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RECUSE YOURSELF: Epstein Judge, Who Locked Up Dinesh D’Souza, Was Appointed By Bill Clinton

By Patrick Howley /Big League Politics The U.S. District Court Judge presiding over the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking case was appointed to ...

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WND Contradicts former president's claim this week Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands A woman who accused Jeffrey ...

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Juanita Broaddrick: Bill Clinton’s Denials on Relationship With Epstein ‘Worthless’

News Commentary By Rusty | Featured Contributor |The Political Insider Juanita Broaddrick, a former nursing home employee who accused Bill Clinton of raping her decades ...

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E Jean Carroll Says She Has ‘Not Been Raped’ Following Trump Accusation

Courtesy E. Jean Carroll/Handout/Reuters SHELBY TALCOTT REPORTER/DC Columnist E. Jean Carroll said she doesn’t consider herself to be a victim and ...

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Latest Trump Accuser to Christine Blasey-Ford: Hold My Beer

Freedom News Report Here’s a serious question for the Democrat Party: Could America please have a breather from you guys propping up mentally ...

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President of the American Conservative Union calls for impeachment of Chief Justice John Roberts

Washington Times/GOPUSA   A high-profile conservative leader called Thursday for the impeachment of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. after he provided ...

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The Supreme Court Announces It Will Hear DACA Case

Kevin Daley / @kevindaleydc / The Daily Signal The Supreme Court announced Friday it will decide whether President Donald Trump can rescind the ...

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‘Your Voice America’s’ Bill Mitchell Says It’s Time Americans Stopped Relying on Biased Liberal Social Media

 WARNER TODD HUSTON /Godfather Politics Charlotte, North Carolina, businessman Bill Mitchell has probably become one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal ...

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Majority Rejects Dem Abortion Extremism

New poll finds Biden could lose support over taxpayer abortion funding flip-flop Pro-life advocate | Getty BY: Bill McMorris / Washington Free ...

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Bernie Seeks to Bail Out Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors

Analysis: Sanders Debt Forgiveness Plan Would Benefit the Well-Off Sen. Bernie Sanders / Getty Images BY: Charles Fain Lehman/ Washington Free Beacon Sen. ...

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8th Annual Reading of the Declaration of Independence at Bethlehem City Hall on the Fourth of July, 2019


Close to 50 persons from the Lehigh Valley showed up for the public annual reading of the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting at the Pennsylvania State house in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. This historic short document provides the moral foundation of our nation’s existence proclaiming our 13 colonies becoming sovereign and freeing themselves from the King’s rule in a bygone era. Many men have died to preserve its principles and continuing benefits to us. Together with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence may be counted as one of the three essential founding documents of the United States government.



The weather was perfect and the crowd was

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To boycott or not to boycott


I know there are people who think that boycotts are anti-American, or at least anti-Capitalist. But I am a boycotter at heart.


The nature of doing business is one where money changes hands when service is provided, but when my political preferences are the reason that I am not allowed to do business I have a problem with that. It’s Fascism in practice and I prefer to fight rather go along. Unfortunately a recent U.S. president gave boycotting a bad name by using the IRS as a weapon against our Conservative groups, but for now I still have the right of association and can – in some small way – decide where and how I will spend my money.



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Letter to Nancy Pelosi–from the Internet allegedly checked by Snopes




Boy! this guy is really torqued! Could we wonder what Pelosi did to him to make him so mad? FYI – This has been checked via Snopes, who contacted Mr. Guthrie, who confirmed he did indeed write & send this letter to Ms. Pelosi, This is one brave American AND—his credentials are impressive!

DENNIS GUTHRIE’S CREDENTIALS Born St. Louis, Missouri, August 21, 1944 Bar Admissions: North Carolina, 1969 U.S. District Court, Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina, 1969 U.S. Tax Court Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Education: Woodford College, 1966 A.B. Mercer University, 1969 J.D. Phi Alpha Delta Vice-Justice, District XIV, 1968 – 1969 Professional Associations and Memberships: North Carolina and American

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Words of wisdom from the Internet–Author unknown


LVC Editor’s Note, the following was sent to us by a loyal reader. After searching for the source/the author of this internet article is unknown.


Is Logic the same thing as common sense

1 – Eleven teens die each day because of texting while driving.

Maybe it’s time to raise the age of Smart Phone ownership to 21.

2 – If gun control laws actually worked, Chicago would be Mayberry,


3 – The Second Amendment makes more women equal than the entire

feminist movement.

4 – Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds

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Berks GOP Press Release


Berks GOP on the radio/Campaign Contacts/Events and meetings. Berks GOP on the Radio:

We interviewed Candidate for Berks County Commissioner Joe Rudderow and he introduced himself to the POINT’s listening audience in Berks County. Click on the link below:

The Watchman talked about the media’s role in the Russian Collusion sham. Click on the link below: If you want to help the campaigns, please refer anyone looking to help, to the below contacts. . Campaign contacts: * Christian Leinbach and Michael Rivera: Contact Chuck Liedike (me) at 484-684-5113 * Joe Rudderrow: Contact 484-662-3151 * Mark Scott Contact mscott@countyof Continue reading…

East Penn School District–Parents Be Aware of What is going on!


Dear LVC Editor,

As Taxpayers in the Lehigh Valley, we should know how our Tax dollars are spent in our schools We have documentation of the Activism going on in the East Penn Schools that our taxes are being spent on. I don’t know about you, but all the dollars I pay to that district are meant for Academic Excellence not Activism. Teachers who are advisors to these Activist Clubs are not paid to be promoting Activism but to teach and prepare our children to succeed in their futures by imparting knowledge and accomplishments in the subjects they are paid to teach and to develop academic excellence on the part of our students. Did you know that Emmaus High School is OFF LIMITS

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Democrats keep saying Trump’s tax cuts helped only the rich, but they’re paying more and now it’s Dems wanting tax cuts for the rich


by Tribune News Service

WASHINGTON — Politicians in mostly Democratic high-tax areas say the new federal cap on state and local tax deductions hurts their residents. Yet the vast majority of those taxpayers never actually got the break in the first place, undermining a key criticism of the Trump tax overhaul.

About three-quarters of people who in past years paid more than $10,000 in state and local taxes had been required to take the alternative minimum tax, meaning they couldn’t have written off the SALT levies anyway, according to IRS data analyzed by Bloomberg. And because the AMT has been scaled back as well, those top earners in fact get a new tax break by now being able to

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Letter Writer wants us to remember –“CAIR Dirty Deeds”


Dear Editor, Please run my letter with the link on your e-paper.

Thank you

Gerrye Johnston, Men and Women for Representative Democracy


Patriots, You need to open this link and see the real Congresswoman Omar. Our organization was invited by Rabbi Spero to visit Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and give out letters. Speaker Pelosi was not in her office she was at an Irish luncheon. In all, about 200 participants showed up to support Rabbi Spero and the State of Israel. Rabbi Spero stated “No one should be afraid to censure and remove Ms. Omar from the Committee as a way of stopping the drip-by-drip plot to sully Israel and the Jewish people; nor be afraid of being labeled

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