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Living under the dark cloud of Luciferianism

By Sher Zieve Whether it is fully realized by most of my fellow citizens or not – and ...

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Are the Days of Roe v Wade Numbered?

By Lloyd Marcus at Renew America A verse in the Bible says, "They meant it for evil, but God meant it ...

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Remembering holocaust victims, heroes and the sanctity of human life

By Bonnie Chernin at Renew America When President Trump addressed the nation in his State of the Union speech, he adopted ...

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Judge orders state of California to pay $399K to pro-life pregnancy centers

By Jana J. Pruet                                        of The Blaze A judge ordered the state of California to pay $399,000 to three pro-life pregnancy ...

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Voters Oppose Democrats’ Stance on Abortion

New poll: 77 percent of voters back legislation to protect babies who survive abortions Getty Images BY: Haris Alic / Washington Free Beacon An overwhelming ...

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War on Babies--APN

American Pastors Network War on Babies The SIGT Radio Hosts are joined by Matt Recker (Pastor, Author) to discuss the source of the moral decline ...

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Nancy Pelosi Tries to Quote the Bible, Fails Miserably

                Liberty Planet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Bible passage, one she has shared again and again over the past 11 years, ...

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Chicago ‘Wins’ Most Corrupt City in America Award

 WARNER TODD HUSTON /Godfather Politics  The Democrat-controlled City of Chicago has won the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt city in ...

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Questions about REAL ID?

Facebook Website Bio Latest News Contact REAL ID Event If you have questions about the Pennsylvania REAL ID, please consider attending my REAL ID event.The event ...

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Poll Shocker: Americans Do Not Trust Mueller or His Report

                    American Liberty Report Americans’ confidence in special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation is at an all-time low according to a new Washington ...

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Republican Lawmakers Yet to Deliver Early Wins for Trump


By Rachel del Guidice / /at The Daily Signal.

Rachel del Guidice is a reporter for The Daily Signal.

Conservative critics say House Speaker Paul Ryan, left, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, here at a GOP lawmakers’ retreat Jan. 26, should have gotten off to a faster start since the party controls Congress and the White House. (Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Newscom)


When the 115th Congress arrived Jan. 3, the majority had an ambitious agenda. With Republicans in control of the House and Senate, and soon the White House, it was the first time in 10 years they could advance their policy agenda unobstructed by Democrats.

Yet a month later, the GOP-led Congress has produced just three

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Barletta Urges President to Restore Animal Welfare Information to Website



February 15, 2017

Contact: Andrea Waldock Niethold

Office: (202) 225-6511


Barletta Urges President to Restore Animal Welfare Information to Website

USDA Removed Data Containing Animal Welfare Violations by Labs, Zoos, Breeders

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) joined 100 other members of the U.S. House of Representatives in writing to President Donald J. Trump to urge him to restore data to a Department of Agriculture (USDA) website, which contained information about animal welfare violations by research laboratories, zoos, dog breeders, and other facilities. Documents regarding enforcement of animal welfare laws were removed in early

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Why I’m suing Barack Hussein Obama


Larry Klayman tells of threatening ‘assault’ against him at LAX baggage claim

By Larry Klayman at Renew America

It’s like a bad recurring dream! After eight years of a president who lied to the American people to be elected – namely that he is a Christian – Barack Hussein Obama, who did all he could to harm Israel, not to mention American Jews and Christians, is at it again. Not able to keep his Muslim mouth shut, he recently issued his own version of a fatwah, in effect calling on his Islamic, radical and anarchist followers to take to the streets to protest President Trump’s so called “Muslim ban” – which is not a ban at all but simply a moratorium

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What we still don’t know about the Internet surrender


By Robert Romano at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) sat on the most responsive documents to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Americans for Limited Government for almost 3 years on what the legal and policy justification was for transitioning the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) administering to a single entity, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN), creating a global monopoly over the the Internet’s domain name system.

The documents entitled “talking points on legal justification for IANA,” which were mostly redacted citing exemptions under FOIA for interagency and legal memoranda, were dated March 25, 2014, just two days after L. Gordon Crovitz

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Report: Hezbollah-Linked Company Exporting Millions to U.S. Despite Sanctions


Hezbollah financiers circumvent sanctions to export Congolese lumber to U.S., Europe

BY: /the Washington Free Beacon.

Brent Scher is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon.

Hezbollah fighters hold their party flags / AP


A new report says that an African lumber company owned by major financiers of the Hezbollah terror group has circumvented sanctions and managed to export millions of dollars worth of timber to U.S. companies.

The investigation by Global Witness, a D.C.-based group that aims to uncover global corruption, focused on an African-based company called Congo Futur, which was targeted by sanctions from the U.S. Treasury Department because the Tajideen family, which gives

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Millions of Jobs Lost Due to Minimum Wage Hikes


By : at The Mad

According to a new report from the American Action Forum, state minimum wage increases are on course to cost the country 1.8 million jobs without doing much to improve the paychecks of those workers supposedly benefitting from the hikes.

“The full minimum wage increases over the next several years will cost 1.8 million jobs,” wrote the analysts. “When combined with recent previous minimum wage increases in some of the same states, the total loss comes out to 2.6 million jobs.”

The AAF acknowledged that voters who support hiking the minimum wage have their hearts in the right place, but

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Trump May Try to Weed Out Immigrants Who Cost Taxpayers $279 Billion Annually


By /at The Fiscal Times

Washington Editor and D.C. Bureau Chief Eric Pianin is a veteran journalist who has covered the federal government, congressional budget and tax issues, and national politics. He spent over 25 years at The Washington Post.

REUTERS/Jeff Topping

Last fall, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine published a massive report that attempted to answer questions that have bedeviled the debate over immigration policy for years: Are immigrants living and working in the U.S. both legally and illegally a net plus or minus for the economy? And do they pose a serious drain on government services and welfare?

On the first question, the report found that illegal immigrants have had “an overall positive impact” on

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Can Trump Win by Losing?


By the Political Editors · at The Patriot Post/

There’s no question the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling Thursday night upholding the stay against Donald Trump’s lawful order on travel was entirely political and had nothing to do with Rule of Law. But Donald Trump didn’t help his own legal case — either by promising a Muslim ban on the campaign trail (which the three-judge panel almost surely took into consideration) or by taunting the judiciary over the issue. That’s not to say he was wrong on the merits of his criticism, but judges are human too and reacted accordingly.

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