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Problems at the Justice Department and FBI Are Serious

  By Andrew C. McCarthy at National Review Detail of the FBI seal at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Yuri Gripas/Reuters) And they ...

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The FAIR Take: Immigration News and Policy Update for June 16

  Untitled Document Video: FAIR's RJ Hauman and Joe Gomez Discuss Latest on House Amnesty Bills Breaking News FB Live ft. RJ Hauman ...

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Three Robbers Waited to Attack Couple — Two End Up With Gunshot Wounds After Couple Pull Out Firearm

JULIO ROSAS | IJR Police in Georgia say three would-be criminals were unable to carry out their plan on their targets after the ...

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Gunman Opens Fire at New Jersey Arts Festival Leaving 1 Dead, 20 Injured

  Multiple people were wounded early Sunday, June 17, 2018, when shooting broke out at the Art All Night festival in ...

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ILL-ANNOYED: Obama Taps Illinois Taxpayers For $200 MILLION!

 By Andrew West  / Constitution. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the exasperated groans of the good people of Illinois carrying ...

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Donald Trump: At Least We’re Not Paying North Korea $150 billion Like the Iran Deal

AP Photos Breitbart News Network/ Charlie Spiering President Donald Trump defended his agreement with North Korea compared to the Iran Deal reached by ...

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Mainstream Media Calls Trump-Kim Summit a Failure

~ Liberty Democrats and their fake news media buddies have gone on the offensive in an effort to undermine the historic ...

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ICYMI: House Passes Bill to Ensure Economic Development Programs in Appalachia Can Be Used to Fight Opioid Epidemic

Washington, D.C. - The U.S. House of Representatives today overwhelmingly approved the Treating Barriers to Prosperity Act of 2018 (H.R. ...

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The Silent Suffering of Fathers After Abortion

Victoria Robinson / The Daily Signal "These men still taste the bitterness and pain of their abortion. It’s always there," ...

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She’s Back! Stripper Abortionist with Arrest Record Returns to Delta Abortion Clinic in Disguise

 By Operation Rescue 9 Comments By Cheryl Sullenger at Operation Rescue Baton Rouge, LA – Nsikan M. St. Martin wasn’t supposed to be working at the Delta ...

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Welfare Reform May Finally Become a Reality Under President Trump


By Matt | Contributor | THE POLITICAL INSIDER

In 2009, 33,490,000 people received food stamp benefits. And it only went up from there under Obama’s watch. By October of 2016, 44,219,123 people received food stamp benefits, an increase of about 10,729,000.

Under President Donald Trump, that trend has finally reversed. The number of food stamp dependent Americans hit a six-year low during Trump’s first year in office, with two million going off the dole. Much of that is attributable to an improving economy, but there’s still much room for improvement.

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LVC Editors Note:

Moochers, Vote in Looters, to steal from the Producers.

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Exclusive: Conservative Lawmakers’ Blueprint Would Trim Nondefense Spending, Balance Budget in 8 Years


“Our job … is to put together some kind of blueprint” for government spending, says Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., chairman of the Republican Study Committee. (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom)

House conservatives propose to cut nondefense spending and balance the federal budget within eight years in a blueprint released Wednesday.

The document produced by the Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus of GOP lawmakers in the House, includes a long list of policy goals such as repealing Obamacare, restoring power to states, making tax cuts “permanent,” reforming welfare programs, and “saving” Social Security and Medicare.

The 169-page blueprint, called “A Framework for Unified Conservatism,” proposes to cut government spending

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Weekly Session Wrap-Up–State Senator Bob Mensch



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Week of April 23, 2018

In this Edition:

Mensch Supports Bill to Implement Property Tax Elimination Chosen by Voters Bill to Create Maternal Death Review Committee Sent to Governor School Safety Measure Sent to House of Representatives Senate Approves New Marketing Tool for Veteran-Owned Businesses Additional Bills Approved by the Senate and Sent to the House of Representatives Committee Roundup Up Next

Mensch Supports Bill to Implement Property Tax Elimination Chosen by Voters


On Monday, I took part in a news conference to support legislation introduced by Senator Mario Scavello (R-40) to eliminate residential school property taxes through the state’s existing

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The Looming Fiscal Nightmare of Extravagant Unfunded Pensions for State and Local Bureaucrats



Back in 2013, I shared a poll to see who people would pick as their “favorite political cartoonist.” Michael Ramirez currently has the lead, which doesn’t surprise me when you look at options (here, here, here, and here) I provided.

But if there was a prize for the most depressingly accurate political cartoon, he also would win the prize for his depiction of what happens when state and local politicians “negotiate” compensation packages for bureaucrats.

Simply stated, politicians have a giant incentive to provide lavish benefits to interest groups that then recycle some of

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Millionaire Protesting Welfare Abuse Collects Thousands in Food Stamps to Prove His Point


Rob Undersander and his wife, of Waite Park, Minnesota, collected roughly $6,000 in food stamp benefits despite having assets that categorized them as millionaires. They did it to prove a point: not everyone receiving food stamps should be.

Rob Undersander recently testified before a Minnesota House committee on behalf of Rep. Jeff Howe of Rockville, who introduced a bill to change the state’s eligibility process.

“I have obviously gotten your attention,” Undersander said during his testimony.

The Undersanders purposefully applied for and received food stamps for 19 months to determine if anyone who does not need the aid could still receive it. They participated in the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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A new report from the Trump administration found that 92% of all immigrants in federal prisons are illegals and furthermore, 94% of all immigrants in federal prisons or in the custody of the US Marshal’s office came to this country illegally.

That means that the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens is far above their percentage of the country’s population. AG Sessions noted that every crime committed by illegal aliens. He said that one victim is one too many.

Not surprisingly liberal Democrats do their best to keep these criminals from being deported.

From Fox News

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Trump’s Vitally Important Anti-Poverty Initiative


Ivy Imboden, originally from Anchorage, Alaska, clutches a warm drink after arriving at a new tent established for the homeless in San Diego, California. (Photo: John Gastaldo/Zuma Press/Newscom)


Star Parker is a columnist for The Daily Signal and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.

It takes a lot of courage for a president to target almost a quarter of the federal budget for reform in an election year.

But this is exactly what President Donald Trump is doing with his executive order, “Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility.”

We’re now spending more

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Q&A With Rep. Kevin Brady: ‘America’s Back’ Because of Tax Cuts


Genevieve Wood / /The Daily Signal

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, sat down with The Daily Signal to talk about the historic tax reform package passed by Congress and the impact it will have, and in some cases already is having, on individuals, families, and the economy. On the midterm elections, Brady says the key question voters should ask themselves is whether they want to go back to the old tax system—which is what he believes Democrats will try to do if they win a majority—or to keep pushing for further reforms.

Genevieve Wood: Congressman Kevin Brady, thank you for sitting down with The Daily Signal.

Kevin Brady: My pleasure, thank you.

Wood: You were just speaking

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