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Dead Men Tell No Tales in Broward County: 3 Recent Whistleblowers Who Ended Up DEAD

Opening your mouth in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district has been proven to be quite hazardous to one’s health.  DEAN GARRISON — Freedom Outpost For ...

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According To NBC Nearly 200,000 Registered Florida Voters Were Non-Citizens In 2012- It’s Anybody’s Guess How Many There are in Broward County Today

Corruption 10/American Journal Review In 2012, the NBC affiliate in Miami quoted Florida officials as saying that nearly 200,000 registered voters in the state may not ...

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Fraud? Several Georgia Counties Reporting Thousands of New Votes. Cut GOP Lead.

BY CILLIAN ZEAL /WJ Just remember: You can never, ever call counting votes that mysteriously appear out of nowhere “voter fraud.” The number of ...

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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FL Democrat Party Attorney Tells Laura Loomer – DESTROYING BALLOTS ISN’T FRAUD

Democrats, Politics 5/American Journal Review CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FL Democrat Party Attorney Tells Laura Loomer – DESTROYING BALLOTS ISN’T FRAUD. Leonard Samuels, a Florida Democrat lawyer, ...

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Will the Florida recounts put democracy at risk?

By Donald Wilfong at the Daily Torch In the Great State of Florida, there is a current outbreak of rampant voter ...

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The Math: It's Almost Certain That Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis Have Won in Florida

By Guy Benson at Townhall Amid the violations of law by Broward and Palm Beach County elections officials, the data provides apparent ...

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Treasury Can’t Go Wobbly When Sanctions Against Russians Are Starting to Hurt

Luke Coffey / @LukeDCoffey /The Daily Signal Russian President Vladimir Putin attends an event marking the 25th anniversary of Russia’s electoral system ...

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Watch Trump Flip The Script On Liberal Reporter Who Tried To Blame Him For Political Violence

American Journal Review When one liberal reporter accused President Donald Trump of encouraging supporters to carry out acts of violence against ...

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Rep. Nadler: 'We Will Certainly Pursue Sensible Gun Control Legislation'

By Susan Jones | cnsnews Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) speaks during a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on February 27, 2018. (Photo by Drew ...

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From WND Seeks damages for breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation   A supplier to Dick’s Sporting Goods is suing the nationwide chain for ...

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Why Virginia’s ‘Reasonable’ Voter ID Law Could Survive the Courts


By Josh Siegel / /at The Daily Signal.

Josh Siegel is the news editor for The Daily Signal.

A number of states with voter identification laws have recently suffered court defeats. Virginia’s law is being challenged in court. (Photo: Marc Golub/Polaris /Newscom)


Virginia Republicans are making the case that this state’s voter identification law is different than versions in other states that came and failed before it.

“We like our facts; we have better facts than some of other cases that have struggled in court,” said Del. Robert B. Bell, a state Republican legislator. “That’s why we believe this result will be different than the outcome in other states.”

With election day less than a month away, the U.S.

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Obama’s Consumer Board Takes A Hard Blow From Federal Court


Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, testifies at a House Financial Services Committee hearing. After a federal ruling, Cordray is likely to get an actual boss who can fire him. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom)

By from Investors Business Daily

On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit struck down the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Due to the court’s holding, the plan of congressional Democrats and President Obama to place consumer financial regulations into an unaccountable bureau has partially failed. This plan was realized in the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010, which created the bureau.

The D.C. Circuit held that the structure of the CFPB,

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New York Abortionist Charged with Manslaughter in Late-term Abortion Death



By Cheryl Sullenger at Operation Rescue

Queens, NY – A New York abortionist, Robert Rho, 52, has been indicted on one count of second degree manslaughter in the death of one of his patients, 30-year old Jaimie Lee Morales of Buffalo, who died on July 9, 2016, after a severely botched second trimester abortion.

Rho was charged on Tuesday during a court appearance in Queens, and was released on a $400,000 bail bond. He has promised not to engage in the practice of medicine.

Rho’s attorney told news media, which have already given this case national attention, that Rho closed his abortion facility voluntarily after Morales’ death.

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Clinton Campaign, White House Coordinated Pro-Iran Deal Talking Points


The Washington Free Beacon Leaked emails show effort to mislead public about Iran deal



Adam Kredo is senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon.


Senior Clinton campaign officials were in direct contact with the White House to coordinate pro-Iran talking points in an effort to boost last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement, according to leaked emails that show the Obama administration and top figures in Clinton’s campaign played a role in promulgating information about the deal that later turned out to be factually inaccurate.

The emails, released late on Friday in a massive document dump by the hacker website WikiLeaks, show coordination between Hillary Clinton’s team and

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Media: Trump’s locker room talk more important than Hillary’s crimes against humanity


By Sher Zieve at Renew America, Provo, Utah

The shock…SHOCK from the media over an 11 year-old locker room-type pre-show conversation between Billy Bush (who apparently secretly taped it) and Donald Trump is truly staggering. Not being able to find anything substantive to throw against him, the media have decided to trash him because he’s a “too-high-testosterone-crude-talking-behind-the-scenes man!” Yikes! He’s MAN!!!”

Was Mr. Trump crude? Why…yes he was. However, I seem to remember a few other US Presidents who have, also, been crude in their talk about their prowess in bed and their women. These include, but are not limited to LBJ (Democrat) who named his penis “Jumbo,” JFK (Democrat) who said “You know, I get a migraine headache if I

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Why Trump will prevail


By Joan Swirsky at Renew America, Provo, Utah

The Trump campaign should be throwing thank-you bouquets at Hillary’s minions for unearthing an 11-year-old video of the businessman speaking raunchily about women to Hollywood Access host Billy Bush. Why?

It demonstrates the sheer panic the Hillary campaign is in at the devolving internal-poll numbers that show the ailing candidate barely keeping her [involuntarily] bobbling chin above the water line of decisive failure. It highlights the startling absence of the MIA candidate, who has not been seen since a campaign appearance in Ohio on October 3, leaving surrogates to speak in her stead. This strange absence, just weeks away from the vote for president, tends to confirm the suspicion that Hillary’s frequent symptoms of

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Micro Doc: New World Order Truth: “Do People Really Not Understand That Our Nation Has Been Under Attack?”


By Mac Slavo

Would you have the courage it would take to look the New World Order in the face – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons – and tell them exactly what you think of them?

That’s exactly what happened at the Sunday night debate. You can say what you want about Donald Trump but one thing is absolutely certain… the man has courage…

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Clinton Campaign Chair Flagged Sanders Voter Fraud Concerns


The Washington Free Beacon Podesta’s ‘high importance’ email relayed warnings of ‘ineligible’ Sanders and Obama voters

John Podesta / AP


Lachlan Markay is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon.

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta internally promoted warnings that primary rival Bernie Sanders might steer ineligible voters to the polls, and that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign had done the same thing in 2008.

Podesta forwarded the concerns to top Clinton operatives in an email released this week by Wikileaks. The email was obtained by hackers accused by the U.S. government of taking direction from top Russian government officials.

Podesta flagged the email as “High importance.”


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