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The Anti-Religious Agenda Behind Gun Control

Leftists continue their hostile denial that Christian morals have anything to do with solving "gun violence." By Jordan Candler · at The ...

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The Real Trigger Behind School Shootings from APN

The Real "Trigger" Behind School Shootings Are stricter gun laws the answer? Response to Florida School Shooting Sam Rohrer & Bob Burgess (pastor, ...

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Reflections, prayers for Catholic military wives

  By Matt C. Abbott at Renew America Below is an excerpt from the newly-released book By Dawn's Early Light: Prayers and ...

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Number of US Hate Groups Rose 4 Percent Last Year, 20 Percent Over Last 3 Years

KELCEY CAULDER | IJR Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images A study from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released Tuesday said that the number of hate groups within ...

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Why Christ followers should spurn 'identity politics'

Alan Keyes exhorts 'people who seek life as citizens in the Kingdom of God' By Alan Keyes at Renew America Though ...

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Congressional Redistricting Update: What a Mess

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Is the new congressional district map even legal? Congressional Redistricting Update: What a Mess The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released its ...

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Senate and House Leaders Challenge PA Supreme Court Redistricting

    Representative Mike Turzai Speaker of the House 28th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact: Neal Lesher 717.260.6495 (office) 717.507.9240 (cell) / / ...

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State Rep Ryan Mackenzie's Press Release

  Representative Ryan Mackenzie 134th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Tricia Lehman 717.772.9840 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 22, 2018   March Veterans Assistance Hours to ...

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Thomas Issues His Cultural Ruling

"At some point," says the Supreme Court justice, "we're going to be fatigued with everybody being the victim." By Thomas Gallatin ...

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Second Judge Rules Against Trump on Illegal Immigration

~ Conservative Zone A second federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration, finding that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ...

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How the Deep State promotes, exploits and condemns ‘Islamophobia’


By A.J. Castellitto at Renew America

I believe the deep state simultaneously promotes, exploits and condemns islamophobia by arming and funding extremists, promoting videos of atrocity real or staged, establishing a boogeyman to justify establishing a police state and fueling the military industrial complex, and then defending against those who act and speak irrationally in response to the perceived threat. liberaljihadist-alliance/

But their endgame is New World Order not caliphate. Don’t ever underestimate the Deep State. They are merely playing a very dangerous game.

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Russia is Doing it Again: A New Era of McCarthyism


~ American Liberty Report

Two recent articles that have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media are ironically both based on some excellent journalistic work by New York Times. Both involve a muddled attempt by the CIA to fabricate a negative expose on Donald Trump and his supposed collusion with the Russians Government.

At question is, who instigated the original bogus story. Was it the Clinton Campaign? Or was Hillary Clinton simply a beneficiary of something more sinister?

The article from the TIMES can be summed up with this quote:

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James Comey Admitted The One Thing That Proved The Russian Collusion Is A Hoax


From American Patriot Daily

The Deep State got some more bad news.

Their Russian collusion story is being exposed for the hoax that it is.

And a secret closed door testimony by James Comey just drove the final nail in its coffin.

The collusion narrative gained steam last February when former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned after it was alleged that he lied to the Vice President about his December conversations with the Russian Ambassador.

Obama holdover and acting Attorney General Sally Yates thought Flynn was compromised and subject to blackmail, as well as criminally liable under the flimsy theory that he violated the Logan Act – legislation passed over 200 years ago that prevents private citizens from communicating with foreign governments, but

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Bernie Sanders Rebukes Rich People Having Multiple Homes — He Has Three



Win McNamee/Getty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has long taken issue with wealthy Americans. Now, he’s — once again — criticizing their homes.

On Wednesday, the self-avowed Democratic socialist shared a Vice News story and prompted readers to “look at these summer homes of the super wealthy and weep.” He urged people not to “just weep,” but to “fight for a progressive agenda”:

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Editors Note:

The goal of socialism is communism.

Vladimir Lenin


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Is Bernie Sanders Running for President Again in 2020?


~ Conservative Zone

Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent-Vermont, surprised many with his competitive race against former State Secretary Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

If Clinton hadn’t have had such close ties to the Democratic National Committee, the self-avowed socialist may have defeated her. Now, the question on political pundits’ and Sanders’ scores of adoring supporters’ minds is will he or won’t he run for president in 2020? A scheduled trip to the state of Iowa on February 23, 2018 may be a hint that he will.

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Conor Lamb Says He Has ‘No Memory’ of Accusing Israel of ‘Terrorism,’ Targeting ‘Innocent Civilians’


Suggests comments that have been online for 15 years may be fake

Democrat Conor Lamb / Getty Images

BY: at The Washington Free Beacon Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb said he had “absolutely no memory” of saying Israel was guilty of “terrorism” and intentionally targeted civilians, comments from 2002 revealed by the Washington Free Beacon on Monday.

Lamb was asked about the comments by an attendee of a Tuesday event at the South Hills Jewish Community Center who read aloud the full contents of Lamb’s 2002 post on his college newspaper’s website, which remains on the site. The attendee

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Race and IQ: A high school science fair project ignites a storm


By Selwyn Duke at Renew America

We don’t know the student’s name, but we do know that he hit a nerve – in fact, he hit a whole bunch of them. Identified only as a boy of Asian descent at C.K. McClatchy High School in California, the teen’s recent science-fair project, “Race and IQ,” propounded the thesis that differences in groups’ average intelligence influence their academic performance. He couldn’t win, though, because his project was removed after parents, staff and other students became “upset” and one girl said she felt “unsafe and uneasy.” The irony?

A project on evolution would no doubt have been well received – even though an assumption of racial differences is implicit in evolutionary theory.


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Letter Writer calls out our State Representatives




Your State Reps Junking Your Emails

By Arthur Herring III,

President Dektor Corporation


For almost the past three months, I have been sending emails to the personnal email addresses of the 250 state senators and represenatives of Pennsylvania. It was about a massive scam involving a extremely unreliable “voice lie detector” being sold only to law enforcement types (police, sheriff, district attorneys, college police prisons, probation, etc) in Pennsylvania and nationwide since 1990. As of 2007, about 50 police departments and 6 district attorney offices, just in Pennsylvania, have the device called cvsa. The seller, in Florida, uses former high level police to be his “sales staff”. The seller of this so-called “voice lie detector” only sells to law enforcement

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