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Border Patrol Agent Destroys ‘Experts’ Wall Arguments in Trump’s Surprise Press Briefing

Alex Wong / Getty ImagesVice President of National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Hector Garza (3rd L) speaks as U.S. President ...

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From Oval Office, Trump Says Border Wall Would Make Nation ‘Safer Than Ever Before’

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / The Daily Signal  “This is the cycle of human suffering that I am determined to end,” President Donald Trump ...

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A Few Hours From Where Acosta Said There's No Crisis: 21 Bodies, Some Burned, Found In Mexican Border Town

ANDREW CULLEN/AFP/Getty Images By JAMES BARRETT at the Daily Wire   On the same day that CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta posted his report from McAllen, ...

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Trump: The Only Thing Immoral Is ‘Politicians Who Do Nothing’ While Innocent People Are Victimized

By Melanie Arter | cnsnews President Donald Trump (Screenshot) ( - In an televised address to the nation on border security on Tuesday, President ...

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POLITICS Benny Johnson | Columnist, Viral Politics/Daily Caller CNN’s Jim Acosta traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas, on Thursday to ...

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Assaults On Border Patrol Agents Soar 300% Since Caravan Arrival

                  ~ Liberty Planet That slow moving caravan and its final arrival led to a variety of outraged posts on mainstream media, ...

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San Diego-Based KUSI: CNN Disinvited Our Journalist Because We Reported Border Wall ‘Does Work’

MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images Breitbart News Network/ KUSI News, a television news outlet based in San Diego, California, said Thursday that CNN invited — and ...

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Trump is right on the border-The Bible says so

By Bryan Fischer at Renew America Follow me on Twitter: @BryanJFischer, on Facebook at "Focal Point" Host of "Focal Point" on American ...

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Pelosi and Schumer put public employee salaries over human lives lost at the border by opposing the wall

By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch In his national address on Jan. 8, President Donald Trump made the case that the cost of not ...

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African American Leaders Support Trump's Wall, Says Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Niece

  By  Alveda King  at Conservative Base via COP Magazine Photograph: Dr. Alveda King and her Goddaughter Angela Stanton-King. Some claim that building ...

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The Left’s ‘un-American’ Smear


Only a “progressive” worldview is deemed patriotic by the Left.

By Allyne Caan · at The Patriot Post/

When leftists take a torch to Old Glory, take a knee for the National Anthem or take an apology tour around the world, they’re lauded as heroes of free speech. But when a Republican president does something leftists don’t like, he’s “un-American.”

This is the latest slur the Left is hurling at President Trump as a result of his recent executive order implementing a temporary travel ban. Incidentally, this order is worth a moment of consideration both for what it does and does not do. As we previously noted, despite leftist hysteria, the ban is not what the Left claims. In fact, Jimmy

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The Question the Left Won’t Answer on Abortion


By Katrina Trinko / /at The Daily Signal

Katrina Trinko is managing editor of The Daily Signal and a member of USA Today’s Board of Contributors.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., refused to answer when she was asked a line of questions on abortion in 2015. (Photo: Ron Sachs /CNP/Polaris/Newscom)

If there weren’t, well, lives at stake, Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell’s dodging of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s questions about whether abortion was the taking of a human life would be comical.

Just check out how often Swalwell (who is, of course, from California) dodged it in an appearance Tuesday night (transcript omits some cross chatter):

Carlson: Do you think it is the taking of a human life, abortion?


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Report from the Pennsylvania Family Institute–See the Video!


Forward | Share:




There’s something Planned Parenthood and PA Family Institute can agree on:


Planned Parenthood needs to be called out. See this video to know why:



We called every Planned Parenthood affiliate in PA and asked, “Do you provide prenatal services?” Despite their claims (every affiliate lists “prenatal” on their online appointments page), we discovered that not a single Planned Parenthood in PA offers prenatal care.


You may have seen Live Action’s national investigation into 41 Planned Parenthood affiliates, reaching out to 97 facilities and finding that only FIVE offered prenatal services. Pennsylvania was not included in their

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Ohio State University features black communist


By Cliff Kincaid at Renew America

Donald Trump’s adviser Stephen K. Bannon told the truth, but not the whole truth, when he described the media as the main opposition to President Trump. He neglected to mention academia as another important bastion for anti-Trump organizing and action.

Speaking at the January 21 so-called Women’s March on Washington, communist Angela Davis declared, “The next 1,459 days of the Trump administration will be 1,459 days of resistance: resistance on the ground, resistance in the classrooms, resistance on the job, resistance in our art and in our music.”

(Our media somehow overlooked the significance of Davis, a life-long unrepentant communist, as a speaker and co-chair of the event.)

The phrase “resistance in the classrooms” has

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An Increasingly Emboldened Fascist Left


Censorship in public schools, riots at public universities.

By Arnold Ahlert · at The Patriot Post /

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed — if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.” —George Orwell, “1984”

Woody Hart, a 70-year-old American history teacher at Suttle Middle School of the Folsom Cordova United School District, was recently “retired” by the Board of Education. His fatal “mistake” was hanging a Confederate flag on one side of his classroom — as part of a history lesson about the War Between the States. Apparently it didn’t matter that he also hung a Union flag on the other side of the classroom or, as Hart

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Violent Berkeley Rioters Received $50k from George Soros #treason



By PAMELA GELLER/Freedom Outpost

This is sedition. Violent sedition. Foreign monies from hostile actors like George Soros funding the violent overthrow of the US government should be banned, prohibited. Soros should be banned from entering the country.

How is this not a declaration of war from a foreign power? Soros has more money at his disposal than some nations. He should be treated the same as any other that exercises warfare against us. TGR reader Kevin suggest the same laws that allow confiscation of goods due to drug abuse be applied to George Soros.

Anyone actively engaged in the

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State Rep Daryl Metcalfe’s Press Release



Representative Daryl Metcalfe

12th District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin /


February 7, 2017

Metcalfe Offers Actual Solutions to Wolf’s Annual Budget Debacle

HARRISBURG — House State Government Committee Majority Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) issued the following statement today regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2017-18 state budget proposal: “The governor’s unfulfilled promises of not increasing broad-based taxes or somehow generating additional savings by reshuffling executive agencies mean absolutely nothing until they are paired with substantive spending reductions.


“For starters, a 10 percent reduction in excessive public welfare spending, the Commonwealth’s single largest revenue drain for well over a decade, would result in more than

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Wagner Press Release


Senator Scott Wagner


February 7, 2017

Wagner Responds to Governor’s Budget Address

HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) has issued the following statement in response to Governor Wolf’s budget address to a joint session of the General Assembly this morning.

“Governor Wolf finally acknowledges the need to rein in spending and to create a leaner, more efficient state government. Of course, achieving this end goal takes action beyond simply zeroing out line items on a budget sheet.”

“During his remarks today, Governor Wolf gave us a lot of feel-good talking points. It is important to remember though that Governor Wolf’s proposal still increases spending by 1.8% over the current fiscal year’s

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