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Thomas Issues His Cultural Ruling

"At some point," says the Supreme Court justice, "we're going to be fatigued with everybody being the victim." By Thomas Gallatin ...

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Second Judge Rules Against Trump on Illegal Immigration

~ Conservative Zone A second federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration, finding that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ...

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Hack leftist judges on the attack

Larry Klayman outlines ongoing behavior of Clinton/Obama appointees By Larry Klayman at Renew America I have been saying this for years. ...

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Texas school will suspend gun control protesters: ‘Here for education, not political protest’

Hundreds of West Boca High School students arrive Tuesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after they walked there in ...

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One High School Is Armed and Ready for a Shooter — And the Students Feel Safer

JULIO ROSAS |IJR In wake of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, politicians, political activists, and ...

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The 51st state: denial

  By Michael Oberndorf at Renew America Denial is not a river in Egypt. Denial is a psychological condition where the ...

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Gunman kills five in Russia church on Christian holiday

By the Web Editor  at The Santiago Times MOSCOW – Five people were shot dead after a terrorist opened fire on worshippers leaving church ...

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It's the Culture, Not the Guns

Leftists want to restrict the entire conversation to gun control. But their destruction of culture is the culprit. By Arnold Ahlert ...

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The History Of Mass Shootings That Needs To Be Heard Before People Demand More Gun Control

Until the government noose is loosened from around the necks of the citizens and the "nanny police state" abolished, anti-constitutionalists ...

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Mainstream Media Couldn’t Wait to Politicize Florida Shooting and Blame Trump

~ American Liberty Report The Parkland, Florida high school shooting this past Wednesday was undeniably horrific. It was made even more ...

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Pension reform promises $18 billion savings, but questions linger


by Eric Boehm–at Watchdog

After what was touted as a historic vote in the state Senate, Pennsylvania is still a long way from getting any relief from its public pension problems.

A major pension overhaul bill cleared the state Senate along party lines last week, but it still needs to make it through the state House and get a signature from a skeptical Gov. Tom Wolf before becoming law.

Even then, much the bill’s $18 billion in promised savings could be wiped out by a legal challenge in the state courts.

“If this bills gets passed, as written, and signed by the governor, someone will definitely sue over it,” predicts James McAneny, executive director of the Public Employee Retirement Commission.


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Time to get Old Hickory off the $20 bill


by Robert Romano–at Net Right Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Andrew Jackson would be the first to say to take him off the $20 bill.

Right on it, the bill says, “Federal Reserve Note,” an institution he would have despised.

As President, when the renewal of the Second Bank of the United States’ charter passed Congress, Jackson vetoed it. Jackson spent his political career making certain there would not be a central bank in this country. He even paid off the national debt.

The Jacksonians went on to become the modern Democrat Party. Those in favor of the national bank became the Whigs.

Why was Jackson so adamantly opposed to a central bank? Besides being unconstitutional in his

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Conservatives demand GOP keep campaign promises


by Garth Kant —at WND A coalition called the Citizens Mandate is calling out the Republican Party for not keeping its word in its first 132 days in power after taking control of both branches of Congress in January.

The group has rallied more than 100 conservative leaders to sign a letter urging Congress to stop the fundamental transformation of America.

“Rather than reversing the destructive and fundamental transformation of the United States undertaken by the Obama Administration, Republican Members of Congress have instead allowed these bad policies to move forward unabated,” said Citizens Mandate in a statement Monday.

The group also accused the Republican majority of “demonstrating more of a commitment to bipartisan friendship and status quo government rather than actual principled leadership needed

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Pennsylvania Legislators take action on Immigration



May 11, 2015

State Legislators for Legal Immigration Files Amicus Brief

Against Obama Administration’s Ongoing Push for Backdoor Amnesty

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania State Representative and State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI) Founder Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) today announced the filing of an amicus brief to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Texas and 20 other states that have sued the federal government to prevent the Obama administration’s implementation of the Deferred Action for Parents of American and Lawful Residents (DAPA) program —more commonly known as “Executive Amnesty.”


On Feb. 16, the Fifth Circuit Court placed a preliminary injunction on the implementation of the DAPA program to which the Obama administration subsequently appealed. As a result, the

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School Faces Lawsuit Over Student’s Arrest For Wearing NRA Shirt


by Robert Chambers – from Citizen Action

There are many crimes a student attending West Virginia public schools could commit that would justify arrest but wearing a National Rifle Association t-shirt should not be one of them.

So says one mom who filed a federal lawsuit against the West Virginia Logan County Board of Education for suspending her son from attending middle school and having him arrested after he refused to turn his NRA t-shirt inside out when ordered to do so by school officials.

The mom, Tanya Lardieri, filed the lawsuit to protect her son’s constitutional rights and clear his name after Jared Marcum was charged by police with disrupting the educational process and obstructing an

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After Having His Motel Seized by the Government, Victim of Civil Asset Forfeiture Reflects on His Fight


by Melissa Quinn at the Daily Signal

Russ Caswell, owner of Motel Caswell in Tewksbury, Mass., fought the law and won. Now, he’s reflecting on his experiences with a law enforcement tool known as civil asset forfeiture as policymakers in Washington, D.C., and across states from coast to coast, debate the practice.

“The government tried to take [Motel Caswell] based on just a handful of drug activity cases that they had that I didn’t even know had existed,” Caswell told The Daily Signal.

Caswell’s father built Motel Caswell in 1955, and in the 1980s, he and his wife, Patricia, took over managing the business. The motel, which they owned mortgage-free, was supposed to provide the Caswell’s with their retirement.

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At Last, Scrutiny for Public-Union Deals


by Matthew J. Brouillette at The Wall Street Journal

If you’ve ever spent hundreds on a smartphone or thousands on a new car, you know what it’s like to hunt for the best deal. Yet when paying for state and local government services worth billions, Americans often hand politicians a blank check without ever knowing if they could get more for their money.

Year after year, elected officials behind closed doors negotiate labor contracts for 19 million state and local government workers. The result? Skyrocketing salaries, health-care costs and pension benefits are making services like public schools and policing unaffordable for taxpayers. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, compensation for government workers nationwide has grown 21% since 2000, compared with

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GOP fast track to the minority


by Robert Romano–at Net Right Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Trade promotion authority for the president to negotiate commercial treaties — which pass with simple majority votes in both chambers of Congress — has lapsed since 2007, when Democrats had majorities.

Once Barack Obama became president, Democrats never granted him trade authority. They could have. But they never did.

Now, suddenly, with Republicans in the Senate majority, Senate Democrats are more than willing to provide just enough votes — mostly from seats that they are in little danger of losing over the issue — to allow trade authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership to come to the floor and pass. Why?

Quite simple, really.

Because, as Americans for Limited Government

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