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Chicago Democrats Harass Food Truck Vendors

                    ~ Liberty Planet Chicago has a higher than average crime rate, serious pension problems and a host of other issues; even ...

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'Obama Built a Legacy Built on Sand': Chaffetz Explains How Trump Demolished Obama's Legacy

MADISON DIBBLE | IJR John Gress/Reuters/Mark Wilson/Getty Images Former President Barack Obama laid into President Donald Trump, breaking the longstanding tradition of presidents abstaining from political ...

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Another Leftist Attacks a Republican

The MSM continues to give Maxine Waters's rhetoric and antifa violence a pass. By the Political Editors · at the Patriot ...

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TDS: College Professor Shoots Himself in Class to Protest Prez


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Beginning to Worry about the Safety of the President 

                   By The Common Constitutionalist   President Donald J. Trump arrives at the Inaugural Parade ...

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Peter Hasson | Reporter/ The Daily Caller A Republican Party office in Wyoming was set on fire just two days after ...

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Police Respond to Mass Shooting Threat at MAGA Event at Trump Hotel

Jack Posobiec / TwitterPolice patrol outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday after a Twitter user threatened ...

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Peter Hasson | Reporter from The Daily Caller California man Farzad Fazeli was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to stab a ...

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‘What is this damn fool doing?’ Former governor criticizes Obama’s return to politics

  Aaron Colen STAFF WRITER/theblaze Former President Barack Obama has stirred up some resentment with his aggressive return to the political stage recently, and ...

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Hillary Clinton, Brett Kavanaugh and the Art of Trolling

By Jonah Goldberg at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of   Why did ...

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House Republicans Go Strong on National Security


House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has laid out an agenda that is in keeping with what most Americans want: a safe, strong, and prosperous country. (Photo: Lance Cpl. Kathryn Howard/Released)


The United States is under growing threats, and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and his team deserve credit for recognizing that threat and outlining a plan for making America safer, stronger, and more prosperous.

During the last seven years under President Barack Obama, the United States has grown less safe. Threats are rising, such as state-sponsored cyberattacks affecting millions of Americans, terrorist attacks at home and abroad, Russian and Chinese aggression, and dictators with nuclear

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America’s Army Shrinks as Threats Proliferate


In 2011, the Army had more than 566,000 active duty personnel. By the end of this summer, that number will be around 475,000 due to budget cuts. (Photo: Sgt. Daniel Johnson)

Commentary By

Adam Lemon is a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation.

Justin T. Johnson specializes in defense budgets and policies for The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for National Security and Foreign Policy.


Today, the United States and its allies face a wider and more serious

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Who Has DHS Secretary Actually Been Meeting With? FAIR Found Out.


FAIR’s Legislative Update: Tuesday • June 14, 2016

Who Has DHS Secretary Actually Been Meeting With? FAIR Found Out. VWP Countries Not Sharing Critical National Security Information Senate Democrats Demand Obama Grant Amnesty to Central Americans Illegal Aliens Exploit Obama’s Non-Enforcement Agenda By Kidnapping UAMs House Passes Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill with ‘Illegal Alien’ Provision New York Assembly Passes Bill to Help Give Scholarships to Illegal Aliens Who Has DHS Secretary Actually Been Meeting With? FAIR Found Out.

The daily calendars of Homeland Security Secretaries Janet Napolitano and Jeh Johnson, from January 2013 through December 2015, reveal that amnesty advocates had an open door to the secretaries and their senior staff.


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Breaking: Senators Ready Bill to Stop DOJ From Bankrolling Liberal Groups


The Justice Department has come under fire for directing banks to pay financial penalties directly to third parties. Conservatives say that’s unconstitutional and wrong. (Photo: Jennifer Hack/KRT/Newscom)


The Senate may take steps to end a Justice Department slush fund that has channeled millions of dollars in banking settlements to outside organizations, including left-wing groups such as La Raza and NeighborWorks America.

Four Republican senators—James Lankford of Oklahoma, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Utah’s Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee—said they would introduce legislation Friday to prohibit federal settlement agreements that require donations to third parties.

The Justice Department currently allows corporations found guilty of wrongdoing to pay

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‘Environmental Justice’: Obama-Era Politics Override Rule of Law


By Todd G. Young /at The Daily Signal

For decades, under the banner of “environmental justice,” the federal government has sought to expand its jurisdiction, control, and influence. (Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters/Newscom)

Todd G. Young is executive director of Southeastern Legal Foundation, a national constitutional public interest law firm founded in 1976.


In every Soviet-era military unit, the long shadow of totalitarian political control hung over day-to-day operations. A political commissar served alongside commanding military officers to ensure that communist purity was maintained.

We’re seeing the same political strong-arm in President Barack Obama’s executive agencies, particularly in the raw enforcement of so-called “environmental justice.”

Readers will recall Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt for Red October,” in which the political officer, aptly named Ivan

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Losing Ground In Flyover America–Wanting For Work, Buried In Debt, Part 4


by • From Stockman’s Contra Corner

The flyover zones of America are wanting for work and buried in debt. That’s the legacy of three decades of Washington/Wall Street Bubble Finance. The latter has exported jobs, crushed the purchasing power of main street wages and showered the bicoastal elites with the windfalls of financialization.

The graph below depicts the main street side of this great societal swindle at work. There are currently 126 million prime working age persons in the US between 25 and 54 years of age. That’s up from 121 million at the beginning of 2000.

Yet even as this business cycle is rolling over, the 77.1 million employed full-time from that pool

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Coal Miners Union Endorses Rob Portman for Reelection to Senate


Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) in 2014 / CQ Roll Call via AP

BY: at the Washington Free Beacon

The political arm of United Mine Workers of America, a union of coal miners, has endorsed Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) for reelection, dealing a blow to Democratic challenger Ted Strickland.

The move represents a departure for the union, which has a history of endorsing Strickland, a former governor, and fellow Democrats. Strickland has come under fire in recent months for his ties to anti-coal organizations. Portman’s campaign announced the endorsement from the union’s National Council of Coal Miners Political Action Committee (COMPAC) in a statement Thursday.

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Voodoo jobs numbers strike again



By Rick Manning at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government


Yay, the unemployment rate is down to 4.7 percent.

Boo, the labor participation rate dropped precipitously and is at historically low-levels.

So, what does the May jobs report mean? Is the economy finally getting better and moving off the sluggish cycle it has been stuck in for six years, or have we already seen the best of the worse recovery since the Great Depression?

First some facts –

The number of people

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