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End the EPA’s ‘Ancillary’ Ploy Justifying Excessive Regulations

Daren Bakst / @darenbakst / The Daily Signal The EPA appears to be rejecting a scheme that has led to some of the ...

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 ENERGY Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor/DC The federal regulatory apparatus imposed a roughly $14,600 “hidden tax” on American households in 2018, according ...

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Top House Democrat Steny Hoyer Spearheads Campaign To Give Congress a Pay Raise

  By Makenna Baird /WJ House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer advocated for a cost-of-living pay raise to lawmaker salaries, which have been frozen ...

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Vandals Hit Pennsylvania Church with Pro-Abortion Graffiti

Notre Dame de Lourdes Alumni Association/Facebook JOSHUA CAPLAN/Breitbart News Network  Law enforcement is investigating the defacement of a Roman Catholic Church in ...

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Taxpayers have a New Friend in the Pennsylvania Senate

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Taxpayers have a New Friend in the Pennsylvania Senate In addition to the primary elections on May 21st, ...

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Mike's Memo Week of May 27, 2019

    View this email in a browser Welcome to"Mike's Memo," an update on what's happening in the 48th Senatorial District and the State ...

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Never Forgotten

Memorial Day is not about mattress sales, cookouts, discounted linens, or an extra day off work. Roger Helle · at the ...

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Washington At War: 4 Skirmishes Between Trump and the Democrats

                  ~ Conservative Zone Democrats vowed to resist and obstruct Pres. Donald J. Trump even before he took the oath of office. ...

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Russia Dismisses Election Interference As Proof Is Found

DeSantis: Russians hacked two Florida voter databases ahead of 2016 election Gov. Ron DeSantis / Getty Images BY: Haris Alic /Washington Free ...

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The Russia Hoax Is Serious. Keep It Simple.

Chris Stigall at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Source: ...

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Repeal of Obamacare Could Lead to $1.07 Trillion in Net Deficit Reduction


Replacement plan could reduce deficit by as much as $657 billion over next 10 years

BY: /the Washington Free Beacon

Ali Meyer is a staff writer with the Washington Free Beacon covering economic issues that expose government waste, fraud, and abuse.

House Speaker Paul Ryan / Getty Images

Repealing the Affordable Care Act could reduce the deficit by as much as $1.07 trillion, according to a report from the Mercatus Center.

Former President Obama promised the Affordable Care Act would not only guarantee health insurance coverage for Americans with preexisting conditions, but that the law would lower health care costs and reduce the federal budget deficit.

The report notes that Obamacare

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$6,474,000,000: Total Alcoholic Beverage Taxes Hit Record in 2016


By Terence P. Jeffrey/

Terence P. Jeffrey started as editor in chief of in September 2007.

(Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone)

( – Americans paid a record of approximately $6,474,000,000 in total alcoholic beverage sales taxes in fiscal 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

But that was up only about $350,000 from the approximately $6,473,650,000 in alcoholic beverage sales taxes (in constant 2016 dollars) that Americans paid in fiscal 2015.

At the same time, Americans paid less per capita in alcoholic beverage taxes in fiscal 2016 than they did in fiscal 2015.

In fact, in the 25 years (1992-2016) of state and local tax numbers posted on the Census Bureau’s online database for state and local taxes,

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Interior Employees Paid $6 Million While Facing Misconduct Investigations


By Ethan Barton / /at The Daily Signal

Ethan Barton is a reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation.


The National Park Service spent the most on administrative leave among Department of Interior agencies. (Photo: DZ/dz/Dean Pictures/Newscom)


Department of the Interior officials were paid $6 million while on extended administrative leave—often while under investigation for misconduct—without documented approval, a government watchdog reported Wednesday.

The $6 million went to 242 department employees on administrative leave for at least 45 days between January 2013 and July 2016, the agency’s inspector general reported.

“[The Department of Interior] did not sufficiently document decisions made regarding the use of extended administrative leave, resulting in inefficient management and oversight,” the report

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State Budget | Learning about PA Businesses | Tax Amnesty Program


Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact Weekly Roundup Friday, April 07, 2017 The latest news from the State Capitol House Approves State Budget Bill

The state House this week approved, and I voted for, a budget bill that would distribute funding for state programs and services for the fiscal year that begins on July 1.

Following the vote, I released this statement:

“This budget bill would cut spending and includes no new taxes, no new borrowing and would invest additional dollars in education.

“We advanced a budget bill that brings expenses in line with anticipated revenues and respects the

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Export-Import Bank’s Secret Dealings Demonstrate the Problem With Crony Capitalism


By Diane Katz / /at The Daily Signal

Diane Katz, who has analyzed and written on public policy issues for more than two decades, is a research fellow in regulatory policy at The Heritage Foundation.

Aeromexico will recieve a medium-term transaction from the Ex-Im bank, though its nature is unknown. (Photo: Randall Hill/Reuters/Newscom)

The annual conference of the Export-Import Bank begins Thursday, which is an opportune time to catch up with the federal agency that doles out billions of dollars in subsidies to benefit foreign governments and titans of industry.

Of particular interest are transaction details that the bank won’t reveal, as well as its relatively limp support for small business.

Over at the bank’s downtown District of

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Mike’s Memo Week of April 10, 2017


Welcome to “Mike’s Memo,” an update on what’s happening in the 48th Legislative District, the State Capitol, and the progress of my legislative priorities. If you haven’t done so already, please take a few moments to visit my website to learn more about issues that may affect you and your family.

Week of April 10, 2017

Column: Local Tax Reform Myths I support Senator Argall’s Senate Bill 76 to eliminate school property taxes and I’m perplexed opponents offer no alternative – except supporting the status quo, which isn’t working. Consider some of the myths SB 76 opponents are spreading.

Opponents say SB 76 eliminates local control. I agree, we need to address cost

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Relieving the Tax Burden


~Conservative Zone

President Trump’s approval ratings took a hit after the House health care replacement plans for Obamacare fell through but tax reform may be the ticket to keeping his base intact. Ronald Reagan managed sweeping tax reforms in his second term and Trump hopes to match that in his first.

The question now is, what battles lie ahead for making tax reform a reality.

The same polls that show his approval ratings down reveal that those who voted for Trump remain loyal. They blame Democrat blind opposition and Republican bungling for the debacle of healthcare reform and are certain their President has what it takes to make his campaign tax reform plans a reality sooner rather than later.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said

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Latest CBO Projections Emphasize Immediate Need for a Conservative Budget


By Justin Bogie / /at The Daily Signal

Justin Bogie is a senior policy analyst in fiscal affairs at The Heritage Foundation.

On Thursday, the Congressional Budget Office released its “2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook.” (Photo: Caro / Froese/Newscom)

America must kick its addiction to spending before it becomes an insurmountable crisis.

On Thursday, the Congressional Budget Office released its “2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook,” which lays out budget and economic projections for the next 30 years.

The report shows that time to fix the nation’s skyrocketing debt levels is running out and Congress must take immediate action to avert a future fiscal disaster.

A first step is for Congress to reject the temptation to amend the current Budget Control Act

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