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Economic Freedom Key to Ensuring We Have Dynamic Entrepreneurs

Anthony B. Kim / @AKFREEDOM / The Daily Signal Nations' progress "is driven by those who are willing to take a big risk," ...

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America’s Best Defense Against Socialism

Column: It's our Constitution and our culture Images via Getty BY: Matthew Continetti/ Washington Free Beacon The United States of America has flummoxed socialists ...

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Hundreds of Federal Workers Quitting After Plan to Move Agencies Out of D.C. Proposed

 WARNER TODD HUSTON /Godfather Politics   Hundreds of federal employees have reportedly quit working for the government after plans to move the agencies they ...

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Republican Rep. Claims Trump’s Behavior is “Impeachable”

                ~ Conservative Zone On May 18, 2019, U.S. Representative Justin Amash declared on social media that President Donald J. Trump has ...

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No Credit Where Credit Is Due

Cal Thomas / @CalThomas / The Daily Signal President Donald Trump speaks to the media during a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor ...

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This month’s Argall Report: Senator Argall’s annual “Senator for a Day” program

For Immediate Release June 14, 2019 This month’s Argall Report:  Senator Argall’s annual “Senator for a Day” program   SCHUYLKILL HAVEN – This month’s ...

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Report to the People - June 14, 2019

Facebook Website Bio Latest News Contact Report to the People Friday, June 14, 2019 The latest news from the State Capitol Property Tax/Rent Rebate Deadline Extended to Dec. ...

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POLITICS Kevin Daley | Supreme Court Reporter/DC The Supreme Court temporarily blocked two decisions Friday requiring Republican-controlled legislatures in Michigan and Ohio ...

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The New Right is Winning Elections All Across the World

 WARNER TODD HUSTON /Godfather Politics President Donald Trump was just the beginning, apparently. Over the last few in elections all across ...

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Why Liberals Fear the State Department’s Review of the Nature of Human Rights

Why Liberals Fear the State Department’s Review of the Nature of Human Rights

Mike Gonzalez / @Gundisalvus / The Daily Signal Freedom-loving nations have the responsibility to criticize those governments that quash universal rights to religious ...

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Hill (D) on L.A. Homelessness: Government Programs ‘Working’


Nearly 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles County

Rep. Katie Hill (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

BY: / Washington Free Beacon.

Rep. Katie Hill (D., Calif.) commented on Los Angeles homelessness during an appearance on Fox 11 News on Tuesday, saying the government programs put in place “are working.”

“We knew homelessness is a huge problem that’s been decades in the making and it’s not going to be solved overnight, but we have to do something. I think about it in the same way that I think about climate change and wildfires. We have to deal with the problem that we’re facing right now which is people, tens of thousands of

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After spending millions to relieve homelessness, Los Angeles officials are ‘stunned’ by these new stats


L.A. mayor called it “heartbreaking”

Photo credit: REDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Los Angeles officials are “stunned” by a report that shows homelessness has increased by a large percentage even after the beleaguered city spent millions to try to alleviate the epidemic.

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“Last year’s count, we felt we were trimming in a way that would suggest we were getting our arms around this,” said Los Angeles Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said to the Los Angeles Times.

“And yet this year we are pretty well stunned by this data,” he added.

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Homeless Problem: ‘God help whoever wins’ Seattle elections


Seattle Times/GOPUSA


Until a few years ago, Christi Muoneke didn’t pay much attention to Seattle politics. “I couldn’t even tell you who my council member was,” she said.

That changed when the streetsides around her Beacon Hill home were lined with tents and vehicles occupied by homeless people.

Around the same time, Muoneke and her family had bikes stolen and cars broken into, she says. Her mother-in-law stopped taking walks. Trash piled up in the traffic circle on their corner. Repeated calls to the police about the camping made no lasting impact.

“I’m pretty sure 99% of people in Seattle feel compassion for the homeless. We don’t think they should be thrown into the ocean,” she said. “My frustration is that so

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How Democrats Create 3rd World HELL HOLES in America


Image Credit: PJ Media


As poverty and filth spread in major cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and L.A., it raises a critical question: Which policies are turning these cities into 3rd world hell holes? And are these policies due to Democrats or Republicans?

Based on the research, there are four core policies that are contributing to concentrated homelessness and dirty “third world” cities. Only one of these policies is bipartisan; the other three are Democrat.

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Democrat rule has brought trash heaps, rats, typhus and more to California cities


Tammy Bruce, Washington Times via- GOPUSA 18


It takes a lot of resilience to look over one’s shoulder at California. We Americans are a proud people and love our country. We know we’re wildly imperfect, but we also have seen our country overcome difficulties to become a more perfect union.

California, not so much.

One glance at the formerly Golden State is a frightening embarrassment. The latest indictment of liberal leadership is the trash heap of Los Angeles. Literally. Despite the emergence of louse-borne typhus, Los Angeles can’t seem to get its act together.

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times reported a week ago on the obscene condition of downtown Los Angeles, “A mountain of rotting, oozing, stinking trash …

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Venezuela’s gas lines of 700– there’s your socialism, folks


Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times/GOPUSA 14


Venezuela, over the weekend, saw gas lines that stretched to 700-plus vehicles.

There’s your socialism, folks. The socialism the left in America so loves to tout.

The left gets away with pretending as if socialism is good for the people by selling lies.

In 2011, the self-declared socialist-slash-democratic-socialist Bernie Sanders had a post on his Senate website that read, “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in … Venezuela,” land of income equality.

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LVC Editors Note:

If Bernie believed his statement he would be running for President of Venezuela.

Proves he believes capitalism is the best.

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Citizens Give New Zealand’s Gun Ban The Finger – Only 530 of 300,000 People Turned Guns In


/ Freedom Outpost

In March, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the “first tranche” in a number of moves to restrict the rights of New Zealand citizens to protect themselves with firearms. This move was in direct response to the horrific murders that unfolded on March 15. Coincidentally, this is the exact move the terrorist who carried out these attacks had hoped for and predicted. The good news is, however, that most citizens are refusing to turn in their guns.

The terrorist who murdered 50 people earlier this year was engaging in a classic propaganda of the deed in which he predicted—accurately—that his

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Venezuelans Now Regret Letting Government Take Their Guns Away


Not long ago, millions of Venezuelans decided to become loved by the left and voted away their right to keep and bear arms. Now they regret it.


Not long ago, millions of Venezuelans decided to become loved by the left and voted away their right to keep and bear arms. But now that their government has descended into a socialist nightmare where everyone is starving to death, these same people are now regretting their votes to give away their right to self-defense.

It is an object lesson for the folks here in the U.S. who want to travel down the same path as Venezuela; gun-free, socialism and all.

Venezuela implemented its gun ban

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