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Walter E. Williams /FJM For several decades, a few black scholars have been suggesting that the vision held by many black ...

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The European Union Started This Trade War

If there is to be a trade war, it should be a trade war to see who can slash tariff barriers ...

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Antitrust matters matter

By Linda Goudsmit at Renew America United States antitrust laws regulate the organization and conduct of business corporations on state and ...

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Connecticut Blames Homeschoolers for Failure to Catch Abusive Mother

~ Conservative Zone Katiria Tirado has a history that should have made it clear to Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families ...

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Trump Signals An End to U.S.-South Korean Military Exercises

~ Liberty Planet On June 12th, a historic summit took place between Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea Kim ...

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Fed Judge Rules Against Mueller: He Must Name Unidentified Persons in Manafort Indictment

By Randy DeSoto /WJ   A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller must identify unnamed individuals in an indictment against ...

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Insider Proves Obama Wasn’t Bowing to Saudi King

~ American Liberty Report One of the great controversies of the Obama administration has finally been cleared up. Ben Rhodes, the ...

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Once Again, Obamacare’s Constitutionality Comes Into Question

Paul J. Larkin Jr. /The Daily Signal In a case that will likely reach the Supreme Court, the state of Texas ...

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Anti-ISIS Coalition Destroys Large Cache of Narcotics in Syria

Getty Images BY: Jack Heretik /  Washington Free Beacon U.S.-led coalition forces fighting the Islamic State destroyed a large cache of narcotics owned by ...

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Professor: Marquette cop killer mural product of exclusive ‘inclusion’ campus crowd


by M.D. Kittle at Wisconsin

At Marquette University, if you write a blog criticizing a student teacher for stifling the speech of a student who doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage, you can lose your job.

Commission a mural of a convicted cop killer, well, that’s just diversity of ideas.

Yes, Marquette administrators had the mural of black militant Assata Shakur removed Sunday evening, but not until, ironically, long-time Marquette political science professor John McAdams broke the story on his “Marquette Warrior” blog.

That’s the same John McAdams who has been suspended from teaching since November, when the political conservative and frequent critic of Marquette administration criticized in his blog a graduate student

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At Monday evenings East Penn School Board meeting, a meeting where School Board Director Charles Ballard placed a motion to censure fellow School Board Director Lynn Donches, the East Penn public finally had its say. With a packed house in support of Ms. Donches, citizen after citizen went to the podium to support Lynn Donches and inform the School Board and Ballard just what they thought of the abuse that Lynn Donches has endured.

Over the last three and a- half years, the East Penn School Board and Administration has put up artificial road blocks to the requests of Ms. Donches for details of the Budget line-items and expenses entailed. But Lynn Donches holds dear her responsibility to the taxpayers and students of East Penn

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Medicaid’s death tax on the poor


by Robert Romano at Net Right Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Thinking about going on Medicaid?

$497.9 million.

That is how much the Medicaid program recovered from the estates of deceased patients in Fiscal Year 2011, according to a program inspector general report.

Asset seizure has long been a part of the Medicaid program since 1965, and since 1993, it has been used to help states recoup the cost of nursing home and other long-term care.

Yet, in 2011, the aforementioned year, nursing home programs cost Medicaid $52.4 billion, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Meaning, less than 1 percent — 0.9 percent to be precise — of the

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After Expanding Under Obamacare, This 123-Year-Old Insurance Company Is closing Its Doors


by Melissa Quinn at the Daily Signal

After expanding to do business on the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges last year, a Wisconsin-based health insurance company founded in 1892 has announced it will close its doors.

Assurant Inc. announced last week one of its subsidiaries, Assurant Health, an insurance company, will either be sold or shuttered after losing tens of millions of dollars this year. The decision comes 18 months after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and industry watchers argue Assurant Health’s end can be attributed to the new health care law.

“The health and employee benefits business segments possess differentiated capabilities in their respective markets, but we do not believe they can meet our return

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East Penn School Board to Censure Board Member; Is it a Political Stunt?


A resolution for the Censure of East Penn School Board (EPSB) director Lynn Donches was placed on the agenda of the Monday June 8th meeting at the request of EPSB director Charles Ballard. According to the agenda, Mr. Ballard wants Ms. Donches censured “for waste of District resources and material misstatements of fact to the public and this board”. It appears that Mr. Ballard considers it a waste of district resources when an elected school board director asks questions of the administration dealing with financial items to be voted upon. Mr. Ballard is currently running for reelection to the school board, leaving some wondering if this may be a politically motivated stunt.

Mr. Ballard appears to be running for

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Fadi Chehade is not the king of the Internet


From Net Right Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement responding to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) CEO Fadi Chehade’s proclamation that the transition of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will be complete by the end of 2015:

“The arrogance of Fadi Chehade is enormous even by Washington, D.C. standards. While Congress has defunded all NTIA actions to transition the IANA functions to ICANN or anybody else, Chehade thinks he is the king of the Internet by seducing countries around the world to support his coup.

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Giuliani: Take ISIS ‘seriously’ on threats in United States


by Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has a warning when it comes to Islamic State (ISIS) claims that there are fighters ready to stage attacks in the United States: “Take them seriously.”

“Don’t discount it,” Giuliani told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program Wednesday, when discussing ISIS claims of having several fighters ready to strike. “It may be an understatement. It reminds me in a strange way of a Mafia case, where they put 10, 12 people in different places.”

He said that international terrorism “is not a strong area” for President Barack Obama, who “tends to get weak, certainly in this language where we are talking about Islamic extremists.”

But ISIS, is “giving you their name

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High security: Guarding Christie costs 5 times more than Walker


SECRETS: Gov. Chris Christie keeps taxpayers in the dark on the travel costs of his security detail

by Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog

New Jersey’s Chris Christie and Scott Walker of Wisconsin are two governors with presidential aspirations. On their frequent journeys to raise funds and solicit support for campaigns, they are guarded by security details of state police troopers.

One big difference: The travel expenses of Christie’s crew were five times higher than those of Walker’s team last year.

In 2014, New Jersey taxpayers spent $492,420 for the governor’s security travel, compared to $89,454 in costs for Wisconsin.

The reason for that chasm remains a mystery. Ninety percent, or $447,571, of those New Jersey expenses was charged to American Express

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