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Convention of States project vies for four Pinocchios

By Judi Caler at Renew America   1. Playing the victimMark Meckler, president of Convention of States Project (COSP), sidesteps the arguments ...

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Walter E. Williams/FJM         Malcolm X was a Muslim minister and human rights activist. Born in 1925, he met his death at ...

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Dem Congressman: Trump Supporters Are Poorer, Less Educated, Die Early

Trump and his supporters 'want to return America back to a time where white men and white privilege were unchallenged' BY: Andrew ...

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House Democratic Rules Package Could Mean More Spending, Higher Taxes

Justin Bogie / @JustinBogie / Romina Boccia / @RominaBoccia / Adam Michel / @adamnmichel / Rachel Greszler/The Daily Signal House Democrats, led by incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will vote on ...

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The Coming Democratic Disillusion

Column: Control of the House isn't all it's cracked up to be Nancy Pelosi / Getty Images BY: Matthew Continetti/Washington Free Beacon. On ...

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Issue Brief: Democratic House Rules Changes

The Heritage Foundation What are the House Rules? In Article I, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution, both houses of Congress are ...

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Payback: Trump Informs Her That Her Upcoming Travel Plans Are Postponed Due to Shutdown

 Featured Written by Cassandra Fairbanks/blabberbuzz White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has posted a letter that President Donald Trump sent to House ...

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Women’s March Event Cancelled for Being ‘Too White’

                  ~ Conservative Zone Far left Democrats and organizations are quick to call upon White American women for their votes come election ...

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Socialism Isn’t Coming Soon, It’s Already Here

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Socialism Isn't Coming to Pennsylvania, It's Already Here On January 15, 2019, John Fetterman made history. He took ...

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This month’s Argall Report: Reform state prison closures in Pennsylvania

For Immediate Release January 16, 2019 This month’s Argall Report:  Reform state prison closures in Pennsylvania   POTTSVILLE – This month’s local TV program ...

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Trade fight: Do you trust Obama to rewrite rules for world’s economy?


by Rick Manning –from Fox News and Americans for Limited Government

Do you trust President Obama to rewrite the rules for the world economy?

Congress will soon answer that question when they decide whether to grant President Obama fast track trade authority, paving the way for almost certain passage of a treaty between the United States and eleven other countries known as the TransPacific Partnership (TPP).

But don’t be fooled, the TPP is not a free trade deal, it is instead what Bloomberg News calls it — “a regulatory deal” with only five out of twenty seven sections covering trade. So, 1990s NAFTA-style “free trade” arguments are really irrelevant to whether Congress should ease a pathway for TPP’s passage.

The push to pass

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Manufacturing Terrorists: How FBI sting operations make jihadists out of hapless malcontents


by Michael German at

Imagine a country in which the government pays convicted con artists and criminals to scour minority religious communities for disgruntled, financially desperate, or mentally ill patsies who can be talked into joining fake terrorist plots, even if only for money. Imagine that the country’s government then busts its patsies with great fanfare to justify ever-increasing authority and ever-increasing funding. According to journalist Trevor Aaronson’s The Terror Factory, this isn’t the premise for a Kafka novel; it’s reality in the post-9/11 United States.

The Terror Factory is a well-researched and fast-paced exposé of the dubious tactics the FBI has used in targeting Muslim Americans with sting operations since 2001. The book updates and expands upon Aaronson’s award-winning 2011 Mother

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Rails and Reauthorization: The Inequity of Federal Transit Funding


by Randal O’Toole and Michelangelo Landgrave at Cato Institute

Fedral transportation aid programs often create perverse incentives for states and metropolitan areas. The worst incentives are created by discretionary funds that encourage state and local governments to adopt wasteful programs in order to get the largest possible share of those funds.

For example, instead of encouraging cities and transit agencies to spend funds efficiently, the New Starts capital grants program encourages them to build the most expensive projects. By building a wildly expensive rail transit system, for example, Salt Lake City has collected $2.17 in federal funds per transit rider over the last 22 years. In comparison, by focusing exclusively on buses, Milwaukee has collected only 26 cents per transit rider.

Nearly all

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Hillary Clinton’s Dog Ate Her Homework 1,100 Times


by Robert Chambers at Citizen Action

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been meticulous at erasing her tracks on everything from her “cattle futures windfall” and missing Rose Law Firm billing records in the 1990’s to her State Department emails that went missing from the private server she wiped clean of data in her Chappaqua, New York home – with one exception.

While she has been astute enough to break U.S. laws without fear of effective investigation from the American people or even Congress, she did decide comply with Canadian law when it comes to reporting donors to her many endeavors including the Clinton Foundation in particular.

That’s a scramble is on at the Canadian arm of the Clinton Foundation where it turns out

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PA DEP Public Notice on Geryville Quarry Proposal


COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA Dept. of Environmental Protection Commonwealth News Bureau Room 308, Main Capitol Building Harrisburg PA., 17120


05/20/2015 CONTACT: Colleen Connolly, DEP 570-826-2035 DEP to Host Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Quarry Operation in Lehigh County

WILKES-BARRE, PA — The Department of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing on Wednesday June 3, 2015 to take testimony from residents regarding the non-coal surface mining permit application of Geryville Materials, Inc. of Montgomery County, to construct a quarry operation in Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County. The meeting will take place from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Lower Milford Township Municipal Building, at 7607 Chestnut Hill Church Rd, in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania.

The company plans to build a 127.64-acre quarry on King’s Highway

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Dr. Peg Luksik to present Common Core and its pitfalls





Where: Pine Grove Area High School Auditorium

When: Tuesday, June 9th 2015

Time: 6:00 P.M.


Please come to this excellent presentation to learn about the controversial new “Common Core” standards. Dr. Luksik is a former teacher who has been leading the charge to inform parents, citizens, and educators about the origins and pitfalls of the new standards. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to learn about this important topic that will greatly impact the education of our children.

LVC Editor’s note; The Teacher’s union has been attacking any and every candidate or citizen who attempts to educate

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Lehigh County Conservatives Score Some Big Wins in Primary Election


Lehigh County conservatives scored some big wins in Tuesday’s primary election as many conservative favorites advanced to the general election.

Let’s begin by looking at the Lehigh County Commissioners race, moderate Republican Dean Browning was once again rejected by Republican voters at the polls. Many stated it was due to the 16% tax hike levied on county residents during his tenure as Chairman of the Lehigh County Commissioners. Additionally, some were turned off by what they viewed as a negative campaign run by Mr. Browning. They said Mr. Browning’s mailers appeared to distort the truth or in their opinion contained lies. Judging by the results of the election, it looks as if those tactics didn’t work for Mr. Browning to the

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Can School Board’s do Anything About Common Core?


The short answer is a robust YES! This question gets centered on the East Penn School Board race. In the May Primary, conservative candidates Carol Allen and Chris Donatelli made a statement in their campaign literature that they wanted to oppose Common core and return to local control. The Teacher’s Union backed slate and their political operatives immediately jumped on this and continue to this day. The union operatives claim that Allen and Donatelli are naïve in that school board’s must follow the mandates of the state and federal governments. While it is true that Pennsylvania has adopted Common Core and renamed it Pennsylvania Core Standards, there are many ways to blunt the negative impacts of this program and its effects on our

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