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McCain illegally fed Classified FBI intelligence to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to Set Up Trump Tower Meeting; FBI Brass Helped Plot Scheme

by Investigative Bureau/truepundit Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email Print    Sen. John McCain brokered a clandestine and illegal deal, feeding Classified FBI intelligence to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele ...

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 STEVEN AHLE /steadfastandloyal During the years of 2010 and 2012, while Diane Feinstein was the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and ...

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Earned millions from Beijing investments amid political favors    ART MOORE WND Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and her husband, Richard C. Blum The revelation that ...

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Left-Wing Media Reveals Staggering Price Tag for Democratic Socialism

by: AAN Staff   Vox, an increasingly popular liberal media outlet, came out with a damning report on the cost ...

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State Gasoline Tax Rates as of July 2018

Katherine Loughead/The Tax Foundation Today’s map shows gasoline tax rates in each state as of July 2018, using recently released datafrom the ...

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Republican Balderson Declares Victory in Close Ohio Special Congressional Election

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / The Daily Signal President Donald Trump looks on Saturday as Republican congressional candidate Troy Balderson speaks at ...

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Senate Judiciary Committee Press Release

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, August 10, 2018            Grassley: Kavanaugh Hearings to Begin September 4 Committee reviewing unprecedented volume of Exec Branch records   WASHINGTON ...

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Berks County Patriots Flier

Pa Filing For Bankruptcy? Rep Frank Ryan Speaks BCP 7 19 2018 Dear Patriots The July meeting of the Berks County Patriots featured ...

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State Rep Ryan Mackenzies Press Release

  Representative Ryan Mackenzie 134th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Tricia Lehman 717.772.9840 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 10, 2018   Increasing School Safety in the ...

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Trump’s Approval 5 Points Higher Than Obama’s at Same Point

  Kaylee McGhee /libertyheadlines ‘Wow, highest Poll Numbers in the history of the Republican Party…’ Donald Trump & Barack Obama/PHOTO:                 (Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) President ...

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State Representative Justin Simmons Report



Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact The Weekly Roundup Friday, June 15, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol

Saving Our Ambulance Services

With ambulance companies in urban, suburban and rural communities across the state struggling to keep their doors open, lawmakers and EMS personnel gathered at the state Capitol recently and issued a call to action on legislation to help ensure fair reimbursement for services provided.

House Bill 699 would increase the Medicaid reimbursement

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East Penn School District defies State Law and Parental Rights


At the June 11th East Penn School Board meeting, two parents addressed the School Board concerning a week long video presentation all students were required to hear. The topic was Gay-Transgender issues. The parents had requested the East Penn Administration allow them to view the videos that their children were required to listen to. East Penn Superintendent Dr. Schilder refused the request. So the parents appeared before the School Board to request/demand action. One parent, Michael Huff, claimed that his heterosexual son felt bullied into listening/viewing the videos.

Dr. Schilder-East Penn Superintendent

The two parents, Michael Huff and Michelle Blagbrough, said that they will continue to push for “Parental Rights” that are listed in the Pennsylvania School Code at Chapter 22-section

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State Senator Lisa Boscola’s Report–Tax Rebate Program


Governor Wolf Announces Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Application Deadline Extended to End of Year

Governor Tom Wolf today announced the deadline for older adults and Pennsylvania residents with disabilities to apply for rebates on rent and property taxes paid in 2017 has been extended from June 30 to Dec. 31, 2018.

“Last year nearly 600,000 seniors and people with disabilities benefited from the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program,” Governor Wolf said. “We are extending the deadline again this year because we want to be sure everyone who is eligible has time to submit their applications.”

Each year the Department of Revenue evaluates the program as the statutory June 30 application deadline approaches to determine if funds are available to

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This is what we’re up against…From FAIR



This is what we’re up against!

HEADLINE: “Former Exelon chairman John Rowe says he’ll withhold funds from Republicans who don’t sign DACA petition.”

Are you as outraged as I am that people like John Rowe support a congressional initiative that will give amnesty to millionsof so-called “dreamers?” This amnesty goes completely against what President Trump promised to the American people.

Yet Rowe is putting financial pressure on Republican candidates who are running for office in the fall.

What kind of pressure?

Pulling the financial support from their campaigns unless these politicians get on board with the mass amnesty agenda. Unfortunately, money talks.

So together, you and I and our fellow Americans need to rise up

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Government Admits Medicare Is Going Broke Faster Than Expected


A new report issued by government trustees revealed that Medicare is going broke faster than previously expected, with the program reaching insolvency within less than a decade.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that an analysis of the health of Medicare and Social Security — described by the AP as “a sobering checkup on programs vital to the middle class” — revealed that Medicare would be insolvent in 2026, three years earlier than previously expected.

That’s when the massive trust fund used to pay in-patient medical bills will run out.

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HELP NEEDED- Support for PA Down syndrome Legislation


By Kurt Kondrich/ Kondrich at Renew America/

June 4, 2018


I hope you all are having a peaceful and healthy spring season. It is hard to believe June is here! We are working hard to get legislation passed in PA that will ban aborting children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome, and it has passed in the PA House by a veto proof bi-partisan margin. Currently the legislation is in the PA Senate, and we are gathering as many letters of support as we can from disability, community, education, medical, and church organizations to get large bi-partisan support (please feel free to share).

We would be honored if your organization would submit a letter of support ASAP, and I have

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RADAR is unreliable–says letter writer


RADAR is unreliable. Lawyers, take note*.

In this election year, the Legislature should VOTE NO on Speed Trap Bill SB 251, authorizing RADAR for municipal police, because RADAR speed measurement is unreliable.

The courts regard radar as foolproof. Nothing further from the truth. Fresh evidence that further erodes radar’s patina of infallibility comes from an American Academy of Forensic Sciences research presentation titled “Testing of Police RADAR”. The research was conducted by two professional engineers, one of whom previously worked for a RADR manufacturer.

Despite 30 years of technological innovations, RADAR still suffers from the same reliability and performance issues that have made it unacceptable as evidence in a court of law. RADAR cannot meet the requirements of the Daubert test*, the set

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How Media Outlets Misinform the Public about Teacher Pay


The media’s narrative doesn’t tell the complete story. by James D. Agresti

During recent teacher walkouts in Oklahoma that captured national attention, many major media outlets reported misleadingly small figures for teacher pay. By failing to reveal all aspects of teacher compensation, these outlets hid the true costs to taxpayers—which now amount to an annualized average of about $120,000 for every public school teacher in the United States.

How Much Do Teachers Really Make?

CNN, for example, published an article by Bill Weir claiming that in “most districts” of Oklahoma, “a teacher with a doctorate degree and 30 years’ experience will never make more than $50,000 a year.” That

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