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A funny thing happened on the way to NO-topia

By Curtis Dahlgren at Renew America "I wasn't born yesterday; while you're messing with the opposition, lying, it won't be a ...

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2 Problems Democrats Face After Election Wins

Cal Thomas / @CalThomas / The Daily Signal Rep. Maxine Waters during a national day of action called "Keep Families Together" to ...

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DEMS will continue their Trump attacks and they will fail

By Laurie Roth at Renew America Though a few races are still counting, it seems the verdict is mostly in, DEMS ...

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Mainstream Media’s Worst Nightmare: Black Trump Supporters

                  American Liberty Report In the ideal leftist world, the only people who support Donald Trump and the GOP are old, white, men. This ...

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The Christian ethos vs. arrogant elitists

Alan Keyes exhorts Americans who understand the role of God's authority By Alan Keyes at Renew America I think that every election ...

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NBC Broadcaster Arrested for 'Lewd Acts in Vagas

November 8, 2018 Posted By : Admin from NBC News via Media Alert News/Fox News NBC Broadcaster Arrested For ‘Lewd Acts’ in ...

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Liberal Democrats are Declaring War on White Women

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter The “blue wave” that was supposed to see the Democratic Party take 100 seats on the platform ...

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UNREPORTED: Black Panthers' voter intimidation!

By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America   The Black Panthers small mob, armed with AR 15 Rifles, stood menacingly near the ...

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Obama Outs Himself, Says He’s Inspired By White Genocide & Property Confiscation Purveyor

Liberal Agenda 8/American Journal Review Elder Patriot – Barack Hussein Obama traveled to South Africa to speak at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. ...

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BOMBSHELL NEWS: Documents Prove Huma Abedin’s Guilt, Implicates FBI In Cover Up of Hillary’s Crimes

Corruption 2/American Journal Review The most damning aspect of the FBI’s unfounded and overly aggressive investigation into Donald Trump and his associates is the ...

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A School District Has Just BANNED The American Flag From Being Brought To Class – This is INSANE!


by /enVolve

Roseville parents received a concerning item listed among the clothing items that are prohibited: the U.S. Flag.

Parents received the letter from the school district this week and began posting to the FOX 2 Facebook page and flooding our inbox with pictures of the dress code. It lists several items as prohibited from tank tops to spandex to pajamas.

The concern, however, lies in the listing farther down that reads ‘U.S. Flag’.

Here’s how it reads on the letter:

A Student’s Dress Should Not Interfere With The Learning Environment.

The Following Are Prohibited:

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The real Russia-gate scandal


By Cliff Kincaid at Renew America

In the time period of 2007-2008, two journalists – Trevor Loudon, a blogger from New Zealand, and America’s Survival President Cliff Kincaid – tried to interest the public and the media in what they considered the story of their lifetimes. It was how a first-term, largely unknown Senator from Illinois was a covert communist with backing from Russia who was poised to win the presidency of the United States. But the “fake news media” were not interested in the facts about then-Senator Obama, or the security risk he posed that would polarize and destabilize a nation – and they covered up the story of Obama’s communist mentor, suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis. Here,

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If Donald Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama


James Risen is an investigative reporter for The New York Times and the author of “Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War.”

WASHINGTON — If Donald J. Trump decides as president to throw a whistle-blower in jail for trying to talk to a reporter, or gets the F.B.I. to spy on a journalist, he will have one man to thank for bequeathing him such expansive power: Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump made his animus toward the news media clear during the presidential campaign, often expressing his disgust with coverage through Twitter or in diatribes at rallies. So if his campaign is any guide, Mr. Trump

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Did Trump’s Russia détente campaign proposal put him over the top in 2016?


By Natalia Castro at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

President Donald Trump’s presidential victory Rust Belt states like Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania is often attributed to his ability to unite union and conservative households left silenced by poor economic conditions, but recent evidence suggests Trump’s foreign policy could have played a greater role in pushing him to victory than previously suspected.

While Americans in most areas of the country do not have a direct connection with fighting or recently discharged soldiers, in counties which do, voters tend to cast ballots against incumbent parties, indicating they do not want the wars to continue.

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How Taxes Work for a Rich Man Vs. an Average Man – This is Gold!


By Thomas | Featured Commentator/The Political Insider

Some TV pundits may ask why would an average conservative support tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans? The answer is very simple.

This story explains just how messed up our tax code is. Make sure to read until the end.

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What if the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was actually a Russian disinformation campaign?




By Robert Romano at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

What if the discredited Fusion GPS dossier that was used against then-candidate for president Donald Trump in 2016 to tie him to Russia was actually an elaborate disinformation campaign whose roots lie none other than in Moscow?

That’s what the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel wants to know in light of testimony last week by William Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, who says his work on Russian sanctions in 2012 resulted in a similar disinformation campaign against him by Fusion GPS. Browder suggested that Fusion’s work violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, although he stopped short of suggesting that the Trump-Russia collusion dossier — penned by

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More households are renting now than five decades ago



Spero News editor Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America.

According to a new analysis by the Pew Research Center, Census Bureau statistics show that 10 years after the housing bust and millions of mortgage foreclosures, more American households are headed by renters than at any point since at least 1965. While the total number of households in the United States grew by 7.6 million between 2006 and 2016, over the same period, the number of households headed by homeowners remained relatively flat, in part because of the lingering effects of the housing crisis.

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Public Pension Returns Barely Broke Even in Fiscal Year 2016


(Dollar Photo Club) Moneynews

Public pension fund investments returned only 0.6 percent on average in fiscal year 2016, according to a report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, far lower than their 7.6 percent average target rate.

Lower than expected returns did little to improve the nation’s growing unfunded pension liabilities. Of the 170 plans studied, the average funding ratio was 72 percent for the fiscal year, about the same level as the year before, according to the report. Under new accounting standards introduced in 2014, however, the plans were only 68 percent funded.

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