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State Senator Lisa Boscola's Report

State Senator Lisa M. Boscola - Your Voice in Harrisburg PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency Announce $400,000 in Grants for ...

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Barletta Again Votes to Fund VA at Highest Level in History

Legislation prioritizes veterans, national security, and American infrastructure   WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the Conference Report to Accompany ...

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CEPTA’s Guest Speaker for September is County Commissioner Amanda Holt

CEPTA's Guest Speaker for September is County Commissioner Amanda Holt

  CEPTA Meeting AnnouncementCEPTA Meeting - September 18, 2018County Commissioner to Speak at CEPTATopic: Redistricting By Citizens Lehigh County Commissioner Amanda ...

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Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large/dailycaller Obama could not hold back his irritation that Trump is receiving credit for the roaring ...

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WH Economic Adviser Explains Why Obama Can’t Take Credit for Recent Economic Boom

By Melanie Arter | cnsnews Kevin Hassett, chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers (Screenshot) ( - Kevin Hassett, chair of the ...

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Allen West: The Tale of Two Organizations, from the Perspective of an American Black Man

By Allen West | cnsnews Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Allen West (Screenshot) Three years ago, I was honored to be ...

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Trump should call China's bluff on global trade and North Korean denuclearization

  By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch Is North Korea independent? Or is it a satellite of China? During the Korean War, when U.S. forces ...

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Dissecting Facebook’s Anti-Conservative Bias

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter Google is just getting over its political debacle of silencing an employee who spoke out about the ...

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After Last-Minute Accusations Surface Against Judge Kavanaugh, These Women Set the Record Straight

JULIO ROSAS | IJR Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) made waves on Thursday after she released a statement saying she had received ...

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Pence Blasts Behavior at SCOTUS Hearing: Kavanaugh 'Distinguished Himself' Democrats 'Embarrassed Themselves'

MADISON DIBBLE | IJR From releasing documents to hearing room theatrics, Vice President Mike Pence believes some Democrats “embarrassed themselves” with their many attempts ...

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What to make of a flawed “hero”: McCain and the “rest of the story”


By Wes Vernon at Renew America

Public commentary on John McCain’s death cries out for balance. The senator, whose departure from this planet left behind six or seven days of unremitting and un-contradicted public praise, was – on TV at least – seemingly deemed worthy of the highest level of sainthood.

Granted caution, decent respect for the plus side of his legacy cannot be ignored. And it wasn’t. The honorable side of John McCain’s life included fighting for his country, refusing an offer of release by his captors because they would not also release his buddies, and other examples worthy of note. What has befuddled many who have tried to dissect the man’s basic hatred and bitterness toward others is that

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NRA Announces $600,000 in School Safety Grants


Grant program is ‘critical piece of the puzzle’ for making schools more secure

NRA president Oliver North / Getty Images


The National Rifle Association announced on Monday it awarded over $600,000 worth of grants to support local school security projects across the United States.

The gun rights group said its 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation gave 54 grants to schools in 23 states in order to forward the goals of its School Shield program. The grant program includes public as well as private schools that teach students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The group said the grants were provided to those who applied for

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Georgia Democrat congressional candidate convicted of DUI and jailed–#


by Jerry McCormick/Patriot News Alerts

Image via Joseph Sohm /

There is at least one Republican seat up for re-election that will not be won by Democrats.

Steven Foster, the Democrat candidate for Congress in Georgia, was convicted of a DUI this week. He has been jailed while he awaits his sentence.

Longshot Got Longer

Foster was going to have a huge task ahead of him to unseat Rep. Tom Graves before his conviction.

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Meet Larry Sinclair: The Man With Whom Barack Obama Enjoyed Sex & Cocaine


Larry Sinclair was not alone in claiming Barack Obama enjoyed cocaine and sex with men. DEAN GARRISON —Freedom Outpost

Today let’s break one out from the archives, while the testimony of one of Obama’s alleged sodomite lovers can still be found.


On November 6, 1999 after picking me up at the Hotel in Gurnee“ and this is significant “ Mr. Multani used his cellphone to make a call. That call was made to then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama to set up an introduction between me and Senator Obama.

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A Liberal Version of the Ten Commandments


By Marvin Folkertsma/AmericanThinker

Characterizing modern liberalism as secular religion is commonplace today, although such a comparison amounts to a gross insult to Christianity, which has been the most frequent target of liberal assaults against religion, while Islam and other faiths have either been given a pass or even praised for their supposed virtues. Certainly equating liberalism with other profane systems of belief, such as Nazism, Fascism, and Marxism makes left-wing heads explode. On the other hand, at least these movements had codified their principles into convenient creeds or confessions; after all, you need something to set your thoughts on fire during book burnings, mob pillaging, frenzied adulations of the Great Leader, or the sort of ritualistic condemnations of Israel found at Democratic

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Commentary: The left continues to lie about socialism — here’s the truth


Democratic socialists are not being honest about their end goal. (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images)

Justin Haskins/theblaze

In a recent article by Jonathan Cohn, the Huffington Post’s senior national correspondent, Cohn criticizes “weird” comments about socialism made by President Donald Trump at an August rally in Indiana. According to Cohn, Trump’s offending statement came when he said Democrats “want to raid Medicare to pay for socialism.”

Cohn first claims Trump’s argument is confusing, because Medicare is essentially a socialistic program, but his primary objection is that it’s not fair for Trump to say the programs he blasted are a form of “socialism” — even though these policies are

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(UPDATED) Millions of water bottles left sitting on runway in Puerto Rico since last year


As many as one million water bottles, delivered by FEMA, have sat undelivered at a Puerto Rico airport since last year. The water is now presumed to be unsafe for human consumption. (Image source: CBS News screenshot)

Mike Ciandella/theblaze


UPDATE — Sept.

The original report is below.

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Documents Reveal ‘Unprecedented’ Treatment Kamala Harris Got from LAPD at Taxpayers’ Expense



As you read this, keep in mind that the moment any of us in the private sector crosses the line in abusing our employer’s travel expenses — like using expense accounts for private purposes — we are shown the door. We lose our jobs

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