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Meet Your Multiemployer Pension Nightmare: Actuary to Lawmakers

A witness told members of a new committee that 1 million people could soon face 90% benefits cuts. By Allison Bell | Think ...

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Trump Oversees Biggest Cuts to Regs in Quarter-Century

Trump has been aggressive in cutting red tape, but for the benefits to last Congress must act. By Political Editors · ...

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Trump’s Vitally Important Anti-Poverty Initiative

Star Parker / @UrbanCURE /The Daily Signal Ivy Imboden, originally from Anchorage, Alaska, clutches a warm drink after arriving at a new tent ...

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Q&A With Rep. Kevin Brady: ‘America’s Back’ Because of Tax Cuts

Genevieve Wood / @genevievewood /The Daily Signal House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, sat down with The Daily Signal to talk about ...

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News Release: Indiantown Gap National Cemetery to Honor Veterans on Armed Forces Day

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery to Honor Veterans on Armed Forces Day Bugles Across America Joins with Local High School Musicians for ...

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Barletta Welcomes SHINE Students to U.S. Capitol

Barletta Welcomes SHINE Students to U.S. Capitol Continues to lead bipartisan efforts on behalf of afterschool programs nationwide   WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta ...

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Jacksonville Business Wins Fight to Fly Military Flags – City Official Had Told Veteran His Service Didn’t Matter

By Rusty | Featured Contributor | THE POLITICAL INSIDER A Jacksonville business successfully won its battle with the city over their right to fly militaryflags, but ...

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How Democrats are Trying to Steal Seats from Republicans in 2018

                            ~ Conservative Zone With the midterms coming around the corner, Democrats are lining up new strategies to try to take conservative ...

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Cuomo's Parolee Voting Decree: Good Politics, Bad Policy

He's considering pardons for all 35,000 felons currently on parole in New York. He wants the votes. By Jordan Candler · ...

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Look Around You: Do You Still Think America Won the Cold War?

By Timothy Daughtry at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of   American teenagers march ...

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“You Have Failed to Contain Russia…You Will Listen to Us Now,” Putin Threatens New Nuclear Arms Race


~ American Liberty Report

While the media in the U.S. fill the airwaves with talk of a mythical collusion, the Russian Bear is growling about something far more deadly than tweets and Facebook. For the first time since the Soviet Union collapsed, a Russian leader has come close to declaring that the Cold War is still very much alive.

To complicate matters, in spite of Russia’s long history of saber-rattling, our mainstream media took advantage of the situation and quickly blamed President Trump. An article on proclaimed – Putin’s bravado over Russian nukes is emboldened by Trump, analysts say.

This round of cold war talk began when Vladimir Putin announced at his annual state of the union address that his country has developed

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Obama Backed Off Putin’s Election Meddling


New book alleges that Obama opted to “stand down” rather than aggressively confront Moscow.

By the Political Editors · at The Patriot Post/

Did Barack Obama order a “stand-down” to his intel chiefs stopping them from aggressively confronting the Russians and their interference campaign during the 2016 presidential election? A soon-to-be released book by Michael Isikoff and David Corn entitled Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump seems to be making this assertion.

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‘No Collusion,’ House Intel Committee Concludes


House Dems complain and call for the investigation to continue despite no evidence to justify their demands.

By Thomas Gallatin · at The Patriot Post/

House Intelligence Committee Republicans announced the end of the committee’s investigation into the Donald Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy during the 2016 presidential election, concluding that there is no evidence to support the charge nor to continue the investigation. Rep. K. Michael Conaway (R-TX) stated, “We’ve found no evidence of collusion. We found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings, inappropriate judgment at taking meetings.” Conaway further opined, “Only Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn or someone else like that could take this series of inadvertent contacts with each other, meetings, whatever, and weave that into some sort of a fiction, page-turner

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Congressman DEMANDS Mueller End The Trump Witchhunt


Tori McNabb /RedRightVideos

Andrew Biggs, of Arizona, appeared with Hannity where he has called for Mueller to end his Trump manhunt.



And indeed, the direction of his investigation has gone pretty left field where he now seems to be looking into meddling in the middle east.

What happened to Russia? Was that a nothing burger?

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Americans for Limited Government-Press Release


If the Rosenstein-Mueller investigation has gone outside the scope of the 2016 election, it should be ended

March 13, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement expressing continued concern that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s direction of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is well outside the scope of the 2016 election campaign:

“If, per Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is ‘not an unguided missile,’ then we can safely assume that Rosenstein has signed off on all of Mueller’s prosecutions, including those that fall outside the scope of the 2016 election campaign. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ original recusal was for anything to do with the 2016 election. Given Rosenstein’s expansive

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Time to Get Over the Russophobia


By Pat Buchanan at

Unless there is a late surge for Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin, who is running second with 7 percent, Vladimir Putin will be re-elected president of Russia for another six years on March 18.

Then we must decide whether to continue on course into a second Cold War, or engage Russia, as every president sought to do in Cold War I.

For our present conflict, Vladimir Putin is not alone at fault. His actions have often been reactions to America’s unilateral moves.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, we brought all of the Warsaw Pact members and three former republics of the USSR into our military

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Louisiana Senator Reframes Sanctuary City Vs. ICE Debate Around Me Too Movement


CHRISTIAN DATOC Breaking News and Engagement Editor/The Daily Caller

Sen. Bill Cassidy took a new approach to criticizing California officials and sanctuary cities refusing to comply with ICE officers by directly reframing the debate around sexual and domestic abuse Thursday night.

Republican Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy speaks as Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell listens during a news briefing after the weekly Senate Republican policy luncheon at the Capitol September 19, 2017, in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


The Louisiana Republican singled out Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf in a Facebook post for alerting 115 criminal, illegal immigrants of a pending ICE operation in order to “protect” them from arrest and eventual deportation.

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Police Forced to use “Bolt Cutters” to Arrest DACA Protesters at Capitol


Untitled Document

1. Police Forced to use “Bolt Cutters” to Arrest DACA Protesters at U.S. Capitol The United States Capitol Police had to use bolt cutters to unchain illegal alien activists protesting at the Capitol building during a staged sit-in. That protest was just one of several staged by illegal aliens across the D.C.-area, demanding that Congress pass legislation to grant an amnesty, on the day the Trump administration was set to end the DACA program. Read more

2. San Francisco Aims to Spend $11.1 million in Taxpayer Funds to Defend Immigrants San Francisco’s interim mayor Mark Farrell unveiled plans to join with California Assemblyman Phil Ting to request $7 million in state funds

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