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Why Socialism Fails Wherever It’s Tried

Bill Walton / @WmBillWalton / The Daily Signal COMMENTARY BY Bill Walton@WmBillWalton William L. Walton is the host of "The Bill Walton Show." He is ...

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America’s Past Shows Why Socialism Won’t Work

Kay Coles James / @KayColesJames / The Daily Signal Something-for-nothing socialist rhetoric has a strong appeal. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., won a seat ...

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4 Reasons Why Africa’s Experiments in Socialism Failed

Courtney Joyner /The Daily Signal Extreme poverty is evident in the shanty community of Makoko, built on a lagoon in Lagos, ...

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 by Gary DeMar/American Vision Any document can be made to say anything if a word or phrase is taken out of ...

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Rigging Electoral Demo-Graphics to Guarantee Leftist Rule

The Demo strategy to transform our Constitutional Republic into a permanent populist democracy. By Mark Alexander at the Patriot Post “An elective ...

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Four Insidious Ways the Left is Trying to Fundamentally Change American Politics

Freedom News Report Sensing what it sees as a paradigm shift in the American electorate, the left is working on four ...

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Improvements proposed to historic preservation tax credit program

    For Immediate Release April 10, 2019   Improvements proposed to historic preservation tax credit program HARRISBURG– State Representatives Robert Freeman and Lee James and ...

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Thomas to Host Meeting to Identify and Prevent Child Abuse

Representative Wendi Thomas 178th Legislative District Pennsylvania House of Representatives /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 16, 2019   Thomas to Host Meeting to Identify and Prevent Child ...

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[FAIR Take] Your Top Weekly Immigration News & Updates!

          FAIR's Dan Stein Discusses Possibility of President Trump Shutting Down Southern Border Fox Business Interview ft. Dan Stein | Watch the Video Democrats ...

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Democrats and Their Sympathizers HATE America: Here’s Why

By Greg Holt/Godfather Politics  (True Conservative Pundit) I know the title may seem a little drastic, but I assure you it ...

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Obama will burn more than 35,000 gallons of fuel on Earth Day, emitting 375 TONS of carbon dioxide


by David Martosk at Daily Mail


President took Marine One chopper to Andrews Air Force Base and will fly to Washington state and Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday ‘Earth Day is about taking action,’ the White House declared shortly after takeoff Air Force One consumes 5 gallons of jet fuel for every mile it flies The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that burning the fuel emits 21.1 pounds of CO2 per gallon Total presidential fuel consumption for Earth Day, not including automobile motorcades, is an estimated 35,609 gallons

President Barack Obama is marking the 44th Earth Day with a carbon-emitting extravaganza, spending more than 15 hours on Air Force One and 15 minutes aboard the Marine One helicopter.

Not including his

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Zuckerman: Iran ‘can do almost everything they want’ under nuclear deal


by Todd Beamon – Newsmax

Billionaire real estate investor Mort Zuckerman, who also owns the New York Daily News and U.S. News and World Report, said that Iran “can do almost everything they want” under the nuclear framework deal announced this month by the Obama administration.

“I think there’s a real concern about what really is being inhibited — for the Iranians,” Zuckerman said Friday on “The McLaughlin Group” program on PBS. “It’s not very much, frankly.

“They can do almost everything they want. They’ll do it a little bit more slowly, but I don’t think — I don’t think the constraints are really anywhere close enough for Iran,” Zuckerman said.The agreement has been widely slammed by Republicans, some Democrats and national security

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Shock Testimony: VA Officials Retaliate Against Whistleblowers by Illegally Accessing Their Medical Records


by Pete Kasperowicz at The Blaze

An official at the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said Monday that Department of Veterans Affairs officials are known to be retaliating against VA whistleblowers by illegally going through their medical records, in an apparent attempt to harass and discredit these whistleblowers.

This surprising testimony from Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner was delivered at a House Veterans Affairs subcommittee hearing, which was called to discuss the problems whistleblowers face when they try to expose the ongoing failure of the VA to provide medical care to veterans.

In Lerner’s prepared testimony, she explained that many VA officials who try to reveal these problems are veterans themselves who are also seeking care at the VA. She said in some

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Property Tax Independence Act to be aired at King’s College on April 30th –7pm


From David Baldinger of Pennsylvania Taxpayer Cyber Coalition PTCC


Update 21 April 2015 Friends, There are a large number of links associated with this update that cannot be included in an email, so please go to the Web version of the update at to see all of the links. There are a number of things in this update that you can do to help the enactment of the Property Tax Independence Act; while all are important, I’ll start with the most urgent. PLEASE SHARE! On April 30 at 7:00 PM there will be a LIVE statewide webcast of the Property Tax Independence Act presentation. This presentation will be conducted at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre for the local Luzerne and

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Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution And Declaration Of Independence All Perpetuate Sexism


by The Daily Caller

According to a Defense Department approved “sexism course,” the Bible, the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence all contribute to modern sexism.

Those three cherished texts all count as “historical influences that allow sexism to continue,” according to a presentation prepared by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, whose mission is to give a ”world-class human relations education.”

According to the course, the Bible has “quotes” which can be interpreted as sexist by readers.

The Declaration of Independence is also an historical cause of sexism, as the document refers only to “all men” —not “men and women.”

And the Constitution, the Pentagon argues, is an historical source of sexism because “slaves and women

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Indoctrinating our Children


To the Editor

Lehigh Valley Commentator

Re: State Department wants to use movie “Frozen” to indoctrinate children in the myth of a Global Warming Crisis


Dear Sir:

News organizations announced on Saturday (1/24/2015) that a U.S. State Department government bureaucrat wants to use Elsa, Anna, and Olaf – the characters in Disney’s enormously popular movie “Frozen” — to indoctrinate young children with the statist myth of a Global Warming Crisis. See the details here.

These young children have no scientific knowledge nor the critical thinking skills to refute this government indoctrination which is in defiance of the scientific FACTS –

1.) global temperature has been stagnant for 17 years despite an 11% increase in CO2,

2.) polar bear populations and Arctic ice

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Push-button political warfare in Indiana


by Don Todd at Net Right Daily and Americans for Limited Government

The news has become a melodrama reminiscent of the Dudley Do Right cartoons of the 1960s. The innocent Nell vs. the evil Snidely Whiplash bears a striking resemblance to the “victimized” communities in Indiana vs. Christian bigots. These stories and many others bear another resemblance to the 1960s cartoon: they are all total fiction.

The most recent of these fictions is the Christian bigot story that dominated the “news” for a week resulting from Indiana passing a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The Act is modeled after the federal legislation which was written to prohibit the government from substantially burdening religious liberties unless it is doing so “in furtherance

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Public School Sixth Graders Get SPERM BANK Vocabulary Question


by The Daily Caller

Sixth graders in a quiet Florida town saw a lot more vocabulary-lesson excitement than usual recently after a fill-in-the-blank question about porn magazines and the ethical considerations of sperm donation cropped up on an assignment.

The kerfuffle occurred at Corkscrew Middle School, Fort Myers NBC affiliate WBBH reports.

Here’s the question in full:

“He merely signed a waiver of anonymity. Locked himself in a room with a cup and a sexy magazine. And didn’t consider the emotional or genetic [FILL IN THE BLANK] for another 30 years.”

A parent at the school near Naples spotted the question and contacted school officials.

The question is part of a collection of over 100,000 vocabulary questions at,

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