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End the EPA’s ‘Ancillary’ Ploy Justifying Excessive Regulations

Daren Bakst / @darenbakst / The Daily Signal The EPA appears to be rejecting a scheme that has led to some of the ...

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 ENERGY Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor/DC The federal regulatory apparatus imposed a roughly $14,600 “hidden tax” on American households in 2018, according ...

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Top House Democrat Steny Hoyer Spearheads Campaign To Give Congress a Pay Raise

  By Makenna Baird /WJ House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer advocated for a cost-of-living pay raise to lawmaker salaries, which have been frozen ...

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Vandals Hit Pennsylvania Church with Pro-Abortion Graffiti

Notre Dame de Lourdes Alumni Association/Facebook JOSHUA CAPLAN/Breitbart News Network  Law enforcement is investigating the defacement of a Roman Catholic Church in ...

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Taxpayers have a New Friend in the Pennsylvania Senate

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Taxpayers have a New Friend in the Pennsylvania Senate In addition to the primary elections on May 21st, ...

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Mike's Memo Week of May 27, 2019

    View this email in a browser Welcome to"Mike's Memo," an update on what's happening in the 48th Senatorial District and the State ...

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Never Forgotten

Memorial Day is not about mattress sales, cookouts, discounted linens, or an extra day off work. Roger Helle · at the ...

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Washington At War: 4 Skirmishes Between Trump and the Democrats

                  ~ Conservative Zone Democrats vowed to resist and obstruct Pres. Donald J. Trump even before he took the oath of office. ...

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Russia Dismisses Election Interference As Proof Is Found

DeSantis: Russians hacked two Florida voter databases ahead of 2016 election Gov. Ron DeSantis / Getty Images BY: Haris Alic /Washington Free ...

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The Russia Hoax Is Serious. Keep It Simple.

Chris Stigall at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Source: ...

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Conflict of interest for Sen. Tomlinson and funeral director Tomlinson



In Harrisburg, most people know Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson as a state senator from Bucks County, serving his fifth four-year term. A career politician, he also represented the people of the 18th House district from 1991-94. But most people back home in his district know him primarily for his other career – as a full-time funeral director and owner of Tomlinson Funeral Home in Bensalem, which was opened by his father in 1945. These two careers shouldn’t interfere with each other, but Sen. Tomlinson’s role as chairman

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What Obama Got Wrong in the State of the Union





By Rob Kuhlman / /at The Daily Signal

Heritage Foundation experts weighed in on the policies President Barack Obama mentioned in his last State of the Union address. Here is what they had to say after the president’s spee

Economy Education Foreign Policy and National Security Climate Change Health Care Legal Life and Marriage Economy

The Economy Is Far From Booming

President Obama boasts America is in the “middle of the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history.” On paper, he is right. But the economy is far from booming.

While the labor market has improved, it remains much weaker than before the recession hit.

The Daily Signal

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What Have Seven Years of ‘Hope and Change’ Actually Done for Americans?


By Michael Sargent / / at TheDaileySignal

In his first State of the Union address in 2010, President Barack Obama made a promise to prioritize economic recovery. He implored Washington to “try something new.” He vowed to stop leaving Americans mired in “a mountain of debt” and promised to pursue policies that would help “rein in” the federal debt.

His final State of the Union is set to air tonight, and since his first address, voters have been hoping that 7 years of promises of hope, change, and economic recovery were more than just empty rhetoric.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. By just about every indicator, the president’s two terms have been an economic failure.

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National Primary Your Member of Congress Day!* By Ed Martin


#WhiteFlagCongress Dear Friend,

Did you know: today is National Primary Your Member of Congress Day!* All across America, men and women are waking up to the fact that the Congress – both parties! – is in service of themselves and their special interest supportors … not the American people and the Constitution. And regular folks – like you! – are filing to run for Congress against these incumbents who fail to do their duties.

One example of a failed Congress: last year, members of Congress gave themselves an automatic salary increase. However, Congress also gave Social Security recipients receive no “cost of living adjustment” increase. That’s right: your Congressman got more take-home-pay and you or your senior friends

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Lip-service or Life-service?


January 11, 2016

A recent poll found that nearly 80% of Americans say they are Christians. Yet only about half of these Christians who are over the age of 40 attend church regularly. This number drops below 30% for Christians between ages 18-30, with the trend in church attendance gradually declining.

It’s time for Christians to either “put up” or “shut up.” Lip-service means very little in the eyes of God. He’s looking for men and women who choose to demonstrate a life yielded to His power at work in and through them – true Salt and Light.

There are no “accidental” or “invisible” Christians, only “intentional” ones.

Please listen to and share this week’s 1-minute Stand in the Gap program as Sam challenges

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Weekly Report from Justin Simmons



The Weekly Roundup Friday, January 08, 2016 The latest news from the State Capitol Report from State Representative Justin Simmons

Work Continues on Finalizing State Budget

Six months of emergency funds are on their way to schools, counties and human services after a partial budget was signed into law last week by Gov. Tom Wolf. More than 87 percent of the 2015-16 budget is now agreed to and in place after his line-item veto of about $6 billion in spending. House and Senate leaders are working on legislation to complete the remaining portion of the budget. The $30.3 billion budget, passed by the House on Dec. 8, included $400 million more in education funding, but that increase

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Undercover video on Common Core


Undercover Common Core Vid: Exec Says "I hate kids…it’s all about the money" In this shocking explosive video of this new series about Common Core, a senior Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt sales executive says she hates kids and the textboo…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE–Applications for PA House Scholarships now available




Representative Scott Petri 178th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact: Donna Pinkham



January 5, 2016

Applications for 2016 Pennsylvania House Scholarships Now Available, Says Petri


HARRISBURG – High school seniors can now apply for a Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship to help cover the costs of higher education, Rep. Scott Petri (R-Bucks) announced today.


Each year, two students preparing for post-secondary education are awarded four-year scholarships through the program. It is open to graduating high school seniors who are Pennsylvania residents with plans to attend a Pennsylvania college, university or career school as a full-time student. Students must have attained

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