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State Rep Justin Simmons Report

  Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact The Weekly Roundup Friday, January 11, 2019  The latest news from the State Capitol Slow Down to Get Around ...

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Locked out of Twitter for telling the truth about Islam

  By Bryan Fischer at Renew America/Provo, Utah/Reprinted with permission Follow me on Twitter: @BryanJFischer, on Facebook at "Focal Point" Host of "Focal Point" on American ...

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While Democrats Busy with Demise of Trump Administration, European Union Struggles Against Iran

By  Jim-Kouri  at Conservative Base via COP Magazine “On Tuesday the Dutch government publicly accused Iran of [terrorist] plots, as well ...

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29 Facts About the Border and Mexican Cartels You Need to Know

Breitbart/Brandon Darby   Breitbart News Network As the debate about the construction of a wall and other border security issues, here are 29 ...

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CNN’s Jim Acosta Accidentally Proves That Walls Work

                        ~ Liberty Planet Last week, President Donald Trump traveled to the southern border in Texas. The same day, CNN White House ...

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Angel Wife Ruth Martin: Democrats Want to ‘Sweep the Loss of American Lives Under the Rug’

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images   Breitbart News Network Angel Wife Ruth Martin said Democrats are “trying to sweep the loss of American lives under ...

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Watch: Joe Manchin Runs From His Vote Against The Wall

POLITICS/teaparty (Big League Politics) – West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin was questioned Thursday on his vote against President Donald Trump’s ...

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 US Scott Morefield | Reporter/Daily Caller Cher urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday to let President Donald Trump “have his fkng ...

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Cartoon: Naked Truth

By A.F. Branco at Americans for Limited Government Click here for a higher level resolution version. Read more

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Trump truth of fake news-who can be trusted?

By Timothy Buchanan at Renew America ABC News – that bastion of honesty and journalistic integrity – is at it again. ...

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What It’s Like to Be on ISIS’ Kill List


Waleed Basyouni, a Houston imam, believes he is targeted by ISIS because he is particularly outspoken about the terrorist group’s behavior. (Photo courtesy of Waleed Basyouni)

Waleed Basyouni is trying to take something good from the fact that the Islamic State terrorist group has specifically targeted him for death.

In the twisted way in which the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, views the world, Basyouni says he would not be considered a threat to the terrorists if he wasn’t doing something right.

“I have a long history with these jihadist groups speaking very vocally against them,” Basyouni, a Houston imam, told The Daily Signal.

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NC Conservatives: Obama Administration Using Children as ‘Pawns’ for LGBT Agenda


By Kelsey Harkness / /at The Daily Signal

Activists against HB2 start a peaceful protest outside the office of House Speaker Tim Moore at the state legislative building in Raleigh, N.C., on Monday, April 25, 2016. (Photo: Robert Willett/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS)

Kelsey Harkness is a senior news producer at The Daily Signal


North Carolina conservatives are fighting what they call “bullying” after the Obama administration threatened a lawsuit against the state.

The Justice Department is suing North Carolina over a law that allows private businesses to set whatever bathroom policies they like for transgender people, but mandates that biological sex will determine access to government bathrooms.

“This is definitely a bully tactic by the Obama administration to

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Trumped! Why It Happened And What Comes Next, Part 2 (The Peace Deal)



Stockman’s Corner

by •at Stockman’s Contra Corner

When it comes to the economic future, a Trump presidency could bring either a shitstorm or salvation. Regrettably, the odds of the former are immensely the higher.

That’s because Trump is a welcome, but extremely unguided missile. On the one hand, his great virtue is that he is a superb salesman and showman who has captured the GOP nomination and has a serious shot at the White House with absolutely no help whatsoever from the Washington/Wall Street establishment.

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From History–The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest – from Youtube





Four Stages of Islamic Conquest


Stage 1: Infiltration Stage 2: Consolidation of Power Stage 3: Open War with Leadership and Culture Stage 4: Totalitarian Islamic “Theocracy”



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Preview YouTube video Four Stages of Islamic Conquest

Four Stages of Islamic Conquest

Obama’s last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy


Modal Trigger President Barack Obama and Housing Secretary Julian Castro Photo: AP; Gregory P. Mango


Hillary’s rumored running mate, Housing Secretary Julian Castro, is cooking up a scheme to reallocate funding for Section 8 housing to punish suburbs for being too white and too wealthy.

The scheme involves super-sizing vouchers to help urban poor afford higher rents in pricey areas, such as Westchester County, while assigning them government real-estate agents called “mobility counselors” to secure housing in the exurbs.

Castro plans to launch the Section 8 reboot this fall, even though a similar program tested a few years ago in

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Trumped! Why It Happened And What Comes Next, Part 1


Stockman’s Corner

by • from Stockman’s Contra Corner

First there were seventeen. At length, there was one.

Donald Trump’s wildly improbable capture of the GOP nomination, therefore, is the most significant upheaval in American politics since Ronald Reagan. And the proximate cause is essentially the same. Like back then, an era of drastic bipartisan mis-governance has finally generated an electoral impulse to sweep out the stables.

Accordingly, the Donald’s patented phrase that “we aren’t winning anymore” is striking a deep nerve on main street. But that is not on account of giant trade deficits or a faltering foreign policy and failed military adventures per se.

Indeed, it has very little to

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An Open Challenge to Liberals: Answer These 3 Questions


By: Dan Bongino | at Conservative Review

Matt Rourke | AP Photo


Conservative Review


We painfully learned during the presidency of Barack Obama that ideology matters more than words. And now that the 2016 primary season is coming to a close I think it’s appropriate to start asking the remaining candidates questions about the ideology that guides their decision-making. Barack Obama said a lot of things as a candidate but when it mattered (i.e. executive amnesty, Obamacare, foreign policy) he disregarded what he said and took actions guided by his big –government-knows-best ideology.Here are three questions for liberal candidates I would like to see answered before the November elections.

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94,044,000 Americans Not in the Labor Force


Labor force non-participation jumped by more than 500,000 in one month

Job fair / AP

BY: at the Washington Free Beacon

There were 94,044,000 Americans not participating in the labor force in April, an increase of 562,000 individuals from the previous month, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Friday. Those not in the labor force represent individuals who do not have a job and did not actively seek one in the past four weeks.

Overall, the labor force participation rate, which is the percentage of the population who has a job or actively looked for one in the

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