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President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 52 Percent

                  Liberty Planet The longest ever government shutdown and a raging debate over the wall didn’t do much harm to President Donald ...

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Learning From Lincoln

Ed Feulner / @EdFeulner / The Daily Signal It was, in large measure, President Abraham Lincoln's deep understanding of the Constitution that enabled him ...

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Unearthed Letter From George Washington Praises God for Ratification of Constitution

Too cool! By John Salvatore/flagandcross After spending decades in a private collection, a resurfaced letter written by America’s first president praises God ...

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William Barr Is Our New Attorney General. Here Are 4 Things He Should Focus on Right Away

Hans von Spakovsky / @HvonSpakovsky / Cully Stimson / @cullystimson / The Daily Signal Attorney General William Barr says he intends to ensure that the Justice Department ...

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McCabe admits his treason!

By Sher Zieve at Renew America In a move that veritably boggles the mind, fired FBI'er Andrew McCabe has admitted his ...

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“Onward Together”: Inside Hillary’s Latest Political Tax Scandal

 COREY LYNN — Freedom Outpost Most people are aware that “Onward Together” is a political organization to raise funds for the Democratic party, ...

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REPORT: Indisputable Proof Obama Admin, FBI, & Hillary Colluded to Protect Her Campaign

Hey, MSM – where you at? By John Salvatore/flaggandcross When Americans hear the word “collusion” their minds instantly think Trump and Russia. Of ...

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Report: It Looks Like the Government Failed to Act on Hillary Money-Laundering

The Federalist  Margot Cleveland/ The Hollywood Conservative Tuesday evening the Committee to Defend the President (CDP) filed a motion in a ...

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Senate Intel Committee Clears Trump of Russian Collusion

                Conservative Zone After two years, more than 200 interviews, 300,000 pages of documents and more than $30 million spent on the ...

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Why Johnny Still Can't Read

Because of shortcomings in how teachers are educated, children are failing to learn essential skills. By Martin Cothran                                           In 1955, prompted ...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.. Senator Mike Folmer’s Report


State Senator Mike Folmer

48th Senatorial District

Another Step Toward Reform


In the year since being named chairman of the Senate State Government Committee, I’ve worked hard to advance reforms that are consistent with my “Promise to Pennsylvania”: legislative and political reforms, tax and spending reforms, and labor law and legal reforms.

During this time, nearly 150 bills have been referred to the State Government Committee and about one-quarter have been reported to the full Senate for consideration, including: proposed Constitutional amendments to reduce the size of the General Assembly; Right to Know law updates; expansions of the Ethics Act, the Sunshine Law, and the Election Code; Civil Service and Procurement law changes; “paycheck protection”; lobbying disclosure requirements; medical cannabis;

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SSA Putting Millions of Americans at Risk for Identity Theft


Agency correspondence uses Americans full Social Security Numbers

Wikimedia Commons

BY: at the Washington Free Beacon

The Social Security Administration puts millions of Americans at risk for identity theft by putting their full Social Security Numbers on letters sent in the mail.

The agency’s inspector general released an audit this week warning the government that by sending hundreds of millions of letters containing individual’s Social Security Numbers it puts them at risk for identity theft.

“According to [the Social Security Administration] SSA, in 2015, it mailed about 233 million notices that included individuals’ full SSN,” the inspector general said. “We recognize

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House Committee to Examine Blight in Chester County, Say Petri, Lewis



State Rep Scott Petri

News Advisory

Office of State Rep. Scott Petri

May 9, 2016


House Committee to Examine Blight in Chester County, Say Petri, Lewis

WHAT: Rep. Scott Petri (R-Bucks), chairman of the House Urban Affairs Committee, will hold a public hearing in Chester County that will focus on issues involving blight, including code enforcement and the redevelopment of blighted properties in the Commonwealth. Recent laws, enacted to address blight and its impact on public safety, property values and local tax revenue, have given municipalities additional tools to put blighted properties back into re-use and on the tax rolls. The committee is being hosted by Rep. Harry Lewis (R-Chester).


WHO: Petri, Lewis and other members of the

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Job creation, economic competitiveness with NJ, NY explored in Argall’s latest TV program



For Immediate Release

May 3, 2016

Job creation, economic competitiveness with NJ, NY explored in Argall’s latest TV program

HARRISBURG – Potential improvements to Pennsylvania’s economic development strategy and how to expedite job creation efforts are highlighted in the latest edition of Senator David G. Argall’s (R-Schuylkill/Berks) monthly television show.


The show featured testimony from a recent bipartisan joint hearing of the Senate Majority and Senate Democratic Policy committees that examined Pennsylvania’s burdensome permitting process and lack of economic development incentives compared to neighboring states.


“I recently met with a group of business leaders in Berks County who detailed several roadblocks preventing them from creating more jobs and expanding or relocating in Pennsylvania,” Argall said.

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Study: Cost of U.S. Regulations Larger Than Germany’s Economy


Regs have cost economy $4 trillion, $13,000 per person

BY: at the Washington Free Beacon

Elizabeth Harrington is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Elizabeth graduated from Temple University in 2010. Prior to joining the Free Beacon, she worked as a staff writer for


The cost of U.S. regulations is now larger than Germany’s economy, amounting to a $4 trillion loss to the American economy, according to a new study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

The study, released Tuesday, found that regulations over the past several decades amount to a loss of $13,000 for each American worker.

“The impact of

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IRS Can Track Your Cell Phone, but Leaves Billions in Taxes Uncollected


By Philip Wegmann / /at The Daily Signal

Critics complain that under Commissioner John Koskinen, the IRS has bolstered domestic surveillance capabilities even as a “tax gap” remains. (Photo: Yuri Gripas/Reuters/Newscom)

Philip Wegmann is the congressional correspondent for The Daily Signal.


While the Internal Revenue Service continues to leave uncollected tax money on the table, the agency beefed up its surveillance capabilities in a move that alarms both conservative and liberal privacy advocates.

Now some complain the IRS is acting too much like Big Brother and not enough like a traditional taxman.

Since 2006, the IRS has overseen an annual tax gap—the shortfall between taxes owed and collected—of about $385 billion, government analysts say. And according to

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State Rep Justin Simmons Weekly Report




PA Representative Justin Simmons

The Weekly Roundup Friday, May 06, 2016 The latest news from the State Capitol 70 mph Speed Limit Expanded on PA Highways, Turnpike

PennDOT and the Turnpike Commission announced this week they would increase the speed limit to 70 mph on 396 miles of the turnpike and 400 miles of five state highways. That increases the number of highway miles in Pennsylvania with a 70 mph speed limit to nearly 1,000.

PennDOT roadways that are being posted with the new speed limit (including current pilot areas) are:

I-79 from I-90 in Erie County south to a point just north of the Route 228 interchange in Butler County (97 miles). I-79 from I-70 in Washington County

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Philly charter schools are an open book


By at Pennsylvania Watchdog

If you want to access a directory of Philadelphia charter schools, you just have to click here.

For a listing of information-packed charter school profiles, all parents need to do is click here.

And now, for the first time, Philly families curious about how public charters are performing just have to click here.

School District of Philadelphia

OPEN RECORDS: The School District of Philadelphia is making more information about charter schools available.

Wasn’t that easy?

The School District of Philadelphia is making it simple to scan and evaluate charter schools. In a two-week span, the district

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