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'Noble purpose,' terror famine, and continuing influence of the 'greatest liar'

  By Toby Westerman at Renew America Red Famine, the latest book by Soviet/Russian expert Anne Applebaum, skillfully combines the hard facts ...

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Breaking: DOJ Turns Over 1.2 Million Documents Related to 2016 Election to House Intel Committee

 by Jim Hoft /The Gateway Pundit The Department of Justice turned over some of the 1.2 MILLION documents requested by lawmakers this ...

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Tech Totalitarians

"The federal government is no longer the main threat to your privacy and to your freedoms. Big corporations are." By Arnold ...

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Project Veritas Bombshell: Twitter Engineers Explain How They 'Shadow Ban' Conservatives

BY DEBRA HEINE /PJ Media No, you weren't being paranoid. Everything you ever suspected about Twitter censoring right-wing opinions through "shadow bans" is ...

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Uranium One Indictment Unsealed By DOJ

 TIM BROWN —  FreedomOutpost. On Friday, the Justice Department unsealed an 11-count indictment concerning the Uranium One scandal.  Sadly, it did not include former Secretary ...

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Right-to-Work Advocate Blames Unions’ Legal Threats for Loss

Kevin Mooney / @KevinMooneyDC / The Daily Signal  Union members dominate those watching the Sussex County Council hold a hearing on the right-to-work measure ...

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Number of High School Students Who Have Had Sex Drops

Tony Perkins / @tperkins /The Daily Signal Most young people support saving sex for marriage. Most of them don't like the idea of ...

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White House Doctor: President Trump in 'Excellent Health'

WILLIAM STEAKIN | IJR Nicholas Kamm /Getty Images Following his first physical exam since taking office, the White House physician pronounced President Donald Trump to ...

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The dangerous case of Bandy Lee: Examining the mental health of the mental health examiners

By Linda Goudsmit at Renew America The Democrats are desperate. They have been trying to derail, discredit, and destroy President ...

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Here’s the History of the 25th Amendment

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman /The Daily Signal Activists are calling for using the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office. (Photo: ...

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Guest Post: Ending the Cycle of Poverty


Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Guest Post: Ending the Cycle of Poverty

By, Aaron D. Kaufer Representative for House District 120

Ronald Reagan once said, “The best social program is a job.” I happen to agree with him. Our Commonwealth has a responsibility to assist able-bodied individuals to become self-sufficient. Our public policies should reflect that fact. When I talk about welfare reform, this is what I mean: helping to get people who can work back to work. The goal of this type of reform is to break the cycle of poverty which our current welfare system perpetuates. People want to work and provide for themselves and their families. In fact, studies suggest that people are happier and healthier when they take pride in their work.

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The Monthly Report – January 2018


Senate Appropriations Committee Report January 2018 Committee Website View Report Online

(all tables and graphics can be viewed online)

Wolf Administration Releases 2017-18 Mid-Year Budget Update

Budget Secretary Randy Albright presented the 2017-18 Mid-Year Budget Update on December 14, 2017. The briefing contained no big developments or surprises, and the overall financial picture presented was essentially the same as what came out of the budget process during late October. Secretary Albright went so far as to say that the Administration does not foresee any need for net supplemental appropriations for the remainder of FY 2017-18.

Secretary Albright struck a positive tone as the Administration believes the Commonwealth is in the best

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Soros-Backed Philly DA Purged Dozens of Prosecutors in First Days


Larry Krasner, propelled by cash from Soros, gave no explanation for firings

George Soros / Getty Images

BY: / Washington Free Beacon

Democrat Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s new district attorney who was backed almost exclusively by nearly $2 million in contributions from liberal billionaire George Soros, has purged more than 30 prosecutors from the district attorney’s office within days of taking over the position.

Krasner, who was sworn in on Jan. 2, asked 31 prosecutors to resign on his fourth day on the job and has given no explanation for the requests. A list of those who were purged from the office shows that a

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Metcalfe to Host Firearms Safety and Rights Seminar


Representative Daryl Metcalfe

12th District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: 724.772.3110 /


January 8, 2018

Metcalfe to Host Firearms Safety and Rights Seminar

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP – State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) will host his next Firearms Safety and Rights Seminar on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 6:30 p.m. This no-cost seminar will be held at the Mars VFW, 331 Mars Valencia Road, Mars.


“Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, clearly states that, ‘the right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be questioned,’” said

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CORRECTED RELEASE: Speaker Announces May 15 Special Elections for the 48th and 178th Legislative Districts in Washington and Bucks Counties


Representative Mike Turzai

The Speaker 28th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact: Stephen Miskin

717-772-9943 (office) 717-756-3936 (cell)



CORRECTED COPY: Corrects local office information in the 48th District

January 8, 2018

Speaker Announces May 15 Special Elections for the 48thand 178th Legislative Districts in Washington and Bucks Counties

HARRISBURG – Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny County) today ordered two special elections be held on Tuesday, May 15, to fill the vacant seats in the 48th Legislative District in Allegheny County and the 178th Legislative District in Bucks County. May 15 is also the scheduled primary election in Pennsylvania.


Turzai filed the writs of election, the formal document setting the date of the special elections,

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Mike’s Memo Week of January 8, 2018


Welcome to “Mike’s Memo,” an update on what’s happening in the 48th Senatorial District and the State Capitol. If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to visit my website at to learn more about my legislative priorities and issues that may affect you and your family.

Week of January 8, 2018

Congratulations to my colleague and friend, Senator Joe Scarnati, on being re-elected as the PA Senate President Pro Tempore. He serves the position extremely well!

Bills Signed into Law by the Governor

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Helping Victims of Sexual Harassment


Weekly Roundup Friday, January 05, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol

Helping Victims of Sexual Harassment

In light of public revelations of state employees being sexually harassed within the workplace, I have co-sponsored new legislation which would help individuals who are victims of sexual misconduct. The legislation seeks to reform current procedures in the PA General Assembly for the investigation and resolution of allegations of sexual harassment and protections from said harassment.

The legislation would be known as the “#METOO PA General Assembly Act” (Member and Employee Training and Oversight on PA General Assembly Act. It is a state version of the federal measure impacting the U.S. Congress.

The state version would do the following:

Bans non-disclosure agreements which mask the

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Legislative Year in Review


Legislative Update Friday, January 05, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol Legislative Year in Review

As we begin a new year, it’s worth looking back at the first half of the 2017-18 legislative session where we advanced a number of important bills to improve education and our safety, enhance the quality of life for families and senior citizens, and reform government – all while standing up for taxpayers.

In addition to passing a no-tax-increase budget, the House approved legislation to force public officials and employees who are convicted of public corruption crimes to forfeit their government pension; keep children safe from online predators; extend the popular and successful Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP); protect senior citizens’ prescription drug coverage; and delay the

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