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Voter Fraud? 670 Ballots Cast in Georgia Precinct with Only 270 Registered Voters

Written by Warner Todd Huston/eaglerising Remember how liberals keep insisting that there is no such thing as vote fraud? Well, ...

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Tax cut ‘crumbs?’ 700 examples of how the Trump tax cuts are benefiting Americans

by Jay Baker/personalliberty Despite what collectivist politicians and their economically illiterate sycophants say, tax cuts are good policy no matter who is ...

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The Blue Wave

By Rich Shuker   What is the blue wave? That depends on who you’re listening to. If you listen to the lying ...

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Police Blamed for Defiant Actions of Black Criminals

By D Jolly/Great American Politics.  - Thanks to the racist policies of Barack Obama, it appears that police are no longer allowed to ...

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Press Release from Americans for Limited Government--Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is right on DACA, only Congress can repeal a law by press at Americans for Limited Government/   Aug. 6, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for ...

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Labor Shortage ‘Single Biggest' Problem for Small Businesses as Record 37% Report Unfilled Jobs

By Craig Bannister | cnsnews Small business owners grapple with labor shortage (Screenshot). A record percentage of small firms have unfilled jobs, the July jobs ...

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Unions Feel the Pain after SCOTUS Decision Stops the Flood of Cash

ANDREW FORCIER | IJR The greatest fears of public employee unions are beginning to be realized. In the wake of the Supreme Court's Janus ...

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Trey Kovacs: Pa. workers deserve freedom from forced union representation

TREY KOVACS | Trib Total Media,   Pennsylvania public employees are now free to decide how best to spend their hard-earned paychecks. In June, ...

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Who is President Trump Endorsing for the 2018 Mid-Term Elections?

                    ~ Conservative Zone While former President Barack Obama has generated a lot of news by endorsing over 80 Democrat candidates for ...

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Florida Sheriff Tells Al Sharpton To Go Home

YouTube Written by AFL/eaglerising Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has a message for the Rev. Al Sharpton: Go home and ‘mind your own ...

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Political firestorm rages after CT official takes knee over pledge–resign?


By Kevin Fobbs at Renew America

Most Americans who watched as the disrespect for the National Anthem swept through NFL teams like a sickening plague of nauseating disrespect were alarmed and sickened. In reality it only as a matter of time before elected officials picked up where the overpaid and overpriced millionaire football players left off. Recently a Connecticut city official sparked outrage by taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance to this time protest President Trump, according to Fox News.

Selectman Melissa Schlag, a Democrat of the town of Haddam, took a knee as her fellow town officials stood and recited the pledge during a July 16 Board of Selectman meeting.

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Why are Democrats in Love With Elizabeth Warren?




















~ American Liberty Report

Ever since their dreams of putting Hillary Clinton in the White House came crashing down to earth, liberals have been fantasizing of the next far-left Washington insider up to bat—Elizabeth Warren. So entrenched are their dreams of an Elizabeth Warren Presidency that the New York Times recently published a fan-fiction fantasy piece describing in past tense how Elizabeth Warren defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Why, though, does the 69 year old Massachusetts senator inspire such drooling from the left? During her time in public office, Warren has accomplished very little and is certainly a less accomplished politician than Hillary Clinton

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Trump’s Health Secretary Is Implementing Bold, Reaganesque Reforms


Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar spoke about new reform initiatives at The Heritage Foundation on July 26, 2018. (Photo: Steven Purcell)


Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D., a seasoned veteran of more than three decades in Washington policymaking, is a senior fellow in domestic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar recently outlined an ambitious health care policy agenda that is positively Reaganesque.

In the spirit of the late President Ronald Reagan, Azar emphasized that the Trump administration’s major health care policy initiatives would rely heavily on harnessing the creative powers of federalism and reaffirming state

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/Godfather Politics.

In a stunning victory, Glenn Jacobs, the famed WWE wrestler known as “Kane,” has won election to the office of Mayor in Knox County, Tennessee.

The six-foot-eight, 300-pound Jacobs easily defeated his Democrat opponent on Thursday in the Knox County mayoral race, CBS reported.

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Liberals Attack A.G. Sessions’ Religious Liberty Task Force


~ Liberty Planet

The vicious attacks being leveled against the U.S. attorney general’s formation of a Religious Liberty Task Force demonstrate its absolute necessity.

The mere whiff of the Trump Administration’s support of Christians and other people of faith has sparked an angry tirade by secular, atheist and LGBTQ forces. For those who thought the free expression of religion was guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, think again. The radical left would ignore and dispatch such inalienable rights as quickly and conveniently as they change their socks.

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Gun-Controlled Chicago: 20 Shot from Friday Morning to Saturday Morning


Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

by AWr Hawkins/Breitbart News Network

Twenty people were shot in gun-controlled Chicago between Friday morning and Saturday morning. This string of shootings comes one week after 70-plus were shot in the city over a three-day time period.

The Chicago Tribune reports that there was one fatality among the 20 shooting victims. The deceased was 18-year-old male Dylan Zavala, who was shot shortly after 8:00 a.m. Friday morning, Zavala “was found in an alley with a gunshot wound to his head in the 2900 block of West Pershing Road in the Brighton Park neighborhood.”

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75 people shot, 12 fatally, in Chicago over the weekend


At least 75 people were shot, 12 fatally from Friday, Aug. 3 to Monday, Aug 6, 2018, in Chicago.

(Antonio Perez and Armando Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)


Madeline BuckleyContact ReporterChicago Tribune

At least 75 people were shot in one of the most violent weekends of the year in Chicago, spurred by a 7-hour period early Sunday morning when 41 people were shot.

Between 3 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Monday morning, 12 people were killed and 63 were wounded, according to Tribune data. Their ages spanned from 11 to 62 years old, and most of those shot were attacked on the South and West sides.

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LVC Editors Note:

When you vote Remember, Chicago

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Emily Larsen | Fact Check Reporter/from check your fact

President Donald Trump said in remarks at the White House recently that 3.5 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps.

Verdict: True

The number of people receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits declined by 3.6 million since Trump was elected president and 3.1 million since he assumed office.

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