINION Candace Owens | Turning Point USA/DC When the Democrats’ ridiculous, fear-mongering “Rise of White Nationalism” hearing blew up in their faces, ...

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The Associated Press & NY Times “Not Real News” Series Is Not Real #FAKE

 PAMELA GELLER /Freedom Outpost You just can’t make this stuff up. The Associated Press and New York Times, the world’s leading disseminators and ...

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Study: Taxpayers Targeted at Higher Rates Under Democratic Presidents


John Koskinen / AP

BY: at the Washington Free Beacon

The Internal Revenue Service targets individual taxpayers and corporations for audits at higher rates when Democrats are in control of the White House, according to a study highlighted by Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Policy.

The study by Sutirtha Bagchi, an assistant professor of economics at Villanova University, examined IRS budget and personnel figures dating back to 1978 to determine “whether presidential administrations use executive power to affect IRS resources and priorities and thus influence the effective tax rate to support their larger policy goals,” according to the Shorenstein Center.

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Emmaus Council–Fiscal Fools?


2015 President Lee Ann Gilbert and Borough Manager Shane Pepe

In late 2014 into 2015 the Emmaus Borough Council made a dramatic decision to purchase the Rodale property at Klines Lane. The cost was reported to be $2,950,000 with additional expenses to bring the property up to Borough needs and standards. According to a report from the Borough Manager, estimated additional costs could run in excess of another $2,500,000 to $3,000,000.

Emmaus buys Rodale

The plan is to move all Borough operations to this site, including Administrative, Public Works, Police, Fire, and Ambulance. The first glaring question is–WAS THIS MOVE NEEDED? Second, WAS THIS MOVE COST EFFECTIVE? The plans also called for the selling

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Important Lessons One Senator Has Learned After First Year in Congress



By Sen. David Perdue / / at The Daily Signal

Almost a year ago, I stood next to my wife Bonnie, put my hand on my Father’s Bible, and swore to uphold the Constitution and represent the people of Georgia in the United States Senate.

This is a role I never imagined, but one I take very seriously.

To emphasize the magnitude of this responsibility, I held my first staff meeting at the National Archives—home of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We reflected deeply on the role of our federal government and the need to hold it accountable to the people we represent.


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Wolf Misleads About Education “Cuts”


By Nathan Benefield at the Commonwealth Foundation

On Christmas Eve, Gov. Tom Wolf posted a blog attacking Republicans and the “extremist” budget now sitting on his desk—which passed the Senate on a bipartisan 33-17 vote. Wolf claims it “cuts” funding for public schools, while the “framework” budget presents an increase for public schools.

It is difficult to understand, much less justify, Gov. Wolf’s shoddy claims.

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Has America’s social fabric been torn asunder?


By Rick Manning at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

The government depends upon mass, voluntary compliance with the law for it to be able to enforce the rules on society as a whole.

Simple things like a general agreement that if the speed limit says 55 miles per hour, that we will travel somewhere in the general proximity of that posting, with the outliers risking a ticket.

The understanding that we drive on the right hand side of the road and that slower vehicles stay to the far right on multi-lane highways make the free flow of traffic possible

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IRS Costs Taxpayers $46 Million in Suspect Refunds



Natalie Johnson / / at The Daily Signal

The IRS incorrectly issued more than $46 million in refunds for tax year 2013, government inspectors discovered.

The Treasury Department released an internal audit Monday faulting a computer programming error and ineffective monitoring for the tens of millions in taxpayer dollars mistakenly refunded for returns covering tax year 2013.

The mistakes and shortcomings at the Internal Revenue Service could incorrectly drain up to $230 million from the Treasury during the next five years if left uncorrected, according to the report.

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Wolf Attacks Taxpayers


Governor Wolf Representative Metcalfe

Wolf Attacks Taxpayers December 2015 By State Representative Daryl Metcalfe

A misleading headline on Tuesday read: “GOV. WOLF VETOES GOP BUDGET, WILL RELEASE FUNDS FOR SCHOOLS.” The headline should have read: “GOV. WOLF SIGNS 77% OF GOP BUDGET, BUT LINE ITEM VETOES 23% OF FUNDS INCLUDING SIX MONTHS OF SCHOOL FUNDING.” As I was writing this memo, I heard a constituent talking with my staff in the front office, so I took a break from writing to greet him and listen to his concerns. He told me that I should go on TV and refute Wolf. I explained that we don’t have the ability to go on TV unless the media contacts

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How High Are Property Taxes in Your State? This Map Has the Answer


By Kate Scanlon / / at the Daily Signal

What is the property tax rate in your state? A new map from the Tax Foundation has the answer.

The Tax Foundation, a non-partisan research think-tank based in Washington, D.C., notes that states tax property in a variety of ways and that the rates listed are the “effective rate” paid by the taxpayer.

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