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Breaking: Yesterday’s Indicted Leakers Are Linked To Mueller Team Member Andrew Weissman And DOJ Fusion GPS Collaborator Bruce Ohr

POLITICS (Gateway Pundit) – The indictment of US Treasury officials yesterday is more important than first thought. The individuals indicted ...

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Teamsters Scold Pa. Members for Voting Trump

State council warns members not to vote the 'wrong way' in midterms Getty Images BY: Bill McMorris / Washington Free Beacon The Pennsylvania Teamsters scolded ...

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GOP Senate Candidate: Why Won't Congress Release Names of Congressmen Accused of Sexual Harassment

By Melanie Arter | cnsnews Senate Republican candidate for Virginia Corey Stewart (Screenshot) ( - As the Senate is poised to vote on Supreme ...

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Mrs. James /FJM I am the daughter of a former welfare recipient. So when I listen to some people in Washington ...

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State Senator Lisa Boscola's Report

State Funds Find Their Way to the Lehigh Valley for Bethlehem’s Memorial Pool Project State Senator Lisa Boscola announced this ...

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Property Tax/Rent Rebate Applications Available

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Applications Available

Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact Weekly Roundup Friday, October 19, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Applications Available Applications for ...

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State Representative Ryan Mackenzie's Senior Expo

  Representative Ryan Mackenzie 134th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Tricia Lehman 717.772.9840 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 3, 2018   Mackenzie to Host 2018 Senior ...

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Knowles Bill to Punish Intimidating Camera Use in Courtrooms

Representative Jerry Knowles 124th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Ty McCauslin 717.772.9979 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 18, 2018   Knowles Bill to Punish Intimidating Camera Use in ...

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The Kavanaugh Circus is Actually Helping Republicans

                  ~ Conservative Zone The unfounded accusations hurled at Judge Brett Kavanaugh may have seemed like good television to the party of ...

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Kavanaugh Wasn't The Real Target - The Supreme Court Was

The attack on Brett Kavanaugh was not just an assault on a man, but an attack on an institution.  DANIEL GREENFIELD — Why ...

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America abandons marriage at its own peril


By Jerry Newcombe at Renew America

I attended an unusual wedding this past weekend. The minister presided over the wedding in a cow patch. We were driven to the pasture on a hay ride. The best man (my son) was barefoot, and the bride wore cowboy boots. But at least this millennial couple was getting married. I guess that puts them in a minority among their peers these days – sadly.

“Americans Aren’t Getting Married,” declares a Drudge headline (7/28/17).

Writing for (7/28/17), Ben Steverman notes in the Drudge-linked article: “The U.S. marriage rate – the number of new marriages per 1,000 people – has been falling for decades….And research firm IbisWorld predicts the marriage rate will keep falling over

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State Representative Justin Simmons to hold Concealed Carry Seminar





August 9, 2017

Simmons to Host Concealed Carry Seminar on Sept. 7

COOPERSBURG – In his continuing effort to better inform area gun owners regarding Pennsylvania’s firearms laws, Rep. Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh/Montgomery/Northampton) is hosting a Concealed Carry Seminar on Thursday, Sept. 7.


The free event will take place from 6-8 p.m. at the Se-Wy-Co Fire Company, 3621 Old Bethlehem Pike, Bethlehem.


Attorney Joshua Prince, who speaks regularly on the subject of firearms law, will conduct the seminar and answer questions.


“These seminars are always well attended because they are a great way for gun owners to learn more about their rights,” said Simmons. “Our speaker is very

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Caring for American Heroes



Dear Friend,

I strongly believe that veterans of the United States military should receive timely access to care, deserve to have their physical and invisible wounds of war treated, and shouldn’t have to wait by the telephone for months waiting on disability decisions.

As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I am working with the Trump administration to increase the efficiency of the VA, decrease wait times, streamline treatment options, and increase the accountability of all VA employees and executives. I am making these efforts to ensure our veterans are being cared for properly.

Expanding Access to Care, Treatment, and Benefits

The House took historic action recently by voting to expand GI Bill benefits for life. The

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Ryan’s Report


Welcome to Ryan’s Report, and thank you for reading. During the August District Work Period, the U.S. House of Representatives is not in session, which means no votes are called and no committee hearings are held. It has been a busy time around the District with constituent meetings, site visits, and town halls,but I first want to provide you with an important healthcare update.

Problem Solvers Caucus: Refocus the Healthcare Debate

This past week I announced my work on healthcare reform as a member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. We are working to refocus the healthcare debate on patient-centered solutions that can achieve bipartisan consensus in Congress.

In addition to having the opportunity to speak with Fox News, and I also joined

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Govt Employees Arrested for Allegedly Selling False IDs to Illegal Aliens for Voter Fraud


By Annabel Scott |(



( — Federal authorities arrested six persons last week involved in an apparent scheme to produce false identification documents through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), some of which were then used as ID to illegally vote in Boston, reported Judicial Watch.

Four RMV employees were arrested along with a document vendor and document dealer for allegedly conspiring to providePuerto Rico licenses and official state ID cards to illegal immigrants in exchange for cash.

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ICE’s Chief: Sanctuary Cities Put Politics Over Public Safety



“By Jack Davis/Western Journalism


Four of America’s largest cities have made politics more important than public safety, the acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a recent interview.

“The street cops that I talk to want to help,” ICE Director Thomas D. Homan told the Washington Examiner last month. “It’s the politicians who want to make this a political game. It’s not a political game. This is a matter of public safety and life and death we shouldn’t be playing politics with this.”

Homan said that New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco are the nation’s worst sanctuary cities.

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Jeff Sessions Has 1 Idea to Destroy Gangs… Libs Furious


BY DAVIS/Conservative Tribune

Since the moment he officially announced his intention to run for president, President Donald Trump has been especially vocal about the need to curb illegal immigration and gang activity in the United States — a stance that continually infuriates liberals.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is with Trump 100 percent when it comes to this issue. During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that appeared on Thursday, Sessions told Carlson the best way to stop the gangsfrom entering the United States, Breitbart reported.

“Mr. Attorney General, how can the United States prevent MS-13 gang members from going north into the U.S.?” Carlson asked.

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After Trump Administration Pressures Sanctuary Cities, Miami Becomes First to Reverse Its Status


BY KYLE BECKER/Independent Journal Review

The Trump administration’s announcement that it would withhold federal fundsfrom “sanctuary cities” recognized under the Obama administration ignited the fuse on what would become a wave of protests over the hot-button issue.

One mayor of a metropolitan area, Miami and Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, stated his intention early that his city would come into full compliance with the Trump administration’s policies.

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