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Living under the dark cloud of Luciferianism

By Sher Zieve Whether it is fully realized by most of my fellow citizens or not – and ...

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Are the Days of Roe v Wade Numbered?

By Lloyd Marcus at Renew America A verse in the Bible says, "They meant it for evil, but God meant it ...

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Remembering holocaust victims, heroes and the sanctity of human life

By Bonnie Chernin at Renew America When President Trump addressed the nation in his State of the Union speech, he adopted ...

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Judge orders state of California to pay $399K to pro-life pregnancy centers

By Jana J. Pruet                                        of The Blaze A judge ordered the state of California to pay $399,000 to three pro-life pregnancy ...

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Voters Oppose Democrats’ Stance on Abortion

New poll: 77 percent of voters back legislation to protect babies who survive abortions Getty Images BY: Haris Alic / Washington Free Beacon An overwhelming ...

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War on Babies--APN

American Pastors Network War on Babies The SIGT Radio Hosts are joined by Matt Recker (Pastor, Author) to discuss the source of the moral decline ...

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Nancy Pelosi Tries to Quote the Bible, Fails Miserably

                Liberty Planet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Bible passage, one she has shared again and again over the past 11 years, ...

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Chicago ‘Wins’ Most Corrupt City in America Award

 WARNER TODD HUSTON /Godfather Politics  The Democrat-controlled City of Chicago has won the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt city in ...

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Questions about REAL ID?

Facebook Website Bio Latest News Contact REAL ID Event If you have questions about the Pennsylvania REAL ID, please consider attending my REAL ID event.The event ...

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Poll Shocker: Americans Do Not Trust Mueller or His Report

                    American Liberty Report Americans’ confidence in special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation is at an all-time low according to a new Washington ...

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State Gasoline Tax Rates in 2017



By Scott Drenkard/Tax Foundation


This week’s map shows the gas tax rate in each state as of January 1, 2017, using data from the American Petroleum Institute. These taxes can vary widely. The highest state gas tax is assessed in Pennsylvania, at 50.2 cents per gallon, with Washington State (49.4 cpg) and Hawaii (44.39 cpg) following closely behind. Alaska drivers pay the lowest rate in the country at 12.25 cents per gallon. These figures do not include the 18.4 cpg federal gas tax.

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The Craziest Regulations in the Obama Era


Regulations on Christmas lights, cow farts, pigs on airplanes

BY: /the Washington Free Beacon.

Elizabeth Harrington is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon.


The Obama administration set a record by issuing 97,110 pages of regulations for nearly 4,000 new federal rules, at an estimated cost of nearly $350 billion.

Rules such as the Obamacare employer mandate and the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations over power plants and rivers, streams, and ponds are well known, and reflect the expansion of the federal bureaucracy. But lesser known rules shed light on the size and scope of the government, as well. Here are the craziest federal regulatory moves in the

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If Congress wants to block funds for the Palestinian Authority, it should just defund it, not rely on holds


By Natalia Castro at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

In his last hours in office former President Barack Obama sent $221 million to the Palestinian Authority, notifying Congress of the decision just hours before the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Jan. 20. While Republicans have expressed outrage over the decision, it is exactly what they get when they trust a president who has proved himself untrustworthy.

Because, this money did not come out of nowhere, in fact Congress had already approved it and relied on a trusting tradition of Congressional holds with the executive branch to prevent its use.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) of Dec. 2016 explains, “Congressional holds on foreign aid are not legally binding on

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Anti-Business Policies Are the Real Reason Companies Leave


By Walter E. Williams /at The Daily Signal

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University

President-elect Donald Trump has threatened U.S. companies who are looking to relocate in foreign countries with import tariffs. (Photo: iStock Photos)

President-elect Donald Trump’s threats against American companies looking to relocate in foreign countries have won favorable review from many quarters.

Support comes from those alarmed about trade deficits, those who want a “level playing field,” and those who call for “free trade but fair trade,” whatever that means.

Some American companies relocate in foreign lands because costs are lower and hence their profits are higher. Lower labor costs are not the only reason companies move to other countries.

Life Savers, a candy

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Study Shows Americans Flock to States With Less Burdensome Taxes


By Johnny Kampis / /at The Daily Signal

Johnny Kampis is a reporter for, a national network of investigative reporters covering waste, fraud and abuse in government.

A study shows that Americans are moving from high-tax states to low-tax states. (Photo: Rafael Ben-Ari/Chameleons Eye/Newscom)

Migration patterns for 2016 show that Americans tended to move away from high-tax states and into states where residents keep more of what they earn.

United Van Lines, the nation’s largest moving company, recently released its annual movers study report showing that South Dakota overtook Oregon as the top inbound destination. Generally, more people moved toward the West, and states in the Northeast saw the largest exodus of residents. The top four outbound

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Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance–Report on 76






Thanks to all who gave up another Saturday in Myerstown and Jonestown, Lebanon County. This was the first time we had 2 groups canvassing 2 different towns! And it was another success! Eight 76ers canvassed Myerstown and 7 more canvassed Jonestown.

Thank you to the donors who helped us cover the costs of thousands of flyers being printed!

We had another great time and met more wonderful folks who ABSOLUTELY want 76 passed NOW! People are hurting here and elsewhwere…won’t you be a part? We have the solution to their problem! What a great feeling you get by making a difference!

Proverbs 31:8-9 says: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for

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Applications Now Available for Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program,


Representative Scott Petri 178th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact: Donna Pinkham717.260.6452dpinkham@pahousegop.comRepPetri.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJanuary 20, 2017

Applications Now Available for Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program, Says Petri

HARRISBURG – Rep. Scott Petri (R-Bucks) today announced that forms for the state’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate program for the 2016 tax year are now available.


Eligible participants can receive a rebate of up to $650 based on their rent or property taxes paid in 2016. The program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians who are 65 years or older, widows and widowers 50 years or older, and those 18 years or older with permanent disabilities.


Eligibility income limits are set at the following levels, excluding 50 percent of Social Security, Supplemental Security

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CAGW Names Rep. Charlie Dent October Porker of the Month


Today, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) its October Porker of the Month for his efforts to allow the wasteful Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank to function with limited accountability.

The Ex-Im Bank is an independent government agency that was founded in 1934 to help encourage U.S. exports. The bank provides taxpayer-backed direct loans, guarantees, and export credit insurance, which totaled $12.4 billion in fiscal year (FY) 2015.

Rep. Dent called Ex-Im, “an important job creation tool of the United States” in a lengthy defense of the bank in an August 12, 2016, Lebanon Daily News op-ed. But, Rep. Dent is failing to tell his constituents the inconvenient fact that 64 percent of Ex-Im Bank financing is directed to

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