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UPDATE: FEC Records Show DNC Issued Checks to CrowdStrike Day After Murder of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas

by Alicia Powe /The Gateway Pundit Federal Election Commission records show that CrowdStrike, an FBI contractor and private cyber security firm, received ...

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Mueller Must Be Stopped for Everyone’s Sake

~ American Liberty Report After over a year of a so-called “independent” investigation, it is time for anyone who cares about ...

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People Calling For Obama’s Immediate Arrest After He Was Caught Breaking Federal Law Overseas

ByTinker Belle/Daily Headlines It has been a longstanding tradition that the former and current president of the United States work together ...

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No. 1: NYC Public Schools Spent $24,109 Per Pupil; But 72% Not Proficient in Reading, 72% Not Proficient in Math

Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at a public school. (Screen Capture) By Terence P. Jeffrey | cnsnews ( - The New York City public ...

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School Can Force Students to Share Bathrooms With Transgender Students, Federal Court Rules

Rachel del Guidice / @LRacheldG /  The Daily Signal “One day when I was in school, I walked into the bathroom and immediately ...

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Barletta Votes to End Crushing Regulation of Pennsylvania Community Banks and Credit Unions

Barletta Votes to End Crushing Regulation of Pennsylvania Community Banks and Credit Unions   WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) voted ...

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Will Independents Be Able to Vote in Pennsylvania Primaries?--CAP

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Will Independents Be Able to Vote in Pennsylvania Primaries? On Monday the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, ...

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Barletta Presses Education Secretary DeVos on Securing America’s Schools and the Importance of Afterschool Programs

Barletta Presses Education Secretary DeVos on Securing America’s Schools and the Importance of Afterschool Programs Barletta speaking with Secretary DeVos last ...

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'It's Not a Gun-Law Issue': 18-Year-Old Tells Texas Gov That Shooting Is About More Than Firearms

JENNI FINK | IJR Monica Bracknell, an 18-year-old who knew one of the teachers killed during the shooting at Santa Fe High School, told Gov. Greg ...

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The Mass Shooting in Australia You Aren’t Hearing About

~ American Liberty Report Between the wild international news in Israel, Iran and North Korea, it’s easy to miss other international ...

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State Rep Justin Simmons weekly Report


Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact The Weekly Roundup Friday, June 24, 2016 The latest news from the State Capitol House Leaders Call for Special Session to Fight Opioid Crisis

In a bipartisan effort to continue proactively and effectively combatting the opioid crisis gripping Pennsylvania, House leaders this week encouraged Gov. Tom Wolf to call a special session of the General Assembly. This call followed House passage Thursday of five measures recommended by a House task force created to study Pennsylvania’s opioid problem and make recommendations to resolve it.

That legislative package,

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Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance Call to Action



The Senators opposing YOUR 1st Amendment rights to Privacy and Safety are moving fast with 3 new Bathroom/ unFairness Bills. Apparently they either don’t care or don’t understand that “public accommodations” includes restrooms, locker rooms and showers!

The un Godly “new” version of the “Fairness” bill passed the Urban Affairs and Housing Committee by a 7-4 vote. All Democrats and Republican Senators Scott Wagner, Tom Killion, and Camera Bartolotta voted for opening the women’s bathrooms, locker and shower rooms to men!

WAKE UP FOLKS! Are you waiting for someone else to solve this problem? Are you waiting for someone else to save the Church? Are you expecting God to do what you won’t?

The world may be in God’s hands, but YOU

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Who wants wind turbines?



By Marita Noon at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Last month’s wind-turbine fire near Palm Springs, CA, that dropped burning debris on the barren ground below, serves as a reminder of just one of the many reasons why people don’t want to live near the towering steel structures. In this case, no one was hurt as the motor fire was in a remote, unincorporated area of Palm Springs. But imagine if it was located just hundreds of feet from your back door—as they are in many locations—and the burning debris was raining down into your yard where your children were playing or onto your roof while you are sleeping.

Other reasons no one wants them nearby include the

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North Korea Advances Missile Threat Capabilities


By Bruce Klingner /at The Daily Signal

North Korean Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile during a military parade in the country’s capital, Pyongyang. (Photo: Kyodo/Newscom)

Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, spent 20 years in the intelligence community working at the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency.


After a series of previous failures, Pyongyang achieved partial success with the most recent launches of its Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile.

On June 21, the two Musudan missiles traveled 150 and 400 kilometers—far short of a fully successful test but indicating incremental progress toward eventually achieving its estimated range of 3,500 kilometers. North Korea’s four previous Musudan test flights in April and May 2016 had

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Florida Dems Accused of Illegal ‘Straw’ Campaign Donation Scheme


Rep. Patrick Murphy accused of violating election laws for fourth time this cycle

Patrick Murphy, Charlie Crist / AP

BY: at the Washington Free Beacon June 23, 2016 12:20 pm

A Republican-aligned political group is asking federal authorities to investigate what it suspects is a series of illegal campaign contributions to Democratic House and Senate candidates in Florida.

The Senate Leadership Fund, a GOP Super PAC, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging a series of “illegal straw donations” to Rep. Patrick Murphy, who is running for U.S. Senate, and former governor Charlie Crist, who is running for

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Judicial Watch Sues Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Over Executive Order Granting 206,000 Felons Voting Rights


From Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it today filed a lawsuit on behalf of several Virginia voters against Governor Terry McAuliffe and other commonwealth official over McAuliffe’s executive order that attempts to restore voting rights to about 206,000 convicted felons. The lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Bedford County, VA, requesting an injunction preventing the enforcement of (Walker et al. v. McAuliffe et al. (No. CL16000358-00)).

On April 22, 2016, McAuliffe signed an executive order titled “Order for Restoration of Rights.” McAuliffe reportedly plans to sign similar orders granting voting rights to groups of felons on a monthly basis.

The lawsuit states:

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Mass media persuasion by osmosis



By Don Todd at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Having lived inside the Washington Beltway for over 30 years I have often criticized my conservative friends for supporting the leftwing Washington Post by subscribing to it. The most common response has been, “I just read it to know what the enemy is thinking.” The problem with that is these same people will give you an opinion directly from the editorial page of the Post without realizing that it is the basis of their thought. I call it persuasion by osmosis.

The most recent example of this is the nontroversy over Trump’s complaints about a California Judge of Mexican heritage. This is a textbook example of media manipulation.

As Ann

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House Passes Big Spending Hike


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dear CF Friend, It’s been a busy few days in Harrisburg. Here’s the latest: Last night, the state House passed a $31.6 billion budget that includes the biggest spending increase in ten years — $1.5 billion. While the budget avoids broad-based tax increases, it unfortunately has several major flaws, including: Requires a tax increase. This budget increases spending without a way to pay for it. In fact, one House leader even said, “we want to agree on a general appropriations bill, and then we’ll get to work on how to pay for it. Unsustainable spending growth at 5 times the rate of inflation and population growth. Biggest year-over-year spending increase since 2006-07. More than $100 million in retroactive spending. You

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