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After a federal judge ruled Wednesday that the administration of President Donald Trump can't halt grants to Philadelphia over its ...

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Mission to Politicians--APN

American Pastors Network Mission to Politicians Rebuilding America by turning the world upside down The Importance of Ministering to our Civic Leaders Listen Here (1:30) ...

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New Report Shows Government Gave DACA Protection to Thousands of Criminals

Hans von Spakovsky / @HvonSpakovsky / Christopher Baldacci /The Daily Signal Roughly 8 percent of those who received DACA protection under President Barack ...

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Seven Armed Illegal Aliens Charged in Texas Mall Robbery

By Natalia Mittelstadt |cnsnews Footage from security camera at mall jewelry store. (YouTube) ( -- Seven Mexican nationals who entered the U.S. illegally were arraigned on Monday ...

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Your Top Immigration Policy Updates & Headlines for August 5--FAIRTAKE

          RJ Hauman Discusses Trump Admin's Approach to Immigration w/ The Daily Ledger Video ft. RJ Hauman on The Daily Ledger | Watch ...

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155,965,000 Employed in June: 11th Record-Setter Under Trump

By Susan Jones |cnsnews President Trump applauds his fans in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. at a campaign rally on Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018. (Photo: Screen ...

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Former Virginia Governor John N Dalton’s Grandson Given No Jail In Violent Rape Case Despite ‘Sufficient Evidence’

The grandson of a former governor has avoided jail time despite there being "sufficient evidence" that he raped a young ...

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CNN Leads Anti-Free Speech Censorship Charge

                    ~ Liberty Planet Social media giants have backed CNN’s call to ban InfoWars in a telling violation of the First Amendment. Led ...

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Corrupt in every sense of the word

By Michael Oberndorf at Renew America For years, now, many of us have pointed out that much of the radical leftist ...

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Chuck Ross | Reporter/thedailycaller House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes claims that the FBI and Justice Department omitted ‘exculpatory evidence’ ...

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Attempt to Reinvent the Wheel


Letter to the Editor,


There have been various changes to and “upgrades” of the basic wheel over the centuries since its invention in 3200BC. The original and simple design of the wheel and axle however has remained unchanged over time. The purpose of the wheel has also remained unchanged given the success of its design. Any invention that is that successful in its design and fulfillment of its purpose is most valuable in terms of the effort and expenditure it has saved and provided to its users.

It should then be said of any “invention” that is designed to fulfill its purpose, it could be compared to the “wheel”. This is especially so when there are many other

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State Representative Ryan Mackenzie endorses Carol Allen and Chris Donatelli for E.P. School Board


To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to endorse Carol Allen and Chris Donatelli in the race for the East Penn School Board to be held on Primary Election Day – May 19, 2015.

Knowing both Carol and Chris, I can personally attest to the great knowledge and passion they would bring to the school board. They are also both very active involved in the community and have an understanding of the issues facing public education.

If elected, Carol and Chris would serve to strengthen education and protect taxpayers. We need people like them to stand up for families and our community on the East Penn School Board.

Please consider voting for Carol Allen and Chris Donatelli on Tuesday, May 19th!

Sincerely, Ryan

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Campaign Night or Watching Cartoons at Home, Which was Best?


By Janice Bowman,

Editor’s note, Ms. Bowman has been following Common Core for years and has researched it for years.

Tonight, I attended the League of Women Voters Campaign Night for the East Penn School District candidates and found just what I thought I would. Ken Bacher, Paul Champagne, and Rich Manthesz restated the talking points as we all know them. The questions could have been canned and answered for any school board campaign night!

I learned that it is as biased as I had called out on my question card. Since this question will never see the light of day with who we have covering our questions for the candidates, let me share it with all of you now in hopes you the student,

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Local School District Control Slipping Away Again


By Janice Bowman

Local School District Control Slipping Away Again

Editor’s Note: When the author refers to Pa. Congress, she is referring to the Pennsylvania Legislature

Warning, Pa. Congress looking to take more local control away from students, parents, taxpayers, and local school boards! One day while having nothing to do, I did the common core standard thing and started reading the education bills of the 2015-2016 Pa. Congress’. What to my wondering eyes should appear but SR. 52 and SR 53 legislation “directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study the cost effectiveness of consolidating school districts “#53 in both services and positions in this commonwealth.” These 2 resolutions were referred to Education Department on March 12, 2015. The Culprits who

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Pain Makes Life Endurable


By John McCartney

The movie, “Tea House of the August Moon” (1956) opens with Marlo Brando, playing Sakini, an Okinawan native, sitting cross legged on the ground, leaning against a palm tree. He gives a short history of Okinawa, a Pacific island, which has been invaded a number of times over its history by military units of foreign nations. He describes how those invasions caused pain for the island’s inhabitants, and finishes saying, “Pain make man think. Thought make man wise. And wisdom make life endurable”. That phrase caught my attention and over the years, during my musings, I have found myself mentally revisiting that scene of the movie and Sakini’s monologue. His statement regarding the relationship of pain, thought, and wisdom was

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Indoctrinating our Children


To the Editor

Lehigh Valley Commentator

Re: State Department wants to use movie “Frozen” to indoctrinate children in the myth of a Global Warming Crisis


Dear Sir:

News organizations announced on Saturday (1/24/2015) that a U.S. State Department government bureaucrat wants to use Elsa, Anna, and Olaf – the characters in Disney’s enormously popular movie “Frozen” — to indoctrinate young children with the statist myth of a Global Warming Crisis. See the details here.

These young children have no scientific knowledge nor the critical thinking skills to refute this government indoctrination which is in defiance of the scientific FACTS –

1.) global temperature has been stagnant for 17 years despite an 11% increase in CO2,

2.) polar bear populations and Arctic ice

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Who’s telling the truth about taxes in Lehigh County?


Photo courtesy of the Lehigh Valley News

Remember Tom Muller? He is the Lehigh County Executive who claimed that the tax cuts of the past three years amounted to only a happy meal gimmick. Is it really a gimmick or real? Listen to Commissioner Mike Schware explain during a radio interview about the actions the County Commissioners that controlled the budget took, and how they actually reduced the previous 16% tax hike of 4 years ago without cutting into the County Stabilization fund or cutting services. This happened because a slate of Commissioners that was elected to work together to reform Lehigh County government has completely changed how the Commission operates. They have shown through their actions and the many bipartisan,

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Rodale Purchase by Emmaus Borough


Editor’s note: This letter was originally sent to the Borough of Emmaus and is reprinted here with permission of the author.

February 15, 2015

Dear Manager Pepe and Borough Council Members,

Please allow this letter to convey my concern over the approval to submit an offer on the purchase of 33 East Minor Street and the adjacent properties. I wish to thank Councilman Shubzda for his financially responsible decision to oppose the purchase of these properties at this time.

The Borough Council has a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of the borough. Concerns over the recent decision by Council are certainly not without merit.

In reviewing the presentation, I note the following:

“This meeting is also designed to be an active conversation with both Council

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