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 STEVEN AHLE / Steadfast and Loyal  The Tijuana Migrant camp has been closed due to unsanitary conditions and the invaders were moved to a ...

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Media Hides Story of Obama’s Careless Treatment of Migrants at the Border

                  American Liberty Report The mainstream media continues to attack President Trump for praising border security’s use of tear gas to enforce border security. ...

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Mexicans Come to Their Senses. Turn on Liberals and Caravanners. Announce Huge Agreement with Trump

BY KARA PENDLETON /Western Journal Bad news for the left has come by way of a poll of Mexican citizens conducted by a ...

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Bad News from California

By Michael Reagan at The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of  Once again ...

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George Barna's Research Unveiled through APN

George Barna Has Unveiled Impactful Research Through American Pastors Network Over Five Years Over his extensive career, well-known social science researcher George Barna ...

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Rep. Smucker's E-Update

HOME ABOUT CONTACT MEDIA SERVICES Thank you for subscribing to my E-Newsletter! This week I want to update you on a recent event I attended highlighting ...

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's Report

December 2, 2018 Greetings, This weekend, American hearts are heavy as we bid farewell to President George H.W. Bush. He will be ...

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Reform Underfunded Multiemployer Pension Plans. Don’t Make Taxpayers Bail Them Out.

Rachel Greszler / The Daily Signal The longer Congress waits to correct fundamental deficiencies in multiemployer pension plans’ governance and ...

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Despite Claims of Suppression in Georgia, Registration and Turnout Increased Under Kemp

Abrams continues voter suppression smears Abrams & Kemp | Getty BY: Haris Alic and Jeffrey Cimmino/Washington Free Beacon Claims of voter suppression tainted Georgia’s ...

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Caravan=Holocaust? NO WAY Because FDR Was Most Bigoted President In US History

 JEFF DUNETZ /godfatherpolitics Sunday’s border incident with the Migrant Caravan has motivated some on the liberal side of the aisle to compare ...

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‘This is all cover to undo the 2016 election’


Rush Limbaugh


At some point the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of mostly donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign into claims of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign will be over.

So far no evidence of collusion has been made public.

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday lashed out at Mueller, who’s been investigating for almost two years, contending there’s been no serious attempt at justice.

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Flake blocked in bid to force vote on save-Mueller bill, as Trump court pick caught in crossfire


By Alex Pappas | Fox News

Flake trying to force GOP leaders to vote to protect Mueller

Sen. Jeff Flake threatens to block confirmation of conservative judges in order to force a vote; reaction from Sen. Ben Sasse.

Outgoing Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake joined with Democrats on Wednesday in a failed bid to force a vote on legislation to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller — and locked arms again with the other side of the aisle to oppose a judicial nominee, resulting in an airtight vote requiring Vice President Pence to serve as tie-breaker.

Flake, along with Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons and New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, tried to use a parliamentary

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Cartoon: Drip, Drip, Drip


By A.F. Branco from the Daily Torch

Click here for a higher level resolution version.

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Conservative writer Jerome Corsi rejects potential Mueller plea deal


By Alex Pappas | Fox News

Reports: Corsi says he won’t accept a plea deal from Mueller

Conservative writer Jerome Corsi, an associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone, had previously confirmed he was in plea negotiations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Conservative author Jerome Corsi revealed Monday he plans to reject a potential deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to plead guilty to perjury.

Corsi detailed his plans in an email to The Associated Press and statements to other news outlets.

“They can put me in prison the rest of my life,” Corsi told CNN. “I am not going to sign a lie.”

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Trump Responds to Cohen’s Plea Deal: Running for President Didn’t Mean I Couldn’t Run a Business


By Susan Jones | cnsnews

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is now cooperating with the special counsel. (File Photo/Screen capture)

( – Discussions about building a Trump hotel in Moscow were under way when President Trump began his campaign for president, but it wasn’t a secret and there was nothing wrong with it, the president told reporters on Thursday.

He spoke shortly after his former attorney Michael Cohen appeared in federal court in New York to admit that he lied to Congress about the timing of the Trump Tower-Moscow real estate deal.

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REVEALED: Two Key Answers From Trump’s Response To Mueller’s Questions


Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post; Win McNamee/Getty Images



President Donald Trump has reportedly responded in writing to key questions from special counsel Counsel Robert Mueller about activities related to the 2016 presidential election.

Trump told Mueller that “Roger Stone did not tell him about WikiLeaks, nor was he told about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between his son, campaign officials and a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton,” CNN reported.

Mueller’s team of Democratic lawyers has reportedly been investigating “whether Stone, a Republican political operative and longtime Trump ally, knew in advance about WikiLeaks’ dumps of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta at key times during the 2016 campaign.”


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[NEW Edition] Your Top Weekly Immigration News & Updates!






FAIR’s Bob Dane Discusses Tijuana Citizens Protesting Migrant Caravan on Fox News

Interview ft. Bob Dane | Watch the Interview

Why are Asylum Fixes Absent in Border Funding Battle?

Despite the clear need for a legislative fix, the administration and Congressional leadership are showing little appetite to address our asylum laws as they look to obtain some $5 billion in border wall funding before Democrats take control of the House in January.

RJ Hauman | Read the Full Article

Justice Department to Appeal Order Blocking Asylum Proclamation

The Justice Department informed U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar

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Here’s The List: The Top 10 Crimes Committed By The Corrupt And Conflicted Mueller Investigative And Legal Team!



(Gateway Pundit) – The Mueller Gang of corrupt and conflicted FBI and DOJ operatives has participated in numerous corrupt and criminal actions. It’s long past time to turn the page on this terrible chapter in US history and lock these scoundrels up.

Here is a list of the (at least) top 10 criminal actions taken by the Mueller team.

The Mueller investigation is criminal and corrupt and above all unconstitutional. We provided a list of 10 reasons in April describing why the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional.

Here is our list of the 10 material crimes committed by the Mueller gang –

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