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Restoring Military Readiness Will Take Time and Money

The branches are struggling with old equipment and too few, too mediocre recruits. Can Trump fix it? By Todd Johnson · ...

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Libs Freak Over Trump “S***hole” Comment, African Sociologist Says He’s Right

BY V SAXENA /Conservative Tribune Though the entire left responded with exasperation to a report that President Donald Trump allegedly used the term “s**thole” to describe some ...

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Left unsuccessful in stopping Trump tornado

By Sher Zieve at Renew America In order to complete and be successful in their plans to turn the USA ...

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FAIR's Top 5 - Groups in Mexico Push to Reclaim California

Untitled Document 1. Groups in Mexico Push to Reclaim California, End Hidalgo Treaty As open borders lobbyists push for an amnesty by ...

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ONAN COCA /Godfather Politics. It wasn’t the right thing to say, if he said it. But how in the world has this ...

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PA Democrat Introduces 'Stable Genius Act' in Response to Trump Tweet

WILLIAM VAILLANCOURT | IJR Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) on Tuesday introduced an act requiring presidential candidates to undergo a medical examination ...

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The FBI Wants to Put You at Risk To Make Its Job Easier

    By Joe Jarvis - at The Daily Bell The FBI doesn’t like encryption. They are concerned that they cannot properly investigate criminals. Often ...

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The Left Is Politicizing Sexual Assault

They sought women who would accuse Trump of sexual misconduct and promised them cash. By the Political Editors ·  at The Patriot ...

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Leftist arrogance: why liberals need to look down on conservatives

  By Selwyn Duke at Renew America Did you ever wish you could buy liberals for what you know they're worth ...

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How 'fake news' threatens constitutional liberty

  By Alan Keyes at Renew America In a Politico article published last month, Jason Schwartz asserts: Authoritarian rulers across the ...

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Report: Federal Workers’ “Minimum Wage” Isn’t Even Close to $15 an Hour


Liberals have been pushing for a $15 minimum wage for quite some time now. However, a recent report reveals that federal workers make quite a bit more than that.

In fact, the conservative group that put out the report calls $100,000 a year the real “minimum wage” for federal employees.

Nice work if you can get it.

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Barbra Streisand Says Blue States Will Be Punished By Trump Tax Cuts


By Wayne | Featured Contributor |The Political Insider

Well, it’s about time, don’t you think? Force the liberals to give back, too!

At least that’s what Barbra Streisand says is happening:

I’m no economist, but if billionaires get billions from Trump’s tax plan, won’t millionaires like Streisand get millions from it? How is it going to punish Hollywood and millionaire professional athletes?

Wealthy liberals who complained the tax cut was only for the rich are now complaining because it “hurts” the rich?

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$1.6 Billion in Unemployment Insurance Benefits Paid to Individuals Who Did Not Seek Work


Unemployment insurance program was the seventh-highest for improper payments in 2016

Getty Images

BY: / the Washington Free Beacon

More than $1.6 billion in unemployment insurance benefits was paid to individuals who did not seek work in fiscal year 2016, according to an audit from the Government Accountability Office.

Unemployment insurance is paid to individuals if they lose employment with the general requirement that they actively search for work. For some states, this active search may require a minimum number of contacts a beneficiary must have with potential employers, submission of job applications, creating a LinkedIn account, going to a networking event, or visiting

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Accountant Details How Much Typical Families will Save with Trumps Tax Cuts


Patriotic Viral News

You might think that the sky is falling due to the successful GOP passage of a tax cut bill in December — at least, if you listen to the mainstream media. We are reliably assured by the mainstream press that if the government does not get every single dime that it feels it is entitled to, puppies will die.

In talking about the tax cuts, a CBS News reporter opines,

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Analysis Finds 1 Million Americans So Far Getting Pay Raise From Tax Reform


President Donald Trump makes remarks to the press during an event to sign the $1.5 trillion tax cut bill in the Oval Office of the White House, Dec. 22. (Photo: Mike Theiler/SIPA/Newscom)

One million Americans are getting pay increases because of the tax reform package signed into law in December.

“More than one million hardworking Americans have already received a ‘Trump Bonus’ or ‘Trump Pay Raise’ as a result of the historic tax reform package that President Donald J. Trump signed into law just before Christmas,” @PressSec says.

That’s according to Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative group that established a running list of companies that have

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Crazy Statistic Shows Why Trump Was Right to Cut UN Funding


By Matt | Contributor | The Political Insider

President Donald Trump had a pretty hilarious reaction to the United Nations voting overwhelmingly against his declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. “Let them vote against us, we’ll save a lot [of money].”

The man has a point. After all, why the heck do we fund an organization that almost always votes against American interests, and almost exclusively targets our greatest ally (Israel) for condemnation? It’s not even a right-wing conspiracy that the U.N. harbors extreme bias against the nation of Israel. Just back in April all 100 members of the Senate signed a letter to the UN to end their “unacceptable” anti-Israel bias.

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If You Work Remotely, Move to One of These States


By Joe Jarvis – at The Daily Bell

Moving is one of the easiest ways to slash your tax bill.

In the modern economy, freelancing, and running a home business are growing trends. If you run a largely internet based business or service, then all you need is an internet connection and you can work.

This opens up the opportunity to move wherever you want.

Florida, Texas, Washington, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska have no state income tax nor taxes on dividends and investment income. New Hampshire and Tennessee also have no state income tax but do tax dividends and interest. However, Tennessee is phasing out its investment taxes by 2022.

Alaska also has no state

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Democrat Outrage Over GOP Tax Cuts Unfounded, Immoral


Government redistribution of wealth isn’t charity, and tax cuts won’t make Americans less generous.

By Louis DeBroux · at The Patriot Post/

The progressive Democrat outrage over the recently signed Republican tax reform law provides both a fascinating insight into the minds of leftists and a unique opportunity to discuss taxes and spending from a moral standpoint.

Democrats are clearly infuriated at the idea that the federal government will now be prevented from confiscating quite as much of the earnings of tens of millions of Americans as it did last year. In a bizarre twist of logic, Democrats see tax cuts as greedy American citizens stealing from government. That is evidenced in their rhetoric, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calling the

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