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ICYMI: Barletta USA Today Op-Ed on School Security

We in Congress should protect students from gun violence as well as we protect ourselves After the 2017 congressional baseball shooting, ...

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Rep. Smucker's E-Update

HOME ABOUT CONTACT MEDIA SERVICES Thank you for subscribing to my E-Newsletter! This week I want to update you on passage of my legislation to ...

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Reaching for Four-Percent Growth: Trump’s Economy

Written by Joe Scudder/EagleRising The economy is almost experiencing four-percent growth despite economists saying that it would be lower! A year ago even ...

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Fired-Up Trump Names the Only 3 Things Democrats Are Good At

BY BEN MARQUIS /WJ President Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to sidestep the liberal media and speak directly to the American ...

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Democrats Exposed as Being Two-Faced, Self-Serving Liars and Anti-American Schmucks

Written by Greg Holt/Eagle Rising UPDATE: The IG’s report was released hours ago and does indeed point to misconduct by former FBI director ...

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Iran Admits They Enabled 9/11 Attackers

~ American Liberty Report Mohammad-Javad Larijani, a prominent Iranian politician, and former diplomat admitted on a Farsi language broadcast confirmed allegations ...

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Warren ‘Filled With Terror’ About Midterm Elections

BY: Andrew Kugle /  the Washington Free Beacon Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow she is "filled with terror" that ...

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RNC Prepares for Midterms by Expanding Field Program to Record 500 Staffers

President Donald Trump, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel / Getty Images BY: Cameron Cawthorne/ the Washington Free Beacon. The Republican National Committee (RNC) ...

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Charge De Niro with public obscenity!

By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America NEW YORK-Tuesday- 6/11/18...I would not watch the Tony Awards last night. First ...

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Latest CBO Projections Emphasize Immediate Need for a Conservative Budget


By Justin Bogie / /at The Daily Signal

Justin Bogie is a senior policy analyst in fiscal affairs at The Heritage Foundation.

On Thursday, the Congressional Budget Office released its “2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook.” (Photo: Caro / Froese/Newscom)

America must kick its addiction to spending before it becomes an insurmountable crisis.

On Thursday, the Congressional Budget Office released its “2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook,” which lays out budget and economic projections for the next 30 years.

The report shows that time to fix the nation’s skyrocketing debt levels is running out and Congress must take immediate action to avert a future fiscal disaster.

A first step is for Congress to reject the temptation to amend the current Budget Control Act

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Which view of heaven will prevail? The difference can mean hell on earth



By Jerry Newcombe at Renew America

Last week, Khalid Masood, a British-born Jihadist, ran over innocent people in London on the bridge close to Big Ben and then stabbed a police officer to death, before being killed by police. Where is Khalid Masood’s soul right now? Presumably, he thought he was taking a short-cut to Paradise.

After 9/11, I once asked Christian leader Dr. D. James Kennedy this question: “Islamic militants believe that suicide missions give them a one-way ticket to Heaven – to Paradise. What will actually happen to them?”

He told me, “These suicide bombers are taught that they will be taken immediately into Paradise where….lovely virgins will await them. The fact is that they will discover that

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When Ted Koppel was a serious thinker


By Cliff Kincaid at Renew America

As someone who goes back decades with Accuracy in Media, I remember the days when Ted Koppel, then with ABC News and host of “Nightline,” would cover serious matters and treat his conservative critics with respect. So Koppel’s attack on Sean Hannity of Fox News was a shocker. Something has happened to journalism, and the problem is not with Hannity, it’s with Koppel.

Koppel, now with CBS, attacked Hannity as being “bad for America” because of his opinionated Fox News channel program. But there was a time when Koppel was open to criticism. AIM founder Reed Irvine had many friendly confrontations with Koppel over various issues. When Reed died, Koppel said, “Reed Irvine

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The great ‘Christian terrorist’ unicorn hunt


By Selwyn Duke at Renew America

It’s amazing how stupid smart people can seem when intent on putting a square peg in a round hole. This is seen continually when certain apologists try to dig Islam out of its hole – the one dug deeper every time there’s another terrorist act.

Consider the recent London jihadist attack by Muslim convert Khalid Masood. Globe & Fail columnist Doug Saunders, proving he missed his calling as a contortionist, actually tweeted that Masood, like the “authors of UK’s other big Jihadi attacks, was not a Muslim. Born Adrian Elms.”

He explained his “reasoning” in a second tweet: “Not Muslim by background. The question is where extremists are coming from – in UK, often

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Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards refuses questions about newest baby parts video


By Claire Chretien at Lifesite News

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 30, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, walked away from LifeSiteNews after being asked about the new Center for Medical Progress (CMP) video during which a Planned Parenthood abortionist discusses what to do if babies show signs of life after being unsuccessfully aborted.

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Legislation Introduced to Save Americans With No Insurers on Exchanges From Tax Penalties


If Anthem exits, some areas will have no insurers operating on exchanges

BY: r/the Washington Free Beacon

Ali Meyer is a staff writer with the Washington Free Beacon covering economic issues that expose government waste, fraud, and abuse

Senators Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn.) and Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) / Getty Images

Senators Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn.) and Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) have introduced the Health Care Options Act of 2017, which would save Americans from penalties for not having health insurance when no insurers operating on the exchanges in their areas.

Currently, the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate requires that individuals purchase health insurance or they will be forced to

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NEWS ALERT out of Harrisburg!


NEWS ALERT out of Harrisburg!

In an effort to protect public pensions from further financial decline, Representative Thomas Caltagirone has reintroduced his bill, HB1016, to include certain ethics of conduct to be followed by those serving on public pension boards. Taxpayers and public employees, alike, should take close interest in this bill, as it would greatly serve much needed protection for these pensions’ funds. Please read the following:

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Evelyn Farkas’s Six Revelations about Obama, Trump, and the Deep State


By Jack Kerwick at Unsurprisingly, President Donald J. Trump was correct.

Though he originally spoke, or tweeted, clumsily, the gist of his claim was correct: The administration of his predecessor, Barack H. Obama, had indeed been surveilling Trump and those close to his campaign.

As I showed in a previous article, The New York Times, Slate, Mother Jones, and Heat Street—i.e. Democratic Party propaganda organs—are among the media outlets that confirmed months ago the President’s claim. Theses surveillance efforts had been transpiring from at least the time of last summer.

It’s true that it has not yet been proven that either Trump or any other private American citizens in his orbit were subjects or targets of these surveillance efforts.

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